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  1. Another tragic 'article'. Just imagine any Bear writing anything whatsoever about any of their players. Couldn't ever muster the interest to watch one of their games never mind dissect it in great detail for the benefit a green and grey audience. Really are a weird bunch, but that's nothing new.
  2. Problem is there are COUNTLESS examples of players from that level not stepping up. Jamie Vardy played for Fleetwood before Leicester. That doesn’t mean that the National League is a good standard, and it would be daft to use an anomaly as evidence that it is. It simply means Jamie Vardy is too good for that level. League One is piss poor and if you seriously think we can mount title challenges off the back of signing players from there, then I’m not really sure what to say about that. As for suggesting that some of our incoming players are/have been no better than ones we’ve loaned out? I completely agree.
  3. Ludicrous basis for an argument, I'm actually a bit embarrassed for you.
  4. The exception, rather than the rule - so a very weak argument. But to answer your question, when we signed Tav, he had been playing in the Championship at Wigan (2014/15 season). So what's your point?
  5. Absolutely this. We signed two players from League One in the summer - Aribo and big George. One hasn't made three starts in a row and the other - although a leading light in a pretty average to poor Charlton team - frankly hasn't been anywhere near good enough since arriving up here. If anyone genuinely thinks we can compete on all fronts with League One level players they're seriously deluded (and I'm not saying that anyone HAS said that).
  6. League One is horrifically bad, and pound-for-pound FAR worse than our league. Not that that's something to be proud of.
  7. One of the most overhyped players I can recall.
  8. Do I believe that a negative environment exacerbates underperformance? It's a fairly well-founded theory that is proven to be at least partly true in pretty much every faction of life. So yes, I do. And let's not delude ourselves here. We're not talking about a 'single' dissenting voice or a 'few angry folk' - far from it.
  9. I understand WHY some people act thus, but that doesn't make it helpful. It's also possible to be on edge without battering the players who are underperforming.
  10. This is a somewhat repetitive debate and it's hard to not see both sides. Even in the last 3-4 years I've noticed a massive difference in terms of peoples' propensity to get on the players' backs. Really don't understand the constant moaning and groaning as it's so counterproductive and achieves absolutely nothing. People that have a pop at the likes of Aribo and Kent for hiding are quite likely the same people that shout and holler when something they try doesn't come off. Definitely not excusing their below-par showings of late but you'd be naive or perhaps even stupid to think a cauldron of negativity isn't slowly taking its toll. You can argue that players shouldn't be affected by it and while some may not be, some definitely will be. As for people piling out when we're chasing a winner, I honestly don't get it. I'm not talking about those who have to leave a bit before the crowd to get to their night shift/accompany an elderly family member/catch a ferry home, but people who scramble for a two-stop trip on the Subway to save 20 minutes. If you're that detached from the outcome/result that you can leave before the game's over when all you're really doing is saving a bit of time, why on earth would you bother to get a season ticket? Strange in the extreme.
  11. Some harsh comments on Scotty. Hasn't been his best season but certainly one who cares and there's no doubt that he HAS got quality. Just not seen as much this season, possibly due to off-the-field stuff.
  12. 100% he would have. For a start, he’s an outlet and an attacking threat.
  13. Those who constantly slag off Tav look even more stupid after today.
  14. Hearts won't beat them, they're absolute trash.
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