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  1. Bristol loyal

    Lennon Joins SFA

    Unbelievable...Only in Scottish football! Lennon has been involved in numerous disciplinary issues, all of his own making and all deserved. His team follow the example of their manager and behave like thugs on the pitch, and the substandard referees in Scotland let them get away with far more than they should. Unfortunately Lennon, just like every taig, when pulled up on his or his teams behavour instantly looks to blame, or to play the victim rather than to take responsibility and look at why he is getting disciplined or his team are picking up cards. Its a sad state of affairs that the governing body of Scottish football cave to this behaviour, and give credibility to the taigs victim and blame culture. There are many problems with the refereeing in Scotland that need to be addressed but this just shows they are going about it all the wrong way. While they need to work to improve the standard of refereeing, they also need to be strong against Lennon and celtic fc’s victim paranoia and continue to issue punishments for their disgraceful behaviour on and off the pitch. I can’t help but feel that the constant playing the victim and harassing refs has worked, these cunts will now be untouchable with refs too scared to give decisions against them and the authorities too scared to take action. All the while we will continue to pick up more wrongly issued red cards, more assaults against our players will go unpunished, our fans will be treated even worse and if our manager/club or anyone else dares stand up and say it like it is we’ll be on the receiving end of more fines and punishments.
  2. Bristol loyal

    Ryan Hardie New Deal

    How many mangers has he been here under now and none have thought he was good enough to step up to the first team? I would love to be proved wrong but I can’t help but think if he’s not good enough now I doubt he will be.
  3. Bristol loyal

    I Spy Another Excuse

    Funny he’s never mentioned it before all this Leeds stuff came out isn’t it?
  4. Bristol loyal

    Scott Allan to Hibs again.

    Spot on, and I hope our players haven’t forgotten that!
  5. Bristol loyal

    Greg Docherty attracting interest

    He’s clearly impressed during his loan move but to be fair the standard in league one is terrible, far below the level we require. If we could get £1m+ with a sell on clause I think it would be good business especially with the amount of cm’s we have now.
  6. Bristol loyal

    Jordan Rossiter

    He without doubt needs a loan move but I wouldn’t want us to be doing any business with them. Another spl team or English league 1 to give him a run of games would benefit everyone.
  7. Bristol loyal


    Remember reading about this years ago. Basically a pre contract is just an agreement of terms between a player and club (wage, length of contract, bonus etc) rather than an actual legally agreed deal to join the club. So while a player has agreed his contract with us to come into affect when his current deal runs out, there’s nothing to say he couldn’t get a better offer between now and then and go somewhere else, pretty sure it happened in England a few years ago although I can’t remember the player or teams involved.
  8. Bristol loyal

    Ricksen won't leave hospice

    Heart breaking but sounds like he’s in the best place he could be given his condition. Hopefully his wife and daughter can get over to see him ASAP, can’t imagine how hard that situation is for both Fernando and his family.
  9. Bristol loyal

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    He was a disaster and the damage he did is imo underestimated, the semi final win on pens was great but let’s not let that take away from the fact that aswell as signing shite and playing football that was getting us no where, he managed to spread a losers mentality through the club one that we’ve only managed to shake this season since we’ve appointed a proper winner in charge. An acceptance that second or third in the league was some sort of achievement and that semi finals were acceptable to this great club. He brought in players that mentally were not fit to wear a Rangers shirt and worst of all, he allowed a fear of the taigs to spread and a belief that we couldn’t beat them.
  10. Spot on, I’d never seen that pic before but that ‘tackle’ is 100x worse than anything Morelos did and a clearer red than you’ll ever see. Why are we not getting things like this out in the media to counter their claims? Why are we not releasing counter statements to their shite stating facts such as their captain who is somehow being made a victim getting away with a tackle that is a clear leg breaker? Why are we not coming out and stating that despite the shit coming out from peado fc and their pals in the press, the footage was shown to a top Ex EPL ref who’s reffed some of the biggest games in the world and with the chance to see the incidents from multiple angles and speeds clearly said that NONE warranted a red card? Were getting into a dangerous place where their crying, bitching and victimisation, as funny as it might seem now, is going to start being listened to, either consciously or subconsciously by refs and the authorities and players like Alfredo will become even more of a target. We’ll see Rangers picking up even more red and yellows for fuck all than we’ve already seen and more and more game changing decisions going against us. Like I said I’m enjoying their pain and the meltdown as much as anyone, but we need to fight our corner and back our lads up because make no mistake these bastards know exactly what they’re doing...
  11. Bristol loyal

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    Ffs the second time? Time to just save the money and resources and leave the cunt to finish the job...
  12. Bristol loyal

    Forward Line

    Has to be 2. Defoe isn’t going to come here to sit on the bench and there’s no way we’re going to drop Morelos with the form he’s in plus dropping a 22yr old with huge resale values that we own for a 36yr old loan player would be madness. No idea what formation we’re going to play, but I’m sure Gerrards got it covered. One thing I know is I can’t fucking wait to see it!
  13. Bristol loyal


    We really need to start valuing our players at the right value, while 7m might be a lot in Scotland it’s pennies for even a championship team in England. We would be mad to sell our captain and one of our most important players In January when we’ve finally got a squad that can really compete with the scum for the title this season. Would tell anyone interested it would take silly money to take him now and even in the summer should be looking at £12m minimum for him, and that’s not a lot with the money down here.
  14. Bristol loyal

    Defoe confirmed

    Pretty sure it’s just something to do with transferring his registration from the English fa to the Scottish fa, nothing to worry about.
  15. Bristol loyal

    Left Back Position

    No one should be guaranteed a starting place so for me Halliday currently is first choice based on his form and OF performance and Barasic has to earn his place back.