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  1. I had this beauty, fuck knows why it was the only GK kit I’ve ever owned and I never played in goal, must have just like it for some reason!
  2. But call him a name and he goes crying to the authorities. Scumbag fenian cunt who deserves a fatal dose of the Coronavirus.
  3. When I look at what we’ve had to put up with the last decade or so, and it’s getting worse I’m starting to wonder why do we even bother. The corruption at the SFA has gone to such levels now they don’t even bother trying to pretend we’re on a level playing field. The clear bias and corruption of officials when we got close this season was as bad as I thought it could get but handing them a title they haven’t won and then pressuring UEFA on their behalf to get them straight in to the lucrative group stages is a whole new level. The board must fight this, publicly expose the corruption and if needs be pull us out of Scottish football until changes are made to ensure the game is fair, we don’t want any special treatment unlike them just a fair game. Right now I feel like giving up on Scottish football, would be so much easier just supporting a team down here, in a well run professional set up.
  4. No promotion or relegation but they get the title? So basically for every other club in every other league in Scotland the season is void but for them they become champions? Corruption once again at its finest!
  5. Our board would probably put out a statement congratulating the bastards...
  6. It’s not just Klopp, listening to talksport earlier and nearly every epl manager was asked about it. All said people health comes first and with everything that’s going on football is irrelevant or words to that effect. Then you have Lennon and Brown who straight away want to talk about them being handed the title, as if they hadn’t had enough tainted titles in recent years. It’s shows you not just the lack of class at the club like no other, but also how they know how to manipulate things to their advantage and while the rest of the footballing world is only thinking about the people of this country and the rest of the worlds health, the only thing they care about is claiming another title. As has been said somewhere else the last time a league was scrapped during the season was 1939 when Rangers were top but we were never awarded nor claimed the trophy, precedent set.
  7. We as a club need to be putting pressure on the sfa that the taigs can’t be awarded the title without playing a full season. They’ve started already with Brown and Lennon coming out saying they should be given the title we need to put the pressure back on.
  8. No way can they do this. Unless a team has mathematically won the league or been relegated then they have to just void the season, for the sake of sporting integrity.
  9. First of all they were a much better team, and deserved winners. Our tactics first half were terrible just sitting back and letting them dominate was totally wrong, Kemberi and Hagi not starting was a joke and they must start Sunday. Second half was better, but what the fuck is going on with Morelos? Looks slow, lazy and uninterested needs to be dropped until he sorts himself out. Davis is shocking, totally finished and whoever decided to give him a new contract at his age so early in the season should be sacked, waste of a wage for next year that could be spent elsewhere. On the whole tonight showed we’re some way off this level, players like Edmundson and Polster are fine for back up in Scotland but are totally outclassed at this level.
  10. Tactics are terrible, sitting back and letting a good team totally dominate possession.
  11. Thought they were booing the ref to be fair.
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