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  1. Got to say I have to agree with most of that.
  2. Mariusz Wach is Whyte's opponent on the Ruiz-Aj undercard.
  3. Scrap that. Fair enjoying this. Still wish I had bevy though
  4. Will we all just start threads on our favourite horses when they are running. Seems like a decent idea.
  5. Decent value bet. He's surely only about 6/1 anytime.
  6. The Borna one seems to be too good to be true considering he takes free kicks. Do the terms state set pieces dont count ? If not thats a great bet.
  7. I've been taking my time, looking into team stats, head to heads, etc. I take a team that have scored in their last 24 away games thinking its a cert for them to score,then they don't score and I feel hard done by. I'm effin n blinding, calling them this n that. I'm fair raging and my mates goes "well if they've went 24 games scoring they were due not to score." You actually canny argue with his logic.
  8. He had that week or two off recently for the international break....and he's still been pish. Needs dropped to give him a boot up the arse.
  9. Thank fuck you're not manager. It's not about playing your strongest 11 every game.
  10. Hoping this kicks us up the arse to hammer Motherwell later.
  11. Not seeing that much in this but Prograis is into 1/5
  12. Shite result all round. Price finished and where does Chisora go from here ? Big knockout sets him up but this doesnt really.
  13. What did you win yesterday ? Must have missed it in the thread...
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