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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Wow, can’t even put into words how angry I am right now. Everything you need to know about the state of the club (at least on the playing side) summed up in one picture. How little pride or standards is there at this club these days that this could be allowed to happen? The fenian cunt should be sacked on the spot we should never ever allow this to happen and go unpunished. If he is still here come pre season I expect him to be frozen out completely, in fact he shouldn’t even be allowed in the training ground or Ibrox. Although knowing the shitebags we have in the dressing room these days I’m sure he’ll be welcomed back with open arms!
  2. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    You know what, in the past I’ve always envied you guys for living up there. Getting to watch your team week in week out, being around the atmosphere and having mates that are bears what more could you want? These days though I’m sad to say I’m glad I’m away from it all, bar the odd plastic paddy who knows fuck all apart from they support an ‘irish’ team I don’t have to encounter the bastards. And for the moment im glad it’s that way.
  3. BBC the impartial broadcasters

    Hopefully it gets pelted with bricks and bottles...
  4. ***Official Cup Final Day Thread***

    The sky effect mate. Football down here is no longer a sport for the working class, the ‘proper’ football fans are long gone and those that remain are treated like shit by the clubs and FA. Its just a sport for tourists on day trips, armchair fans and middle classes these days, none of whom understand the passion and atmosphere that made football great.
  5. ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Because he’s Welsh?
  6. Must admit I’m in two minds about it. If I was asked a year ago then no way would I want him or any other of the treacherous bastards back. However after the season we’ve had, the taigs on for a double treble and possibly 10iar, when you add to that the spineless bastards we’ve got in this squad another part of me thinks we need all the help we can get. At the end of the day if he improves the squad and helps us get back to winning ways I think we’ve just got to grit our teeth and get on with it. He won’t be easily forgiven though and he’s got a lot of making up to do, the only way to do it is with performances on the pitch.
  7. Pre Season

    Anything in the south of England would do me, south west would be ideal!
  8. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    The attitude that all our players should have, sadly these shitebags are just far too soft. If I was Gerrard I would have that quote up on the wall somewhere in the training ground or dressing room to remind the players what it means to us, because this lot just don’t get it and don’t care.
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I wonder what Stan Collymore makes of all this...
  10. Wingers/Fullbacks

    Was just about to post the exact same! Wingbacks OR wingers, we must be the only club in Europe that plays both?
  11. Holts 2nd yellow just how stupid was that?

    Learnt it in my teens playing amateur football, it’s not hard yet this group are too stupid to even do that right. It’s so frustrating watching it get done to our players week in week out and then watch them do something ridiculous back, we must be so easy to set up against. As for Holt it’s a shame because thought he was having a really good game, but to do what he did at that time in the game on the half way line when he’s been booked is just crazy, hope JN tore into him after the game.
  12. Rossiter

    Thankfully it doesn’t sound too bad. Really impressed with the young lad and think he could be a real asset if he’s fit next season, not just his ability but his attitude is something we’ve been badly missing.
  13. VAR

    If the refs don’t want to see something it will make no difference.
  14. Martin

    Said it on another thread but the best thing about today is well never have to see him play for Rangers again. How he has played at the levels he has is baffling, without doubt the worst defender I’ve ever seen.
  15. Dallas

    Agree, but it’s exactly why we’ve got to have a nastier streak to us though. We’re a pushover and it shows by how we constantly let corrupt cunts walk all over us.