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  1. Bristol loyal

    Player's training on their day off

    Professionalism in Scottish football, it will never catch on!
  2. Bristol loyal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I’m sure I heard someone, might have even been talkSPORT calling him the next Mbappe 😂😂
  3. Bristol loyal

    What chance we got???

    Spot on, there will certainly be teams, players and managers that will be more than happy to lose to the taigs if it means stopping us win the league. However if we’re good enough to win the league it won’t matter because we’ll smash them aswell!
  4. Bristol loyal

    Let’s take advantage today

    Days like today are when we find out if we’re genuine title contenders, have to take advantage!
  5. Bristol loyal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    😂😂😂 Now lets make this count Rangers!!
  6. Bristol loyal

    The Boxing News Thread

    Was at Wembley last night and what a fucking atmosphere it was! Can’t remember much of the fight but a great night! As for AJ I hate how we love to do our sportsman down in this country. Any other nation would be right behind a heavyweight world champion with 4 belts, look how the Irish celebrate mcgregor who hasn’t achieved anywhere near as much, yet there’s so many British people desperate to see Joshua get beat just because he’s successful! Every question that’s been asked of him he’s answered, every fight won all but one by knock out and still people in this country try to bring him down at every opportunity. All this talk about fury, yet when he was actually boxing no one talked about him like they do now, seems the longer he’s out the better he becomes. Can’t wait to see Wilder knock him out in December to set up a fight with AJ next year and see Joshua go on to become undisputed heavyweight champion!
  7. Bristol loyal


    After Lafferty scored I thought thank fuck he was playing because Morelos would have missed that. I like Morelos, but there’s plenty he can improve on, finishing being one of them. For me Lafferty is the better finisher and should be starting. I’m not saying Alfredo isn’t better than Lafferty in other ways, but a strikers number one job is to score and we’ll get more goals over the season with Lafferty.
  8. Bristol loyal


    Pass for the second was sensational.
  9. Bristol loyal

    And So How Far Have We Now Come

    I only got home from work just before our second goal, but from what I saw we didn’t look outclassed or out of place playing at this level. The step up in class of our opposition can only be good for our players, and how bloody good is it to see Rangers playing in Europe again!! Weve come so far, and I still think there so much more to come from this team and Gerrard!
  10. Bristol loyal

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Just got home from work in time to see the second! Reading this thread earlier I’m guessing we weren’t too good first half but 2-2 away from home would be a great result imo.
  11. Bristol loyal

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    No problem, if your looking for somewhere to watch any games there’s a new(ish) sports bar at the top of park street that’s right by the centre (any local will be able to point you in the right direction) not been there myself but heard it’s decent.
  12. Bristol loyal

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    Don’t know if any actual Rangers pubs to be honest mate but pretty much everywhere will be Rangers friendly. Just stay out of the Forresters on Ashley Down road (home of the Bristol celtic supporters club 🤮) and you’ll be fine! Where abouts in Bristol you going to be?
  13. Bristol loyal

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    They’re in control, they just hate us at all levels of that scummy club and are not afraid to show it, knowing they get away with doing whatever they want as we see time and time again from the fans to the players and above. I just hope one day we get some balls and fight back. Sing whatever songs we want fly whatever flags and banners we want and do everything we can to offend and terrorise the bastards, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done to us with zero consequences.
  14. Bristol loyal


    I think he’s slightly behind but your right he should have been able to tell Morelos was behind Candeias anyway. My point was that he can’t even claim it was due to his position because in that situation where he’s not sure the advantage is supposed to go to the attacking team. To flag for offside he’s saying he’s sure it’s off which is ridiculous because it’s clear he’s not in the position to make that call, as you said terrible decision.
  15. Bristol loyal


    I might be wrong but I’ve always thought the rules state if the linesman isn’t sure then the benefit of the doubt goes to the attacking team? He’s clearly not positioned right so couldn’t tell so should have ruled onside. Looking at the image it looks as if Alfredo is behind Candeias when the ball is played anyway, so the goal should have been given.