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  1. The Boxing News Thread

    Just seen hes got a twin so prob him that boxed recently.
  2. The Boxing News Thread

    Did he not just fight a couple of weeks ago on Channel 5 ?
  3. Fernando Torres (Atl Madrid)

    Cheers for confirming. It was touch n go so we can move on now.
  4. ***Rumours thread***

    The last two pages are comedy gold.
  5. Suggestions.

    Darrent Bent been released. No seen him play in years. He past it ?
  6. Any issues and he'll probably just buy the UK.
  7. Grant Holt

    I concur
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    Fury fighting a 39 year old cruiserweight. Fair KO record though
  9. Fenian bastards or exuberance?

    Getting a bit sick and tired seeing pics of that lot on here.
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    Was Michael Buffer announcer ?
  11. ***Official Cup Final Day Thread***

    Wtf is a howitza
  12. ***Official Cup Final Day Thread***

    Should have made it Tim pen/Motherwell red at better odds. No chance it goes the other way.
  13. ***Official Cup Final Day Thread***

    Phil O'Donnell was a prick.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Eubank replacing Groves in final.
  15. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Yup...went off at 20/1 but was fair shite.