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  1. Paddy Power doing a free £5 to use in the 15.30 today.
  2. Gerrard publicly states its a disciplinary issue. Thats daft Decreases his value when we sell. Surely to fuck u say he has a tigh calf or something ffs.
  3. Good. Cause we'll be winning the league in 20/21 and that lot won't get into the Champions League.
  4. Lawell and co already in the boardroom looking at every single little detail to try and worm a way back in.
  5. Thank you big man. Outstanding
  6. I didn't even notice it until you mentioned?
  7. Katic makes mistake. Next league game Edmundson comes in makes a mistake. Next league game Katic comes back in makes a mistake. And so on.... Same shite.
  8. Its shite. When we win the league they still get in CL.
  9. Fucking ragin at this. So we've just given them a CL spot for finishing 2nd.
  10. Least we can now focus on the league. Oh no wait we've fucked that up as well.
  11. I honestly think I could get into this team. I once passed a ball 5 yards to a teammate at the 5 asides. Might be overqualified tbh
  12. Signed his S form with us as a striker. Think it was Durrant who moved him to right back.
  13. Would probably rather spend a week in the jail being bummed by a big lad than watch this shite from Davis.
  14. Defoe would tear this Braga high line a new one. Whole night stinks tbh. Performance,even the pitch. Disgrace.
  15. Thats the first time i've seen it. Thats a disgrace. I see his hearing is on Thursday. Expecting a one match ban which will begin immediately, meaning he misses the cup game vs Clyde.
  16. The most ridiculous thing in the last 3 games is lack of goals.
  17. First time we've played them this year. A little message is in order...
  18. Stewart: He's a footballer, calf injuries happen. Defoe: Age and had a hard 90 mins at Tynecastles a few days ago. Morelos: Wasn't even involved that much in Dubai. Jack: Rumour is he's had a niggle for a while. In conclusion, move on ffs.
  19. Glenn Murray will be signing on Friday folks.
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