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  1. Alves

    '... a high press with a guy like Bruno is a disaster', graeme, you don't even know the difference between 'high' press and a press. Bruno, when defending against the hiv attacker, was in his own half - that wouldn't be a 'high' press. High press occurs in the opponents half of the field. Defenders pressing attackers in their own half is not a high press. Bruno didn't hold him up as you state because of his back peddling - this allowed the forward to get to the corner of the six yard box. If, instead of back peddling, he had pressed the attacker on the 18 yard line as he should have, then the delay, even if he's beaten, allows one of the two two defenders behind Bruno plenty of time to cover. Look at the replay and you'll see two available defenders ready to cover for Bruno if he presses the attacker and holds him up on the 18 yard line.
  2. Loved that result last night

    There's few better natural highs than causing lennon to overdose on his antidepressant medication.
  3. Alves

    The tactic has piss all to do with diving in. And, if you look at Bruno's defending for the first goal, it's atrocious - he is beaten badly because he's standing off the player and back peddling. Most of our defenders do it not just Bruno. The best teams have replaced the tactic of defenders back peddling and standing off attackers with aggressive pressing because it denies the attacker time and space. To equate defenders pressing or forwards using the high press with 'diving in' ...well, you simply don't have a fucking clue do you!
  4. Alves

    It's one thing to let us know you run after boys, but you certainly can't speak for Alves in this respect!
  5. Alves

    If you understood the tactic, and clearly you don't, you'd realize that it actually takes less running. And, fs, you don''t even know that it is Savco fc personnel who run after boys.
  6. Ross McCrorie

    completely detarrevo
  7. Fitness

    Might be a good idea to get one of those bandages in your avatar for that knock on the head you took. Best of luck with the recovery.
  8. Tom Asshole English began his bbc match report describing the hivs as 'profligate Hibernian'. Thanks to football, my vocabulary is now so sophisticated I'm a right wee rah, and more than qualified for admission to Eton. First, it was 'that beauty from our board - 'concomitant'. Who the fuck had ever heard of that one! Even after I looking it up, I'm still scratching my head to know whit it fucking means. No worries with using it with all my new rah mates, though, even they wee bastards don't know what it means. And who the fuck knows what 'profligate' meant. But as soon as English used it to descibe the 'hivs', I knew it was just a fancy way of of describing edinburgh plastic, fenian, lowlife paddies who, since their inception, epitomize 'hibsing' it. D'ja see that! ...' 'inception' ... 'epitomize' ... fuck Eton! Oxford here I come!
  9. Alves

    You're correct - there was nothing wrong with Alves trying to block the shot. His defensive mistake happened before the attempted block, and it's a mistake that is very common with our defenders. Todays most successful teams have their defenders attack the forward when he's on the ball by moving towards him, reducing the amount of space and time for him to maneuver or do his tricks. By Alves standing off him as you say - he gives too much room, allowing even a mediocre player to get past him. Not only does he stand off him, he, like many of our defenders, peddles backwards, giving the forward even more time and space. Defenders today must attack the forward quickly - pressing him aggressively, giving him absolutely no space or time to maneuver. The only defender who comes close to doing this is young McCrorie.
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    Jason's controlled first time pass for his assist on Josh's goal - sublime!
  11. Ross McCrorie

    I thought Beerman was playing excellent first team football last year. Then came one error in the old firm game, and since that event everything collapsed for this kid in terms of fan support, and first team football. Instead of getting behind a young kid with talent and help him get over that one error, we have treated him like a piece of shit. We owe him. Now I may be a bit old school, and I may be mistaken, but wasn't it Barjonas, along with some of our other young guns, tweeting support for that mongoloid fenian motherfucker, griffiths, who tied a paedo scarf on our goalpost and is forever slagging us? I honestly couldn't believe Barjonas could show support for griffiths, and feel, unless he gets enlightened, there's no future for such an idiot in our organization regardless of his football talent. In days gone by Baxter, and other Rangers players, were mates with the likes of Paddy Crerand - but those were days when there was some class among the scum. But admiration from a Rangers player for a lowlife cunt like Griffiths, who is at best lower english championship quality, well, there's just no excuse is there! My advice to, Jamie, see the error of your ways, son, and repent! Amen.
  12. Ross McCrorie

    double post
  13. Shortest ever player?

    ah know, sid, an' the wee bugger always exaggerated the size of his cigar as well! And when he got found out, bullshitted it was shrinkage because of the cold weather. Aye, right ye are, Wullie! Ma da telt me how Baxter, from his left half side of the field, would thread pin point passes right across the park through defenses to Wullie without looking up. Football telepathy between the two - magic.
  14. Shortest ever player?

    siddi, you been drinkin' again? Wullie was all of 1.63m which is just under 5'4". (from wiki and y'know they're never wrong :) Full name William Henderson[1] Date of birth24 January 1944 (age 73) Place of birth Baillieston, Scotland Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) Still a monster of a winger though - arguably the best ever for Rangers and Scotland, challenging the Wee Blue Devil and the Penalty King for that honour.
  15. Ross McCrorie

    Ross is absolutely crucial to nullify mcguin tomorrow but if playing risks long term injury then forget it.