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  1. How low can a support go?

    A half decent 45 mins to get a draw hardly constitutes the top. Its exactly the attitude and small club mentality thats holding us back as a new club
  2. How low can a support go?

    The top?
  3. How low can a support go?

    Grow up. Just because i dont pander to the masses son
  4. How low can a support go?

    The thread title is how low can a club go
  5. How low can a support go?

    Think we need to get our own house in order in terms of songbook before having a go at other clubs.
  6. John, Wilson, Bates, Tav - our best defence?

    Depressing to read those names and think thats our best back 4. Oh how far we have fallen.
  7. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    We need to stop this obsession of going for 55 and concentrate on getting one result at a time. Things are starting to turn our way slowly, but running before we can walk is what has cost us previously. Pedro and his new signings are still to convince me, and added to that him constantly picking Niko and Miller, there is loads of work to be done. Lets start with Thistle and get the 3 points, then we go from there.
  8. Thistle aren't as bad as some results suggest, and we have still to prove we have fully turned the corner. Just hope Pedro has the sense to drop Miller.
  9. Will be a tougher game than most expect. Score draw