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  1. GetToTheChoppa

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Best bit of business for both us and Liverpool is them having first option/buy back option. Get him in for £3million with a buyback of £8million. That would be good profit for us and peanuts for Liverpool.
  2. GetToTheChoppa

    Craig Bryson

    A taig and nowhere near good enough. Apart from that he'd be a good signing.
  3. GetToTheChoppa

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    I think we have a belter lined up. One or two of the summer signings who cost a fair bit were pretty much just announced.
  4. GetToTheChoppa

    Defoe confirmed

    Cracking signing. Christmas has come early this year.
  5. GetToTheChoppa

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    Aye,but he can also wear number 99
  6. GetToTheChoppa

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    Dorrans will play number 10 if he's ever fit again
  7. GetToTheChoppa


    Achillies injury. Hoping to be back next week.
  8. GetToTheChoppa

    Glen Kamara

    Lets hope he develops and isnt just a flash in the pan
  9. GetToTheChoppa

    Jermain Defoe

    Law of averages means he's due a goal then.
  10. GetToTheChoppa


    Was reported a few months back that we're paying 50% of Pena's £26k wages.
  11. GetToTheChoppa

    Sporting Liability.

    I got bored after the first comma. Cheers.
  12. GetToTheChoppa

    Greg Docherty report

    Didn't clap the away fans at full time according to a report. Had he done that he'd be the full package.
  13. Surely the Aussies aren't that desperate. 😃
  14. He must be having a cracking holiday to spend time writing that pish.
  15. GetToTheChoppa

    Full Support for Gerrard

    Mourinho ?