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  1. Pretty shit tbh. No excitement in the commentary
  2. . Joe Johnson does Eurosport, same kinda tone, but dont think its him.
  3. Whos the commentator on BBC 2 the now with Hendry?
  4. Fuck the bench. Up 3-0 by the time we need to make a sub.
  5. No usually bothered about first game of season but this is different. Feels like an OF day. Buzzing my tits off for this. Lets get this done Rangers.
  6. Free fiver for 2.15 Goodwood at Paddy Power
  7. Its mental eh. Folk going aye thats him onto the podcasts now.
  8. He's only 28. Seems to have been about ages.
  9. Imagine him playing with todays footballs.
  10. Edmundson is quite easily our best defender. I'd get Goldson off and give Hellander minutes.
  11. Scottish media will be after Kent for a racist attack no doubt.
  12. Free fiver on Paddy Power for Chelsea-Watford tonight
  13. PP free £5 ? Went for Oh This Is Us. Fancy Shine So Bright now.
  14. My bet guy slid in n won the ball. Tackle imo. Interception according to betting conpanies.
  15. Any of you got any bets on this Newcastle-Man City game. ? Just stuck a wee one for an interest on Lascelles, Newcastle centre back, total tackles over 0.5 at 4/5. Surely thats a cert with all the attacking Man City will do ??
  16. Appreciate that reply! Will see lineups first. Cheers buddy.
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