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  1. It’s absolutely disgusting they are playing the mental health card to a man who lost his brother to suicide (and their response was to hang dolls from the stands at the peado palace don’t forget). Just when I thought that disgusting club couldn’t get any more shameful they go and act in the way they have done this week, they really are scum who lack any shred of decency or morals.
  2. If they lost and we won we’d be a point clear. To be honest I don’t care what they do, it’s in our hands now one game at a time and if we keep winning the title is ours.
  3. Don’t think there’s been any doubt for a while now but that’s an absolute certainty that Liverpool have won the league now.
  4. They’ve got to come forward now, should open them up and put a few past them second half.
  5. Very early days but I certainly like the look of him! Would have him over Flanagan every day of the week!
  6. If the taigs get a pen for Katić pulling back julien then how is that not a pen for Defoe getting pulled back? Nothing like a bit of consistency...
  7. If anyone at the club had a backbone they’d be storming into the sfa offices and throwing these pictures at the cunt who brought these charges, the only way we’re going to get treated fairly is to attack these bastards. As usual though I’m sure it will be more of the good old dignified silence that’s got us into this fucking mess in the first place.
  8. I have it on good authority Tav is out for 7-10 days.
  9. It was reported about a week ago one of the chants (I forget which game it was) was anti IRA chants, now according to kick it out its anti Irish racism. To me that’s racist in itself as they’re saying all Irish are IRA supporters, if you said all Muslims support isis you’d be called racist so what’s the difference?
  10. Surely they can’t do anything now over a week since the game? I’ve no doubt they tried but the gestures they’ve allowed scum players to get away with over the years and the fact it was clear to anyone with a brain cell Morelos was saying the game was over there’s no way they can ban him now is there? Even by SFA standards it would be ridiculous.
  11. If we’ve got anything for him we’ve done well! Glad to see him go and hopefully this will be the start of a decent clear out of deadwood!
  12. Don’t know if this has been mentioned anywhere else but watching the highlights again the only reason Katic pulls Juliens shirt for the pen is just before Julien makes his run he has his arms on Katic chest and just as he runs pushes him back allowing him to get a yard in front. Katic then pulls at him to try stop him getting to the ball first. If Clancy was watching the pair of them that closely as has been suggested how did he not see Juliens push first?
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