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  1. Do We Need Some Ex Players/More Bears?

    Bring back Hateley.
  2. Man United's racist Lukaku chant

    Gotta love it when grown men pay good money to sing about a multi millionaires cock
  3. News on Alves

    No. It needs plenty sunshine and 35+ degree heat to heal properly.
  4. News on Alves

    More importantly, is Ronaldo on some sort of commission where he earns a few extra quid for having his name mentioned on every Alves story?
  5. Naismith

    Wrong side of 30 now and knees like candy floss. We need to move on from player's we signed over a decade ago, no matter how good they were. And then there's the whole should he have chose Rangers in the 4th tier over big money and EPL football while he was in his prime. Just avoid.
  6. Soooooounness

  7. The thumb

    This ugly serpent fuck would not have had any of his kids if he worked in a fish factory earning £7.50 an hour. The 3 mothers must be extremely shallow and pretty fucked in the head after letting this prime mhutant fuck them for a few bucks. It must be a haunting view for them
  8. Foderingham

    Think Goram, Klos and McGregor. I don't ever recall the slightest whiff of intimidation.
  9. Foderingham

    Alnwick's previous club's fans raved about him, they really were gutted when he left them for us. Get him in the first team asap. Edit: first choice I meant!
  10. They will Never put us down.

    Agreed. They are an alien race to me.
  11. Are celtic really that good?

    I'd personally lean more to McLeish if they are our choices.
  12. Are celtic really that good?

    Just a curious question, do you have an ideal manager in mind if Pedro definitely isn't the answer? I think we can rule Walter out. Do we go for McLeish? Who can genuinely get us back to the top if given a big transfer budget?
  13. Are celtic really that good?

    Good shout. I'm all out of ideas then!
  14. Are celtic really that good?

    We beat Deila's sorry team in 2016 so is it the Brenda effect? I know he's not the best but he did well with Swansea and nearly won the EPL with Liverpool so surely that must count for something? I feel well dirty writing this tbh but now is not the time to view everything with blue tinted spectacles, not if we want to get better.
  15. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Agreed. I posted this on Fod a few days ago after hearing he signed a new contract: "He is a decent goalkeeper. But in the long term and where we want to go as a club and get back to, we will need way more than a decent goalkeeper."