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  1. I’d be most gutted if we lost Tav out of those 3 as I think he contributed the most consistently over the season with no injuries or suspensions etc. Ideally I wish we could keep all 3 but can’t see that happening. Kent although he was only a loan, for me is a loss as he is the first player we have had in years who has that little bit of extra quality on the ball in the final third, he also performed in the big games. I love wee Morelos but I think his head will be elsewhere tbh and will be wanting a move.
  2. One think about the stadium thats been bugging my OCD recently is the dirt/moss on the white truss on top of the main stand. I hope we can get that cleaned or touched up. The large truss is what makes Ibrox iconic.
  3. He’s a fud for doing it, especially when it looks like he didn’t even make contact. If you are going to be a fud and get a red, at least get your moneys worth.
  4. Also how was their goalkeeper not sent off ....
  5. Some people say Mahe is still crying to this day
  6. I love how they are justifying the abuse he got by bringing up the fact he apparently had and 'EBT,' as if its even remotely related. Moon howlers.
  7. Anyone know any pubs that are showing the game in glasgow city centre?
  8. That was a team that had already won multiple league titles. No doubt managers can improve players to a point, but our squad is quite a bit worse than the team 'Ronny Roar' had at his disposal.
  9. He claims to be a killie fan. Im not sure he would come to us in all honesty with our current set up.
  10. I still think we are inbetween a rock in a hard place. A manager can only do so much, i dont think any of the candidates we have been linked with are the answer. The major issues go beyond the manager anyway. We are singing from the same hymn sheet mate in regards to what we need but i just dont think we can attract anyone that will be able to clean this mess we are in.
  11. Can i ask how you think we can attract a 'proven' manager in our current state? Why dont all clubs just go and get proven managers?. The fact of the matter is our fan expectaion when compared to our transfer budget are miles apart and will put off most managers. I understand what you mean but i dont think we will get a proven manager.
  12. Yeah, I will be very shockedif he signs now. You would need to be fucking mad in all honesty, if thats the way i feel and i live and breathe Rangers, think how someone with no ties to the club would feel. So the knock back would be the icing on the cake after this pumping. I think im finished until next season.... no heart or fight within the club from top to bottom.
  13. Nobody knows if Gerrard will be a success but he seems like a very serious character when you hear him talk about the game, he is always pretty reserved but you can tell he wouldnt take any shite. For me there has been far too much shitebaggery at Rangers. The team needs a completely new mind-set, none of this capitulating when things dont go well, if we are to be defeated, we better make the opponent fight tooth and nail for the victory.
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