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  1. He's quality. And I GENUINELY don't get how Tierney can be 'worth' £25m when purported figures for Tav seem to be nowhere near that mark. Tav is 100% the better player and the more complete of the two, AND he does 50 odd games a season no bother. Some people won't realise what he brings to the team until he's gone.
  2. Strange. You put your best penalty taker on pens - end of.
  3. Surely that's not true. Just can't imagine it, way he goes on.
  4. Morality lessons from him and his kith and kin? Don't make me laugh.
  5. That's not the worst arrangement mate. I do similar with my supporter's club. I'm up from London at weekends but midweeks are impossible, so sell my ticket for half face value to someone else in the club. Works out pretty well. Just bought a house so this arrangement is pretty much the only way I can afford to keep hold of my ticket. Also means another Bear gets to the game so everyone's a winner.
  6. Just renewed. Gone up about £20 for me I think. Surely can't keep putting it up by that amount every year but can just about stretch to it this time!
  7. What is it, national 'ask as many bizarre questions as you can' day?
  8. Good article from Lee. Wish more of our own would come out and defend us/our players in the press.
  9. BillStruthBear


    Looks pretty happy and fired up here...
  10. Not even close. Remarkable to think one or two would have shipped him out and signed Cummings after the 2-3 against them last season.
  11. Shouldn't be in the team? Thank Christ you're not the manager.
  12. BillStruthBear


    What about Bournemouth paying £19million for Solanke? A guy who is completely unproven. If the likes of Liverpool are holding out for silly fees then so should we be - particularly with our best assets. I'm not saying £20m for Tav is realistic but I do think £7m is laughably off.
  13. BillStruthBear


    I quite like him, I must admit. Always find his radio show a good listen - particularly when Hugh Burns is on! And to be fair to Bill, he does call a lot of things spot on. Was telling us early December that Jones was signing among plenty of others. Has anyone ever confirmed whether he's a Rangers fan or not? He must be! Back to Tav, completely agree with your second post. Tav's stats are ridiculous and as you rightly say, plenty of garbage players down south have gone for a whole lot more. I'm not in the business of slating our players or ex-players unnecessarily but Waghorn went for similar to the £7m quoted for Tav (Ipswich to Derby) and he's half the footballer Tav is.
  14. BillStruthBear


    According to Bill Young a £7m bid is imminent from a Prem team. An integral part of the way we play and as such expect the bid - should it arrive - to be laughed at. At least, I hope it is. Whatever you think of him, the guy has more goals and assists this season than that Oliver Burke has in his entire career and he's a winger who's played nearly 100 games. West Brom paid £15m for him so we should be holding out for a LOT more on that basis alone, particularly from an English club with cash to burn.
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