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  1. JDUD20324 ^^^^ 20% off Unidays code "This is a multiple use code for your use only. Use it each time you shop with JD Sports." lol
  2. Love how the chevrons on the home kit aren't on the shoulders. Looking very bold!
  3. Was looking at it from his perspective of not getting a season ticket because other folk might miss games - if you get me
  4. You should still get one mate! Can always put your ticket up for secondary ticketing if you can't make a game and if it's sold you'll get money back off next seasons ticket
  5. Thanks for the info mate I'll try and jump in cheers!
  6. Trying to get rid of mate - out of the country this weekend. Is there any way to get a paper copy of a ticket before Sunday? Mine's came off CCCS and ideally I'd like to try and punt it before Thursday for cheap.
  7. Can a thread be created for Falkirk on Sunday?
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