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  1. Caldoboydo

    Pedro: Time to go?

    Pedros overall win rate as a manager is currently 42.29%. Considering he has only worked in dud leagues before that is utter pants. He has broken several records at the helm of Rangers with the draw at partick being the first time they have took points of us since 1995. The guy is a clown with no style of play and struggles to put a sentence together. Sooner he fucks off the better. The team just now has no heart or fight. They are not playing for him. He wont take us forward. More likely backwords.
  2. Caldoboydo


    Herrera moves like a boulder. So far he has been utter pants. Same with pena. Hopefully they are just settling into life in scotland and come good.
  3. Caldoboydo

    Bheast FC: Statement

    Our whole downfall was plotted out years ago in the rancid bowels of the giro-dome. Home of Semtex FC
  4. Caldoboydo

    UFC Elbow on Miller

    I think your right. I see stokes man handled the dundee keeper on sunday. He has a licence to assault cunts this season with no consequences it would appear. I hate to sound like a para sellick fan but something fishy is going on with the refs. The media are attacking us daily with hit pieces also.
  5. Caldoboydo

    UFC Elbow on Miller

    Rangers have been shafted this season so far. Bigtime. Its looking like a coordinated effort to stiffle our chances of lifting 55. Nate diaz would have proud of that flying elbow. Miller ate it well right enough must have been sore as fuck that jaggy bone cracking his wee pea heed at high speed. Shocking.
  6. Caldoboydo

    "The Fans Will Be Happy. The Fans Will Be Very Happy."

    RVP, Nani & Weiss. And big moult for a laugh...
  7. Caldoboydo

    UFC Elbow on Miller

    Aye he is defo pals with Volunteer Beaton. I seen leckie fae the sun put out another hit piece today about Us. Theve got their tongues right up Brenda the messiah's arse. Heavy wank fest. Sickening to see... I cant wait to thrash them at Ibrox and lift 55. The media and sfa bias will make it so much sweeter
  8. Caldoboydo


    I think that formation will fuck us against the scum. Always liked walters 4-5-1 formation.
  9. Caldoboydo

    Our Fans.

    I hope the whole of Ibrox follows suit.. This political correctness shite is killing our atmosphere & our culture as a whole. Fucking nanny state snp bangers ruining life.
  10. Caldoboydo

    Our Fans.

    I heard "Here lies a soldier" Classic loyalist anthem. Number 1 Platoon would be a good one to belt out.
  11. Caldoboydo


    Kenny is holding us back upfront now. EL Buffalo & big Herrera need more gametime together. Or he needs to just play Buffalo upfront alone, the lunatic will chase down everything. Flood the midfield with 5 cunts dorrans in attacking mid role. Specially against the better teams i.e the spoon burners, sheep & the scum.
  12. Stick my name down. Will fire something over soon as I can.