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  1. Job done. Three points and no injuries against a team with no intention of playing football, well done lads! 🇬🇧 Livi and their manager are an absolute disgrace to the game though and I hope Gerrard tears them apart in his interview at the end of the game.
  2. Walker another dinosaur talking about the ‘physical challenge’ of Livingston as if thuggery is something they should be proud of...
  3. Refs losing control of this game through letting these thugs get away with whatever they want, somethings going to happen soon I just hope one of ours doesn’t end up injured.
  4. Am I right in saying only one of these dirty bastards has been booked despite catching our players late every single time we play the ball?
  5. How the fuck does he get that in from that angle through the defenders legs and around the keeper, fucking brilliant Alfie!!!
  6. This game is everything that’s wrong with Scottish football. A team trying to play football against a team who’s only game plan is to foul, injure and generally act like thugs. A game plan that you would only see in professional football in Scotland, and that the footballing dinosaurs don’t just think is acceptable, actually believe it’s clever tactics and should be encouraged.
  7. Yessssss! Thats how you play against mobs like this open them up through the middle!
  8. First thought was red but seeing it again yellow is correct
  9. Need to keep our heads today. They’re going to be fouling and antagonising us as much as possible on the instructions of their dinosaur manager, need to let our football do the talking!
  10. Tried to say we were re writing history and the elbow that left Aribo with 20 stitches was actually a shoulder and didn’t deserve a red, rewriting history himself because not only was it a clear elbow the livi player elbowed Morelos literally 10 seconds before Aribo aswell!
  11. Boyds comments are everything that’s wrong with Scottish football. Basically saying that Livingston can’t compete with us or the taigs in footballing ability so fouling and throwing elbows etc is the best way for them to play against us. People wonder why Scottish football is in the state it is, until this attitude is gone and teams actually try to improve and play football to win games it will never improve.
  12. What a result! This is a very very good Porto team and we’ve more than matched them and got the win! So proud of this team!!!
  13. What a finish!!!!! Just what we needed and had to be Alfie!!!
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