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  1. Bermondsey Bear

    Jack right back

    This represents possibly the most mental suggestion I’ve read. The OP thinks Jack is average so we should make him a FB? If you don’t like the fella why would you play him at all? We then should take Tav, who he is also unsure about and make him a midfielder. Are you Kenny Miller by any chance
  2. Bermondsey Bear

    Carlos Pena in "He has pace" shocker!!

    Sky showed a few different angles and slo mo’s. It was no tackle. It was a heel for Windass. 100%.
  3. Bermondsey Bear


    There are some fans still saying he should be punted and replaced. I’m fucking struggling with that logic, but they are vocal.
  4. Bermondsey Bear

    Carlos Pena in "He has pace" shocker!!

    So did I at first but watched it a few times on telly and he definitely heels it for Windass.
  5. Bermondsey Bear

    Scottish Club win v PSG

    Well, I did not recall that. Spurs are my English team so I like the fella, great manager, don't recall if he was much cop as a player.
  6. Bermondsey Bear

    Scottish Club win v PSG

    Yup and the current Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino was in that PSG team as I recall.
  7. Bermondsey Bear

    View My Seat

    Just been quoted silly pounds for two tickets in the Copland. Don't even know the seats yet. Deliberating over whether to buy now or on the day...
  8. Bermondsey Bear

    big Boydy

    Do you know what mate, that's a fantastic point.
  9. Bermondsey Bear

    big Boydy

    So that was every reason to sign him. I'm not challenging that, I'm not challenging his contribution to cups and titles won. I'm sort of saying he would not change the dynamic in the team now, even at his pomp.
  10. Bermondsey Bear

    big Boydy

    He was posted missing in games against the taigs and did not have a CL goal. When he was at his peak, we were often in the CL. So it's 235 games and 138 goals, that's a goal every 153 minutes ( a goal every 2 and a half hours). That's a tidy return. But if we just do big games, in 19 Euro ties and at least 20 games against the filth (probably more) he got a total of 4 goals, that's a goal every 877 minutes or every 14 and a half hours. So if we exclude Champions League, Europa Cup and Filth games, he was a good club servant. I liked Boyd. I'm of an older vintage. But let's remember, we are not Killie,. At Rangers you are judged on the marquee matches.
  11. Bermondsey Bear


    This sort of stuff is sadly up to the agent. They are the worry in all of this as well as whether we protected ourselves with a minimum release fee to stop his head being turned. If we haven't then even a £3m or £4m bid in January could unsettle the lad.
  12. Bermondsey Bear

    big Boydy

    I'm clearly not stating my point well enough. I agree that Boyd has a great record for goals and made a significant contribution to both cups and leagues. But as I see it, you can get plenty of strikers in Scotland, stick them into our team and they will thrive on the fact we're attacking and creating more chances. A 20 goal a season striker for say Hearts, could be a 30 goal a season striker for us. The sort of striker we need is more like McCoist in as much as he scored for fun against the scum. Wee Alfredo might be that bear, we need to wait and see, but I recall the audible groans that there used to be on another board when the match against them was coming up and we knew the goals would need to come from elsewhere as Boyd wasn't going to get them. Its a view, calm down and Leeds Bear, try reading slowly and carefully in future.
  13. Bermondsey Bear

    Wes and his 100th game for Rangers Yesterday

    I think big Wes has looked good this season. Would be happy at another 400
  14. Bermondsey Bear

    big Boydy

    Those games define your character. As I've said on this thread, I know he scored plenty, but if he's being held up as what we need now, then I disagree. If you want to classify unhinged, read some of the friendly comments I've fielded.
  15. Bermondsey Bear

    big Boydy

    My sister died 5 years ago. Have you got anything actually sensible to say, or is this it? I'm keen to know the level I need to work too. You've set the bar very low.