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  1. He's two time champion !!!!!! Aye only cos u lost to a wee fat man the first time u wee prick.
  2. AJ is a money maker. Fury outboxes him. Wilder snaps his jaw.
  3. Any cunt gonna post a good link for me and the other scumbag @Brian Fantana ffs
  4. http://freestreams-live1.com/sky-sports-box-office/ Best I can do but american comm
  5. in reply to the heat will hit joshua ffs ya wee scallywag
  6. Aye but your hard unlike these seasoned heavyweight world boxing champions.
  7. Joshua had him in first fight imo but didnt finish it. Think he does this time quite early.
  8. GetToTheChoppa


    Got to say I have to agree with most of that.
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