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  1. You tried locking your front door ? That will make you more secure.
  2. Feel so sorry for Whyte. Reports claim due to the lack of crowd he'll only get £4 million.
  3. That punch knocks out any heavyweight
  4. I say this every White fight but its mad he has a 20 year old son
  5. Sounds like some sort of shite Eurovision song from Andorra.
  6. Its an honour to watch tbh. The Laudrup of the snooker table.
  7. Pretty gutted for McGill tbh. £100,000 prize money not a bad pick me up though.
  8. Decent. But your delay in replying makes you a cunt cos im watching rocky 4 now. Nice try tho.
  9. Charlie Millar. Left peg. Laudrups head. Cheers
  10. Only Man Utd and Liverpool. Won multiple European trophies over time. Chelsea n Man City are only big due to finance.
  11. Loving the support on here for Barker. Was expecting disgust. Hope Leverkusen play as high as Braga and Barker uses his pace well.
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