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  1. I posted last week I’d heard from a Bristol city season ticket holder who thought it was pretty much a done deal, although there hasn’t been much movement since so I think it was probably bs. I don’t think it’s as unrealistic as some think. Steve Lansdown who owns city is mega rich, I think one of the richest club owners in England. The last 5 years he’s shown he’s desperate to get them into the prem, massive investment in the stadium and surrounding area, training ground and financing the squad well beyond what they would have been able to afford otherwise. He’s not happy with them just being around the playoffs, he wants promotion as he showed sacking Lee Johnson. If he can persuade Gerrard that it can be his route into premier league management, and he’ll back him in the transfer market to make it happen I think Gerrard would seriously consider it imo.
  2. Probably all bs then. Can’t see him going from managing in Europe to a mid table championship team, but unfortunately the sad state of Scottish football means they could pay far more than we could so I didn’t rule it out completely.
  3. No idea if this is the right place to post this but just had a text from a Bristol city season ticket holder saying Gerrard has agreed to be their new manager, will be announced tomorrow. Any of you guys up there heard anything? Can’t see it myself but he seemed pretty confident.
  4. They don’t even try to hide it.
  5. No way is he going there. Was attracting interest from the top 6 in the epl at one point, could go to a number of better teams and leagues across Europe. Also turned down an improved deal with Bournemouth, no idea how much he’s on but given the interest I’d imagine Bournemouth offered him a very lucrative deal and if he’s turned that down there’s no way the taigs could match that sort of money, especially in the current climate.
  6. Agreed. He’s at the age now if he’s going to go on to be a first team player for us he needs to be in and around the first team squad and getting some game time. It’s so frustrating seeing our youngsters constantly loaned out and never getting a chance, especially when the scum seem to do a good job of bringing them through and make decent money from them.
  7. It’s shit, but still better than not having it, and a lot better than having no football at all.
  8. All three have been shocking this season, and apart from Kamara are the wrong side of 30.
  9. It’s fucking lunacy playing the crossing game we do without a big strong cf who can put himself about, the crosses just end up wasted. As has been said he doesn’t need to be the best player, just have the right strengths to offer us something different when needed and to compliment the way Gerrard seems to like us to play. Would take Dykes and Ferguson as long as the price is right, Ferguson would be an improvement on any one of Davis, Kamara or Arfield.
  10. Fury is always going to be favourite based on ability, technically there’s no heavyweight that can come close to him. However he’s been dropped and hurt by lesser fighters than AJ so there’s no way I would be writing Joshua off completely. Would still expect a Fury win though especially now he seems to have discovered a bit of power, it’s always been his weakness and if he comes in light I think it will suit Joshua allowing him to come forward and get at him more. If he comes in at a similar weight to the second Wilder fight and fights with the same tactics he should box Joshuas head off, he doesn’t like getting hit and Fury’s ability with power added in will be too much for him imo.
  11. Seen that. To be fair I don’t think he did much wrong chased the ball and just bumped Leno nothing you wouldn’t see multiple times every game. If it was that bad VAR would have surely got involved, maybe just lashing out because of pain or knowing he’s out for a long tine.
  12. Leno looks to have suffered a bad one, BT not showing replays as it’s too distressing apparently.
  13. Sack the prick. If I went to one of these protests and called my employer racist without any sort of evidence I’m pretty sure I’d be sacked tomorrow morning, same should happen to this cunt.
  14. If anyone needs any further evidence of corruption look no further. This whole situation has been set up to help one club win more tainted trophy’s...
  15. Fuck them. As if they didn’t have enough tainted titles 9 is totally meaningless now. I would be embarrassed to win a title like this let alone be celebrating it shameless bastards.
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