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  1. Nowhere near as much as the levein type patter saying 'John Souttar' might be worth anything upwards of half a million was dipstick.
  2. For a cunt that thought souttar from leviens hearts might be worth ' wow like fucking seven million and call any other cunt a weirdo just just wow. Fuck sake.
  3. So many potential winners. I'm having punts on Oosthuizen, Kuchar and Thomas but it really is extremely difficult to call as there's so many in good form at the moment with any number capable of putting in sustained challenges. Looking forward to watching how it all unfolds though whoever wins.
  4. Had a small win on Kevin Kisner at the WGC Golf tournament. Percentage of profit sent to the good fund.
  5. Why is it a rant? The fenian disease carriers took it upon themselves to normalise sexual filth perversion in order to move mainstream normal families from being the norm. The fenian scum should own such perversity as they took it upon themselves to subverse normal society, no?
  6. Fucking fenian scum. Fuck each and every one of these dirty sexual disease carrying scum. The lowest of the lowest rats who think nothing of spreading their filth. God save us from these filth who pretend to care for the poor and worse off. They are the worst type disease. Fenian rats. snp/greens disease carrying filthy bheasts.
  7. Had a small punt on Rory for the Players Championship and hence have made a donation percentage of the profit to the good fund. Well done Rory.
  8. Fuck the Snp and who the fuck votes the just as weird fenian ''''Greens'''' ffs fucking shite nonsensical. Don't ever vote for these anti UK dirty traitor Snp tarriers no matter what.
  9. What if the cunt wanted his/hers nipples removed? Fuck Shally
  10. All over them in the first half. Game should have been won by half time. Their goalkeeper had some good stops but really should have been at least two three or even four goals up by the the time they scored. Shocked that we didn't come away with three points from that game. Fuck sake.
  11. I think we need a national UK wide state television. The BBC when in the right hands is a fantastic British corporation. What it desperately needs is control wrestled back from the leftist marxists that have been installed there. I've been really alarmed of late watching UK television generally that reeks of non humorous leftist marxism. I'd hate to lose the BBC but It does badly need reformed with a return to quality programming with abandoning its insane drive towards ever increasing multi culturalist pc nonsense. Ever since we lost the News of the World that rightly exposed wrongdoing by those in positions of authority there's been a shift towards packing institutions with said leftist marxists. The Blair creature and his cronies made sure of it, bastards. However, its not irrecoverable, just needs strong minds to reform and replace with decent right minded people in charge once more.
  12. Exactly mate. A good match with three to nil for us what more can one ask for (rhetorical) Keeps us in there fighting and with hope. Mon Rangers!!!
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