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  1. Horrific disease, a mates dad died from it and it really is heartbreaking to watch. Thoughts with his family at this terrible time. RIP Fernando
  2. Injuries happen, it’s just pure bad luck but hopefully it’s not too serious. Easy to say he shouldn’t have started with hindsight but after the old firm game and the money we spent on him I think most fans would have expected arguably our best player to start today.
  3. Because despite all the bravado they are shitting themselves.
  4. Fucking delighted with this! The taigs are terrified of him and with good reason. Someone who can change the game with a bit of magic, who’s direct and can open up defences is exactly what we’ve been needing! It’s a big fee but we know he can do it here, and I’m confident after a few good seasons and he develops more we can sell him back to England for huge money.
  5. Young players welfare has never been their strong point...
  6. Despite yesterday, they’re shitting themselves over this signing.
  7. If true he’s a fucking idiot who should be fined as much as we can. Taigs will be pissing themselves at this news.
  8. Still fuming at the team selection. We made it so easy for them. Where was the threat? Jones Ojo and Morelos would have been an absolute nightmare for that defence, and instead we played a team and tactics that put no pressure whatsoever on them, allowed the fenian bastards to take the front foot and take the game to us, embarrassing. Gerrard bottled that big time, he showed fear of them in his team selection and played right into their hands. Getting beat by the better team when everyone gives 100% I can just about take, however it’s completely unforgivable to get beat because our own manager bottled it.
  9. We also won 2 old firms
  10. The OF games are worth 12 points, there’s absolutely no way the taigs will drop 12 points more than us against the diddy teams. The only way to win the league is through the old firm games, at the very minimum we need 6 points from them and handing them 3 points at Ibrox like we did today seriously puts us on the back foot.
  11. Spot on, we’ve seen it too many times already and to make it worse today we saw our manager bottle it from the start with his inexcusable team selection. It’s quite right questions are being asked now.
  12. Bristol loyal


    McGregors was worse. Honestly thought something must have happened off camera because I couldn’t believe the ref could give a straight red for that after what he’d allowed in the first half.
  13. I said the same thing when we signed him and today it was evident how fucking moronic it was spending that much on a centre back when a blind man has been able to see what we’ve been lacking for the last 2 years.
  14. We’ll we could have had an extra £4m to put towards him if we hadn’t spent it on a cb to sit on the bench...
  15. Don’t worry, despite needing a genuine creative threat all last season at least we spent £4m on a cb to sit on the bench...
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