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  1. Good man. I'll have a look.
  2. I'm going to have a crack at this for the games this week. Who is worth following on twitter/facebook?
  3. I've got accounts with pretty much all that offer a decent app and keep coming back to skybet. Even though their cashout offers are shite!
  4. What about Jorge Villafana the LB from Pedro's old club in Mexico? Young, decent player who can actually defend. Making a name for himself in the US national team aswell. Last transfer fee was circa $1m USD. The last LB that scared me as bad as Hodson was Olivier Bernard.
  5. I think you are missing a question mark. Either that or the rest of the sentence. Always someone wanting to be a cunny funt!
  6. New member, been a lurker for a while. ST in CD4, previously MRT. Also East End based. Cheers