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  1. Not seeing that much in this but Prograis is into 1/5
  2. Shite result all round. Price finished and where does Chisora go from here ? Big knockout sets him up but this doesnt really.
  3. What did you win yesterday ? Must have missed it in the thread...
  4. You guys with Macklin and Smith watching a stream or paid tv ?
  5. I've got Barker. He was mentioned him training Allen etc. Barker is working for Matchroom so dont know what im watching. lol
  6. I've got Darren Barker. Need to try find a Sky link
  7. Whos co commentating ? Dont think I've got the Sky Commentry on my stream
  8. Kept reading about Chisora-Price and Taylor-Prograis. Totally forgot about Ricky Burns-Lee Selby. Decent night of boxing.
  9. Owen Farrell still 20/1 for Sports Personality of the Year if youre quick. Down to as low as 7/2. I'd take him and Alun Wyhn Jones the Wales captain at 25/1. Then if Wales beat South Africa tomorrow you've got both rugby captains at 20/1 and 25/1 .
  10. Gamechangers on the bench. Kent n Defoe double sub.
  11. Quite disappointed no-one has pulled OP up for using the word Hertz tbh. Anyways hope we show enterprise and win five or sixt nil.
  12. Any odds on 2 or more assists for Robertson anywhere ? Stuck £50 on that wee fanny Forrest anytime at 4/7. Shankland was 1/10 anytime with Boylesports lol.
  13. Scott Harrison announced on the undercard of Benn-Bika. As much as I hate these old timers fighting I'm interested to see how they get on.
  14. That's David Price been announced for Chisora.
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