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  1. Where is this proof? Where is it? I'm raging at the club this should have been out, make it impossible for this vote to be finalised. Holding back again for no reason.
  2. Obviously folk would rather leave the money in the club, but we need to remember some folk have been crippled by this. I'll be missing a mortgage payment for the first time in 10 years, and me and the Mrs have discussed food banks. Just bad timing we went to Australia for two months December/January spent a fortune come back.and the world collapsed. It's heart wrenching, and I've got two kids to sort out. Fans shouldn't be demonized for taking their money back, if the games weren't played.
  3. Guy in my work is claiming the Armstrong deal is 7 million up front, 1.5 million for appearances this season and 1.5 million if they stay up. Firstly I hope that's a load of shite, if its not time to add at least 2 million onto every one of our players values.
  4. Dirty fucks, every time I turn round those cunts are tripping over more money. With the money they got for van dick and now this money for hairdo, these cunts have brought in more than they spent again, even after spunking money up the wall for that striker. Sick to my stomach. They better get pumped out the CL.
  5. Open top bus, I hope these cunts lose with every fiber of my being. These cunts shouldn't be march through Glasgow celebrating, but being marched through in handcuffs. Cunts.
  6. Just days ago I was called a taig for saying anything who thinks major investment is coming is an idiot
  7. Your Mrs told me she could keep a secret.
  8. I don't know any other Rangers fans in Manchester a
  9. I was about 3 m8, his type from what I hear.
  10. if anyone wants to come round I'll have the game on Sat, I'll get the beers in. - Manchester. I'll wear my Rangers top so you don't get confused.
  11. I'll have the game on Saturday if anyone legitimately wants to come round, I'll get a few beers. - Manchester.
  12. Of course the big peado bastard knew Sweep sweep, and your point is?
  13. Na I am confident i can handle some soft keyboard warriors. What they gonna do, insult me?
  14. Being called a bheast is worse than anything I said.
  15. Only thing I've been caught doing is fucking your mum
  16. Whatever m8, away and suck her da's dick or whatever it is that gave you, your trust issues.
  17. I'm not one of them ya spastic. Difference in opinion makes me a Tim, aye very good. jog on.
  18. No you aren't a mug for renewing, in fact that's the proper thing to do, but you didn't renew because you thought major investment was coming you renewed because you love your club. Its the fannies that sit on here claiming their will be major investment every other week that I'm talking about. I can't see it happening.
  19. We are never too late to start, if we can't get investment are we just gonny sit in here and greet for the next 20 years howling major investment at the moon or you know start now?
  20. Any talk of common sense and maybe you know living within our means and building up through youth is met with paedo talk on here, gtf.
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