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  1. Just stuck a wee tenner on Katic anytime 6/1.
  2. Fully agree. Villa could have still got at least a point.
  3. Fair shite for me. Btw that 1p in my account gets me all the live streams. ­čĹŹ
  4. The games over, and more importantly we won. And yet folk still going on about Clancy instead of celebrating New Year. Madness.
  5. Thats a bizarre looking picture. Wee tiny legs lol
  6. Clancy just running about with it in his hand waiting for a Morelos tackle lol
  7. How quick he pulled card out for Morelos first booking was a disgrace
  8. I wish my bet was doing that well tbh. Alot worse than tremendously shite.
  9. Could have sat in yer slippers smoking a pipe from a few fences out. Wasnt really in doubt.
  10. Lost £50 last night on the Israeli 1st Division. Fuck sake man lol.
  11. Fuck me there's folk on here hitting 15 folds and I'm struggling like fuck the now trying to get a both teams to score single up. Dicks lol.
  12. Ajax and Salzburg will tear us a new one. Would fancy our chances vs the others though.
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