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  1. ScotlandSt

    Millers Agent

    I agree, he starts the interview in saying that he has not had much involvement in the situation and then goes on to praise KM for the influence he has had on him then finishes with the hope that the issue is resolved quickly. I fail to see where LW is taking sides on this.
  2. ScotlandSt

    Millers Agent

    Pedro, is going nowhere well, not at least until the end of the season once the board assess his performance or rather his teams performance over the season. For me, I reckon the KM debacle has came about from the armband situation with GD nothing more, nothing less. I believe it has escalated to where it is now due to KM's ego. For anyone hoping for another PLG situation, catch yourself on, it's not going to happen for various reasons, beyond that I believe BA will be THE club Captain going forward common sense suggests his experience alone would afford him this position. While Pedro goes on about having five Captains which I don't disbelieve, I can't help but feel the five Captains has been a ruse and that his intention was always to have BA in that position. Basically, Pedro has came in with the remit to cleanse the team and instil his own ideas which are being seen to be producing results, not as quickly as some would like but, progress is being made at a rate I would say was rational given the situation Unity and all pulling in the same direction is what brings success, the direction is given by the Manager and the Manager is selected by the board. An over the hill player spitting the dummy out is not going to get the manager sacked, no matter how much you wish it would.