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  1. They were always going to hammer Hamilton. The important thing is we stop dropping points to these types of teams, let the trickier games and OF matches decide the title.
  2. Seen on sky sports that Morelos had more touches yesterday than in any game last season, can’t be that uninterested.
  3. Did VAR check if the keeper was outside the box there? Certainly looked it!
  4. Another CM, striker and ideally someone who can play anywhere in the front three is badly needed to add options and competition for places imo.
  5. Apart from missing/ ignoring a few kicks on our players (the goalmouth scramble and Hayes on Morelos by the corner) I thought he had a pretty good game. I think having no fans to overreact to every little thing a Rangers player, especially Morelos does will be a benefit to us.
  6. How can anyone try to say that’s not a red. Ok he gets the ball but if you allow challenges like that when a player doesn’t get the ball someone ends up with a broken leg. 20 years ago winning the ball was enough, these days if it’s dangerous it’s off.
  7. I agree. He’s clearly a bit overweight and lacking a bit of fitness but I didn’t see anything to suggest he wasn’t interested. If he stays give him a few games to get up to speed and I’ve got confidence we’ll see the best of him again.
  8. See no signs of improvement from last season, but three points is the main thing on the day!
  9. Never went anywhere near crossing the line, but every sheep player taking the chance to get the boot in dirty bastards.
  10. Agreed. Thought Edmundson should have started but I can see why Balogun is now. Hasn’t put a foot wrong.
  11. Yesssssss lovely little ball through from Alfie and brilliant finish!!!
  12. Boyd talking a lot of sense about needing options to break teams down.
  13. He’s at the age where he needs to be playing to develop. I really like the lad but being 4th choice here with seemingly no chance of getting a decent run of games is going to do nothing but damage to his career long term.
  14. Our lack of squad depth is what worries me this season. Don’t see anyone outside the first 11 who can change the game if needed and when we start picking up injuries and suspensions it’s going to really cost us. Hopefully see a few good additions before the transfer window shuts. Starting 11 today though should be more than capable of beating these sheep shagging bastards so let’s hope for a good start!
  15. I get the feeling it’s not such a done deal as reported. When the news broke I thought we’d never see him play for us again but as the weeks gone on I’d be surprised if he doesn’t start today.
  16. Been buzzing for this all week, during the time off I’d forgotten this feeling of absolutely shitting myself the morning before the game! Don’t care how we do it.. just fucking win Rangers!!! 🇬🇧
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