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  1. Wallace deserves a testimonial. And he'll give all proceeds to charity. Good on him.
  2. Might as well just lock this thread now. The tournaments over.
  3. Brilliant ! Seen the golf one on the golf thread and assumed it was outright winner. You took it all out or you put a few wee bets on ?
  4. I'll maybe stuck a couple of quid on Lucas Glover. Won it last time it was here and playing OK recently.
  5. Someones still on the shandies from yesterday.
  6. Looks like a big lanky bas to me tbh.
  7. Don't think he even went into 2nd gear. Just strolled. He'll no be with us long unfortunately. £8million to Southampton within 18 months.
  8. Lee Wallace with a right footed 30 yarder.
  9. Usyk is out of his fight with Takam
  10. Dundee utd not scoring burst me but had a decent day so fuck them 😄
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