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  1. Alves back in training

    Fuck off ya kraut!
  2. Alves back in training

    Considering his effort this season, I just can't understand all those slagging Bruno. We have a responsibility to do as much as we can to help prepare him for his place with Portugal in Russia this summer - the subs bench.
  3. Windass

    Yes he is, and you're not alone in pointing out Frank's crap trolling - he's getting it tight these days, and we're all a wee bit concerned about him - he's not ok. Thought you should know.
  4. Jason Cummings baby

    Poor wee Frank, he's not ok, then!
  5. Fallout between the board and DOF

    So you haven't gone on to the Liverpool forums, to get their opinion of Brenda, have you! Thought not!
  6. Fallout between the board and DOF

    Brenda was and is laughing stock in England as a manager, tranny, and unctuous prick - if you don't believe me just go ask anyone on a Liverpool forum. His players are pish and overrated from gordon thru sinclair. And they've just signed a nobody who they claim is a German internationalist - he played one game for the national team - 9 years ago
  7. Fallout between the board and DOF

    Your argument for success requiring 4-5-6 windows is groundless based on the fact that MW embarrassed a shite scum team in the semi final, then Brenda, an abject EPL failure, makes virtually the same wankers invincible 2 windows later.
  8. Alves

    '... a high press with a guy like Bruno is a disaster', graeme, you don't even know the difference between 'high' press and a press. Bruno, when defending against the hiv attacker, was in his own half - that wouldn't be a 'high' press. High press occurs in the opponents half of the field. Defenders pressing attackers in their own half is not a high press. Bruno didn't hold him up as you state because of his back peddling - this allowed the forward to get to the corner of the six yard box. If, instead of back peddling, he had pressed the attacker on the 18 yard line as he should have, then the delay, even if he's beaten, allows one of the two two defenders behind Bruno plenty of time to cover. Look at the replay and you'll see two available defenders ready to cover for Bruno if he presses the attacker and holds him up on the 18 yard line.
  9. Loved that result last night

    There's few better natural highs than causing lennon to overdose on his antidepressant medication.
  10. Alves

    The tactic has piss all to do with diving in. And, if you look at Bruno's defending for the first goal, it's atrocious - he is beaten badly because he's standing off the player and back peddling. Most of our defenders do it not just Bruno. The best teams have replaced the tactic of defenders back peddling and standing off attackers with aggressive pressing because it denies the attacker time and space. To equate defenders pressing or forwards using the high press with 'diving in' ...well, you simply don't have a fucking clue do you!
  11. Alves

    It's one thing to let us know you run after boys, but you certainly can't speak for Alves in this respect!
  12. Alves

    If you understood the tactic, and clearly you don't, you'd realize that it actually takes less running. And, fs, you don''t even know that it is Savco fc personnel who run after boys.
  13. Ross McCrorie

    completely detarrevo
  14. Fitness

    Might be a good idea to get one of those bandages in your avatar for that knock on the head you took. Best of luck with the recovery.
  15. Tom Asshole English began his bbc match report describing the hivs as 'profligate Hibernian'. Thanks to football, my vocabulary is now so sophisticated I'm a right wee rah, and more than qualified for admission to Eton. First, it was 'that beauty from our board - 'concomitant'. Who the fuck had ever heard of that one! Even after I looking it up, I'm still scratching my head to know whit it fucking means. No worries with using it with all my new rah mates, though, even they wee bastards don't know what it means. And who the fuck knows what 'profligate' meant. But as soon as English used it to descibe the 'hivs', I knew it was just a fancy way of of describing edinburgh plastic, fenian, lowlife paddies who, since their inception, epitomize 'hibsing' it. D'ja see that! ...' 'inception' ... 'epitomize' ... fuck Eton! Oxford here I come!