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  1. Rangers related picture thread

    The supporter 200 in from the left and 80 down from the top is ma faither.
  2. Thick dundee united fans.

    It's easy to understand why teams like Dundee Hibernian, or the Hivs with a catholic/republican connection hate us but they are in the minority in Scotland. But it's the other Scottish teams who don't have such origins and who are predominately protestant - why do they hate us more than they hate the scum especially with their IRA and pedo history? That's what's hard to figure out.
  3. Slovak coach hints at underhand tactics.

    And title it RM Gang Bang.
  4. Rossiter

    Agreed, but how should we react when sign such a player when starts playing for us...?
  5. Thick dundee united fans.

    Never understood why there is so much hatred for us, a scottish team, by other spfl supporters and so little for the irish republican scum. Especially considering the majority of those have a proddy base. My brother in law (that I don't talk to), a scumdee fan, fucking hates us with a passion, and actually has a warm spot for the scum.
  6. Rossiter

    Yea, I absolutely hated the cunt for his tackle on Jelavic. But he signed for us, and our team at that time desperately needed a dirty bastard, and I thought, well, he's our cunt now. Never understand why Black went from being a dirty bastard against us and such a pussy playing for us. Some would argue refs wouldn't let him get away with such 'tackles' in a Rangers strip as they did in Hearts strip. So, aye, a big disappointment, like Rossiter, but in a different way.
  7. Wee Vladimir

    I'll take Vlad's public tweets any day over the shite ex players like Butcher spouts on the telly.
  8. IRA Sympathiser Giving Evidence at Holyrood

    They will be getting an invite for a private tour of the pedodome.
  9. If you won the lottery...

    I'd spend 100 quid of it to buy controlling interest in The Scotsman newspaper, and 9 quid for controlling interest in the Daily Rhecord.
  10. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    Pitiful excuse for a pitiful manager!
  11. Rossiter

    Huge disappointment - had counted on him being a great signing. Though, then again I thought the same about moh and the likes of Templeton and Black etc...
  12. Sad news -- Bear passing

    Condolences to the family. Share a wee dram up there with ma da, Jocky!