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  1. Should cap him so he can’t switch back and then never select him again, ruin the fenian bastards international career.
  2. Would spend decent money to get a real quality AM and CB (if Alfredo goes a ST aswell but the few we get for him will cover that). After that we can look at frees for a back up CB, ST and right winger and I don’t think we’ll be far off. Considering we don’t need a full rebuild this summer like we have for a number of years I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect decent money to be spent on one or two additions of real quality who can take us up a level and turn these draws into wins.
  3. Pleased to hear he knows this, it’s imperative we get this position sorted in the summer. We are desperate for someone who can not just pick a pass or take a player on but make runs. The majority of the time the ball gets passed sideways is simply because of a lack of movement, Morelos marked and the rest of the midfield stood still. Someone who can make the clever runs between midfield and attack will be vital wether it’s to receive the ball themself or to open up space and take defenders away from their man. As frustrated as we all are with our recent results it’s clear we’re not that far off, and with a quality attack minded midfielder who wants to create and get in the box and score we’d have turned at least some of these draws into wins and still be in a title race right now, probably still in the cup aswell.
  4. 6 minutes with no major stoppages isn’t bordering on corruption, it’s clear as fucking day corruption...
  5. He could stop signing defensive midfielders and go out and get attacking players, it was clear as day we desperately needed an AM in the first half of the season and January we brought in yet another DM and Davis who seems to just float around doing fuck all.
  6. For me we can start to seriously judge him next season. By then he’ll have had 3 transfer windows, a years experience as a manager and a season in Scottish football to get to know the league etc. If he doesn’t show he’s learning, and we don’t show signs of improvement then he’ll be under pressure.
  7. Looked to me like it was just a push to the body, yellow at most.
  8. About half an hour from Glasgow now and buzzing for today. Wasn’t going to bother after Tuesday and the hibs game the thought of a 6+ hour drive to watch shite didn’t seem appealing, but now I’m up here I’m glad I decided to come! Hopefully we can get a win and put a small bit of pressure on the taigs ahead of tomorrow! While my head tells me the seasons over my heart will never give up until it’s mathematically impossible so please just fucking win today Rangers!
  9. Agreed while we have to take some of the blame ourselves the ref was fucking disgraceful tonight and if he’d got the big decisions right we’d have come away with three points despite our poor second half.
  10. I think he’ll be a successful manager and I’m glad he’s here, he clearly needs another transfer window or two but he’s on the right track. However while a lot of things were not his fault tonight (missed chances, shite ref etc) the fact he didn’t make a change when before their goal we had players looking exhausted was a big factor in us dropping points tonight and it’s not the first time, he’s still learning but he really needs to start actually improving because a couple of pairs of fresh legs before the equaliser and I really think we would have at least seen the game out of not scored another.
  11. This is huge, Tuesday and the cup in general. The league is over and the taigs are cruising to 8 in a row but we have to stop their dominance. Stopping the treble treble is the first step towards doing that. Mentally aswell for these players who for the majority have won nothing, they need to get that taste for winning trophy’s and that winning mentality.
  12. Yeh I agree, far too many midfielders without attacking threat. Of course every team needs them but when we’re overloaded with that type of player already and crying out for an attacking midfielder signing 2 is madness. Doesnt change the fact that Kamara is a great addition!
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