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  1. Agreed Scottish football is killing itself from inside with hatred. There’s no better example of that than the way the leagues best player is treated, just because of who he plays for.
  2. We really need to find a way to keep Morelos and Kent next season
  3. Get in there Alfredo!!!! 30 this season fucking brilliant!
  4. That is simply disgusting. A new low for the snp to compare what was at the time a legal tax avoidance scheme to the rape and abuse of children. In any other country in the world a politician would be gone for such horrific comments, sadly in snp Scotland this will be brushed under the carpet again and forgotten about.
  5. Got to agree he deserves credit. I’d read good things about Breazeale since his loss to AJ and thought he had the potential to cause Wilder problems but how wrong I was. He blew him away. Last night was the first I’ve really been impressed watching Wilder after watching him against Ortiz and Fury. Hopefully he can get a fight sorted with Joshua but if not Whyte has to get his shot next.
  6. Anyone going to be watching Wilder v Breazeale tonight? Won’t be getting up at that time for this one myself but can see Breazeale potentially causing an upset here. He seems to have come on since his defeat to AJ and let’s face it Wilder is a terrible boxer. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Breazeale outbox him and if he can avoid one of Wilders wild throws I think he’s got a great chance of causing him some real problems. Hope he does do it, I’m sure he’d be a lot easier for AJ to make an undisputed fight with if he had the belt.
  7. WE get away with assaults? Do they not watch their ‘captain’ week in week out and the amount of elbows he gets away with? Of course they don’t they’re too busy watching Rangers...
  8. If the title was being decided on the weekend I wonder if the decision would be the same? For what it’s worth I thought it was a red, just found it shocking that the corrupt bastards didn’t issue siminovic a red aswell so he could play in the cup final. There’s no way anyone impartial could ban one player and not the other.
  9. The media and powers that be are trying to mock and belittle us in the hope we stop making such a noise and go back to dignified silence. They’re doing this because they know we’re now highlighting the bias and corruption in the Scottish game. We as fans, and most importantly the club must keep the pressure on, we must not be silenced and must expose these corrupt bastards if we ever want a level playing field as we challenge for 55.
  10. Still really hoping it’s lennon but if not he’d be the next best choice.
  11. A massive difference, Morelos was an arm to the body while the taigs was an elbow to the head. Same with brown in the picture you showed and on countless other time this season and every other season. Corrupt to the core but until we put out hard evidence like the pictures and videos you’ve posted and take our case to the highest possible authorities, while kicking up a fuss in both the Scottish and English media highlighting the blatant corruption fuck all will change.
  12. To be honest I think Flanagan was lucky to stay on the pitch and o said that after the game, so can’t complain too much. Whats really pissing me off is how siminovic can get away with a blatant elbow to the head of Defoe. No mention on sky, no replays, no mention in the media just swept under the carpet and erased from history like it never happened. How can anyone claim there is no bias both in the media and from the Scottish authorities when two incidents almost exactly the same receive completely different reactions and punishment? When you add that to the fact of how many elbows to the face brown gets away with every season, and the hysteria after Morelos swing his arm at Browns BODY in the last old firm at the peado dome then surely no one can argue that the media and compiance officer are impartial. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, but they get away with so much unchallenged they don’t even feel the need to hide their corruption anymore...
  13. We need to find a way to keep him, to get a player of his quality in will cost money but he’s one of the few players that can change a game with a moment of magic and if we’re serious about 55 and stopping 10 then he’s the kind of player we need to be keeping hold of.
  14. The difference in the way the two incidents have been reported tell you absolutely everything you need to know. For me today’s was worse yet if you listen to the pundits and read the reports Alfredo should have been jailed for gbh yet today’s doesn’t even get mentioned! Also compare that to Flanagan (who was lucky to stay on the pitch imo) where we saw multiple replays from different angles and it’s discussed at length both in the sky studios and online media. Siminovic is swept under the carpet like it never happened. How anyone can try to claim there isn’t a bias is unbelievable. Thought Clancy let them get away with numerous professional fouls to break up play and niggly tackles that were penalised when we did the same but as I said I thought Flanagan probably should have seen red so can’t complain too much. Still glad he gave that cunt brown one though was well deserved!
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