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  1. City_of_Blue

    Club Statement

    u ok
  2. City_of_Blue

    Club Statement

    Murty confirmed till "at least" the end of the year. Depending on December results, I'll hold off my opinion till January.
  3. Is it like not having a wank for a week and you find yourself biting at everyone's throat?
  4. City_of_Blue

    Could this be the new home top next season

    Spot on. Keep them somewhere cause 54 titles is some achievement but would rather that any stars on front represented European cup achievements.
  5. Played well the past few games and I really feel a togetherness and understanding with the team just now and Aberdeen are way better than Ross County...0-1 final score
  6. City_of_Blue

    Ryan Jack Red

    Again, these woolly fucktards glorify the Durrant tackle 30 years on so it's hilarious the faux outrage from them online. Not a red card and we will win the appeal. Cue conspiracy meltdown
  7. City_of_Blue

    The big house must stay open.

    One of the faces I remember from a horrible and uncertain period for the club. Sad to hear. RIP big man.
  8. City_of_Blue

    Ryan Jack Red

    Sheep have no right being outraged by Jack's 'tackle' The red retards, including yesterday, regularly sing about and glorify the Durrant tackle. Woolly fucks
  9. City_of_Blue

    Aberdeen v Rangers highlights

    Murty: "The fans contribute so much to what makes this team great"
  10. City_of_Blue

    Such anger

  11. City_of_Blue

    Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Jobs for the boys. Fucking hate that phrase.
  12. City_of_Blue

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury

    Can't be real. I mean, really? What a fucking reptile of a man
  13. City_of_Blue

    Last Christmas

    Bed time
  14. City_of_Blue

    Last Christmas

    Bed time
  15. City_of_Blue

    The sheep are kidding themselves on

    Tin pot forever in our shadow sheep shagging nothing club.