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  1. Nowhere near as much as the levein type patter saying 'John Souttar' might be worth anything upwards of half a million was dipstick.
  2. For a cunt that thought souttar from leviens hearts might be worth ' wow like fucking seven million and call any other cunt a weirdo just just wow. Fuck sake.
  3. All over them in the first half. Game should have been won by half time. Their goalkeeper had some good stops but really should have been at least two three or even four goals up by the the time they scored. Shocked that we didn't come away with three points from that game. Fuck sake.
  4. Excellent result on a below par surface. Mon Rangers!!!
  5. Bollox. A good Church of Scotland man and a good Protestant. Banning's for wimps, snp fuckers and taigs.
  6. Disgusting outrageous fenian type conspiracist behaviour. They were beaten fair and square but instead seek to blame others, anyone might think they have much in common with the snp greens.
  7. Magic Rangers!!! Congratulations to Stevie, all those who work behind the scenes, the supporters and of course to the team. Keep the Faith
  8. Magic Rangers. Jack's first goal what a time to get it. Keep up the pressure on them. Mon Rangers
  9. Genuinely cannot foresee hibs taking anything from Wednesday. No chance. We've the far better team and at home will pile the pressure onto a weak hibs defence that will buckle. Mon Rangers!
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