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  1. For me all he had to say was yes it was probably a yellow card, but at the same time we have seen the same behaviour go unpunished. To just say ‘no complaints’ will breed more of these kind of decisions because refs get it easy when they make it an arse of it against us.
  2. Really important that we get a handle on the game and control the midfield. When it goes long ball end to end stuff, the game passes Defoe by. Defoe is the best finisher in the league on his day, but he can’t create chances in his own the way Alfie can. If we control the midfield, we can then take advantage of Defoe’s intelligent movement up top. 2-0 Rangers.
  3. I’m happy as fuck we qualified tbh. But it still worries me how we allow inferior opposition to get in our faces and dismantle our game plan. Young boys were pish tonight and still got a point. We have come a long way, but when you look at the sheep game and tonight’s game in isolation, our game management has been very poor.
  4. Hate most clubs in Scotland now. The sheep are what they are (wanks). But there is nothing more sleekit than a tarrier.
  5. Can slaughter the ref. But I feel we just keep making excuses for a team that don’t have what it takes. Between our domination of the game and the penalty, we should have been winners.
  6. Don’t know where we go after that. We dominate the game, they go down to 10 men, and we miss a penalty and yet they lift the cup. We just don’t have the bottle to get the job done when it matters. Give the penalties to shagger, canny be any worse
  7. At 2-0 up, top teams either kick on and get more, or they shut the door and control the game to see it out. The fact we cant do the latter is what worries me for Sunday. Even if we find our self 2-0 up at HT, you just know there is a high chance we will concede and make an arse of it. Hopefully Barisic is back on Sunday, as we were woefully unbalanced last night with Flanagan on the left, and I think it also effected Kents game not having Borna playing.
  8. No positives from tonight I’m afraid. Make no mistake about it, shocking result. Need to win this cup on Sunday just for the momentum, because to tbh, I couldn’t give a shiny shite about the league cup. But after that tonight we have to win it to restore some faith.
  9. I’m no buying this point at pittodrie being nobad. The tarriers skelped them 4-0. So would we have if we didn’t decide to do our usual shite the bed performance. Shocking result when 2-0 up, and if we want the title, you cannot be doing that from 2-0 up and cruising. Shit show.
  10. That tonight is a prime example of why if us and the tarriers are neck and neck come April, it will be 9 for they cunts. We will choke. Worst aberdeen team in years. Goldson and hellander need to have a look at themselves. All over the place. And Flanagan? Holy mother of Christ.
  11. Just unacceptable tbh. Absolute cruise control and now this. make no mistake about it Aberdeen are absolutely stinking. No excuse for this pish.
  12. Our defence gives me the absolute fear at times. All seems under control then it goes to shit. We haven’t conceded loads this season but the goals we have conceded have been very poor. Need to up the tempo again in the 2nd half!
  13. I’d be most gutted if we lost Tav out of those 3 as I think he contributed the most consistently over the season with no injuries or suspensions etc. Ideally I wish we could keep all 3 but can’t see that happening. Kent although he was only a loan, for me is a loss as he is the first player we have had in years who has that little bit of extra quality on the ball in the final third, he also performed in the big games. I love wee Morelos but I think his head will be elsewhere tbh and will be wanting a move.
  14. One think about the stadium thats been bugging my OCD recently is the dirt/moss on the white truss on top of the main stand. I hope we can get that cleaned or touched up. The large truss is what makes Ibrox iconic.
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