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  1. BillStruthBear

    Alfredo Morelos: No Quarter Given, No Quarter Asked...

    Fantastic article. Well researched. Informative. Factually correct. The complete opposite of the garbage churned out on the majority of Scottish 'news' sites.
  2. BillStruthBear

    Please Tav

    Far bigger problems in that squad than Tav. In fact, I'm not sure many would be saying he'd had a bad game if someone else had taken the set-pieces. Wasn't even in the top 5 worst performers yesterday, not that that's something to be proud of.
  3. BillStruthBear

    MOTM v Dundee

    Indeed, mate.
  4. BillStruthBear

    MOTM v Dundee

    Halliday for me. Looks a different player this season. Good on the lad.
  5. BillStruthBear

    Group Stage Package

    Me neither mate and I always get them. Weird.
  6. BillStruthBear

    European Ticket Questions...

    Okay mate I'll get it done this evening then. Thanks!
  7. BillStruthBear

    European Ticket Questions...

    I'm also unsure about this. I am a season ticket holder and on the away scheme too (not that I've got a sniff so far this season!) but assume it doesn't apply to European aways anyway?
  8. BillStruthBear

    Lafferty shoehorned in the starting 11

    Could kind of see the logic of sticking Lafferty out there. Lustig is a honking player and there to be got at, and I thought Laff would bully him. Think I only remember him getting on the end of one cross though, due in no small part to Tav's delivery being well off the mark yesterday.
  9. BillStruthBear


    Far worse players than Arfield yesterday.
  10. BillStruthBear

    Pubs for Old Firm

    Good call mate, I shall.
  11. BillStruthBear

    Pubs for Old Firm

    Thanks mate - looks like I'll be heading there then!
  12. BillStruthBear

    Pubs for Old Firm

    Bit left-field but any Bears recommend a pub in London to watch the game?
  13. BillStruthBear

    Louden Loyal RSC

    Ah yeah, I remember now. Cheers mate.
  14. BillStruthBear

    Louden Loyal RSC

    I see this get mentioned a lot. What actually happened there?
  15. BillStruthBear

    Scott Arfield signs

    Haha I sort of did mate. Candeias is out on his own with 10 but then you've got: Tav, Murphy, Tierney, Forrest, Dembele, Scott Allan and Tait from Motherwell all joined on 7.