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  1. Graeme Dott will need more than good luck this morning against Hawkins. Mainly due to the fact he's playing Bingham 😄
  2. Just finished watching a Dave Allen interview,dated 17th April,and he said neither he nor Browne had been tested yet. You'd think they'd be all over a past doper in Browne. Shambles.
  3. First one drifted to 9/4 and it was best odds guaranteed. £157ish was original return but it paid £195. Skint just now so delighted.
  4. Tracks 1 and 2 of the upcoming Now That's What I Call Rangers album.
  5. Hope the fans then pass the money onto the Erskine Fund.
  6. Kent is an absolute disgrace for doing that. Should have made sure he stayed down
  7. Slating someone for a late tired pass after putting in a shift is a disgrace.
  8. That would look OK....if only Grezda wasn't shite.
  9. Jarveys Plate in the first would get me about £2500. I could probably run the course and distance quicker 😂
  10. And more.. https://casino.paddypower.com/promotions/free-spins-on-a-p-mccoy-sporting-legends/cta
  11. https://promos.paddypower.com/promotion?promoCode=GAMOBXGY120319 Free spins at Paddy Power.
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