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  1. Bristol loyal

    12,000 on Season Ticket Waiting List

    Good to know this, I’m looking to come up for the Killie game on the 16th, if I can’t get a ticket when they become available on the website I might try this what sort of time do you recommend being there? Do they go quite early?
  2. Bristol loyal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Actually wouldn’t be surprised to see the CO pull him up on this one. They’re far enough ahead now that the league is over, take the heat off the corrupt refs and CO so it all dies down ready for the bastards to help them towards another title next season...
  3. Bristol loyal

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    It’s just going to get worse and worse until we as a club actually call them out for the corrupt bastards they are. Brown get away with another blatant red, because the refs are too scared to touch him, Broadfoot gets sent off for his tackle because the ref knows the hysteria from the taigs and media if he doesn’t and then Brown gets the goal that is going to win the bastards the title. Until we highlight all these inconsistencies that always work in their favour, and put serious pressure on the refs ourselves it’s just going to get worse and worse and they’ll piss their way to 10 in a row and fuck knows how many more.
  4. Bristol loyal

    12,000 on Season Ticket Waiting List

    Wow didn’t realise this! Have been considering getting a season ticket for next season recently, while I wouldn’t be able to attend the midweek games I would certainly be up every weekend. How do I put my name down on the list? I’m guessing with numbers like that the next few seasons are out of the question anyway!
  5. Bristol loyal

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    We’re going to lose points through our best players being suspended... Tome to come out with evidence of the unfair and bullshit treatment we get. The incidents our players get banned for and the taigs getting away with worse, just from the last few days what the taigs got away with against hibs then what Mcgregor and Morelos have been banned for, the fact that it’s apparently a yellow card to kick a player in the face if it’s Ryan Jack getting the kick but a 2 game ban if a keeper slides out and wins the ball before a players even near him. The list over the last few seasons could go on and on but it’s time to get video evidence together and show anyone who will listen what a bunch of corrupt fenian bastards the sfa are.
  6. Bristol loyal

    McGregor banned 2 games

    The sfa are now saying you can boot a player in the face but a keeper can’t slide in to collect the ball, I’ll be interested to see the consistency future incidents like this are dealt with... Our statement is a fucking joke aswell. I don’t care what anyone says the reason we’re getting treated like this and the taigs get away with the ‘challenges’ they do is because of the way they play the media and pressure the refs, until we start fighting dirty like they do this shit will continue and get worse as we get closer to them.
  7. Bristol loyal

    No further action against Power

    Probably more to do with who killies next opponents are...
  8. Bristol loyal

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    It’s all well and good posting things like this here, on fans websites etc but we need to find a way to get these facts into the media, I won’t hold up much hope in Scotland but with gerrards influence we should be getting the big media outlets in England looking into it. While that’s going on a hopefully putting some pressure on them, start compiling solid facts (such as shown above), video evidence etc and take the sfa to court. They’ve got away with it far too long, time to fight back.
  9. Bristol loyal

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    The media won’t draw attention to these injustices, but we as a club should. The only way we’ll ever get treated fairly is if we go on the attack.
  10. Bristol loyal

    Siege Mentality

    Agree, but instead of shunning the media and doing only what we’re obliged to do let’s get on every fucking tv program, newspaper, radio show and social media page we can on the fucking attack. Lets have Gerrard turn up to the next press conference with an iPad with videos of what the taigs have got away with and what we’ve been punished for and ask the ‘journalists’ in attendance to justify it. Let’s highlight the difference in the headlines printed in the media when it’s lne of our players who have committed a ‘foul’ and the silence or excuses when it’s one of theirs. Let’s publicly put pressure on every refereeing decision that goes against us and for them. Make no mistake the taigs are winning this easily and while it’s costing us suspensions and possibly points it’s winning points for them. No more silence let’s get on the attack in such a way that it simply cannot be ignored what a biased and corrupt game Scottish football has become.
  11. Bristol loyal

    Morelos card appealed.

    As I said in my last post, this is the kind of thing the club now have to publicly come out and question, make it so the biased decision making and punishments simply cannot be ignored.
  12. Bristol loyal

    Morelos card appealed.

    Disgraceful decision. The taig and the media’s agenda to put pressure on the refs and authorities is working a treat and it’s time we fucking stood up for ourselves. The club could start by publicly comparing decisions against us and them, and the media reaction. They’re playing dirty and winning while we sit back as always and allow our club and players to be dragged through the mud, time to fight back.
  13. Bristol loyal

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Exactly, and if anyone needs proof they are allowed to play by different rules to us this is it.
  14. Bristol loyal

    McGregor banned 2 games

    A clearer red than Mcgregor or Morelos...
  15. Bristol loyal

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Spot on, while I’m sure he meant to have his foot out it was for protection, same as every keeper does. What the sfa are now saying is keepers have to go to ground to collect a ball head first risking serious injury. I await all the charges against all the keepers across Scotland this weekend that slide in legs first...