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  1. Hearts won't beat them, they're absolute trash.
  2. Absolutely. Honestly no idea how they turned us over and if they hadn't, we'd already be through and they'd already be out. Let's hope we make sure this time.
  3. They're absolutely not the best side though. This is the easiest of our three home games and we've beaten the other two so should be confident.
  4. What an intelligent thread. Tav was the best player on the park today bar Jack. Gerrard has said Morelos was on penalty duties. Away and don’t talk shite.
  5. This. Stick Arfield where Aribo has supposed to have been playing, and he'll start chipping in with goals and assists again like he was before.
  6. Largely agree with this but Davis is in a difference class to the other two.
  7. He'll start showing it any time soon...
  8. Tav has rightly come in for some stick but he has bailed us out many times in the past. It therefore seems strange that some players, like Aribo, are revered as the second coming of Jesus, even though they've actually done fuck all for us in the league. Non-existent again yesterday. The hype around him is so unjustified. I couldn't give a toss about his goal against Brazil, likewise Arfield's performance for Canada in midweek. About time these players showed up for US.
  9. Nor me. See a fair few of ours mention no-mark Bowyer on Twitter and I don't get it. Is this going to carry on every time Aribo does something half decent? Strange if so. Bowyer and Charlton are irrelevant to us and to the football stratosphere in general.
  10. Same with Bet365. I've had a small bit on us at 3s because I like pissing money up the wall.
  11. We'll see. They don't lose many games on their own ground. Porto are nowhere near the team they once were and if you look at their squad it's almost unrecognisable. We already know we can match Feyenoord.
  12. Bit nervous. Think this will be a really tough game and actually, possible our toughest game in the whole group. A win wouldn't surprise me but equally, I'd not be shocked to see us lose.
  13. This thread title applies pretty much every game now. Outstanding.
  14. Just had a quick look at the Charlton forum, and I honestly think this is the most ridiculous comment I have EVER read. Top 8 in League One would smash Rangers and Feyenoord. Not tongue in cheek. Means it. If we were to play Charlton - CHARLTON - with a weakened side tomorrow we'd go off favourites and win in second gear. FWIW, think Aribo was decent when he came on.
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