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  1. When I first saw this I just assumed it was his ‘b’ sample from the one we heard about earlier in the week, however it seems it’s from a separate test and is a different banned substance. What a fucking idiot the biggest fight he would ever have in his career, gone because he was too scared to fight clean. Will he interesting who AJ fights now, and how he handles the change of opponent seeing as all his sparring/training so far would have been geared towards fighting Miller.
  2. Absolute disgrace if this goes through. Teams should qualify on merit from the season before not because of something they did over half a century ago!
  3. Agree with all of that, but would any replacement have to fight in the US now it’s so close and I’m guessing Joshua is over there training, msg all booked etc. Think Whyte is my favourite of all the heavyweights right now aswell, like you said not the most talented but he’ll fight anyone and gives everything while he’s in the ring. Hope he gets a world title shot again soon he deserves it.
  4. Maybe we’ll see Dillian Whyte jumping on a plane to America shortly...
  5. Jarrell Miller, Joshua’s next opponent.
  6. Apparently Big baby has failed a drugs test...
  7. Of course they know what they’re doing, start putting pressure on the authorities to try to get punishments and bans for telling the truth, hoping all the songs etc die out and the cover up continues.
  8. Bristol loyal


    I imagine the majority of fans in Scotland either don’t care or have a mix of second or English teams, while down here I can say without doubt most football fans no matter who their first team is are pro Rangers apart from the few plastic paddy’s.
  9. The possibility of losing Arfield, Morelos and Kent is really worrying. We would be considerably weaker next season without the three of them, we’d have to spend big money to replace them and that’s just to stand still. If we really want to go forward and challenge the taigs we need to keep our top players and spend our transfer budget on a few quality additions that will build and improve on this season.
  10. Great comeback from Watford! Hope they hold out now they deserve it!
  11. The pr machine is out in full force with both Kennedy and Lennon out praising Browns “first class” behaviour and telling everyone that the club and players are “totally exempt from any blame whatsoever”. Of course as usual they were the victims, poor old Scott Brown was attacked by three different players in completely unprovoked circumstances, the guy must have some amount of bad luck to be ‘attacked’ three separate times over just 90mins through absolutely no fault of his own! We need to keep the pressure up though, as they try to rewrite history and spin everything as per usual we should be highlighting what scum that club, their manager and captain are, starting with browns stamp against st mirren. Attack is the best form of defence. Until we start fighting dirty like them we’ll be walked all over and painted as the bad guys, and it will lead to more undeserved red cards and suspensions next year. Its really shouldn’t even be being discussed, Neil fucking Lennon talking about Steven Gerrards lack of class, could only happen in Scotland 😂
  12. That’s unbelievable! What did the black bloke sat next to him say? Career ender right there...
  13. My worry is if those two go, it will probably take our whole transfer budget to replace them and that’s just to stop us going backwards rather than improving the squad.
  14. This, because his positioning is probably the worst I have ever seen from a professional footballer. Get rid in the summer, we’ll never win anything with players of his quality.
  15. Wonder if we could sign Anthony Joshua on a short term contact just before each game against them 😂
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