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  1. The nonce brigade aren't gonnae win every game fur the rest of the season, mind. An if they do a will go over tae Dublin an suck Gerry Adams' baws.
  2. Think the Motherwell board should kill themselves tbh
  3. Sheep fans may as well be Tims, every time a speak to one of em about football they're more arsed for celtic winning the league over us than Aberdeen actually doing anything. Fuckin shitebag cunts. No a fuckin patch on the terrorist loving paedo cunts across the city mind.
  4. I've had wanks with more heart than Ojo, absolute shitebag. Josh Windass wis less of a shitebag than him.
  5. I live there the now, seen a surprising number of folk in Rangers gear, just wondered if there wis a decent spot for em.
  6. Is there anywhere in Doncaster that Bears go for future reference?
  7. Aw will a no? Fucked it then aye How's about if I was to type in Her Majesty's finest English and as if there is any chance I would happen onto a couple of tickets for an associate and myself for the football game as we are on a road trip in Europe anyway. That awrite fur ya?
  8. Will be daein a wee road trip for a few Euro games on the weekend just after the game, never tried tae get European away tickets before, is it one ae them jobbies where ye have nae chance of a spare ae two?
  9. Sheep will wanty retain the Not Lose To Rangers Cup tbf so they're gonnae be up for it against us as per and will roll over tae they IRA loving cunts. Title will probably be won and lost in the diddy away grounds rather than the Old Firms imo. Who can pump mare shite harder will lift the trophy. Would love tae see us gae Hibs an Sheep a right arse raping.
  10. Would've been a staunch bet, that.
  11. £1048. I kept rolling accumulator winnings over one weekend. Came down to Barcelona on my final accumulator. When they went down to ten men I knew I'd fucked it, but because of another leg I wasn't able to cash out. I only actually lost £10 of my own money but it still makes me feel a bit sick having pissed away a grand. 😂
  12. I like watching it, purely for the sometimes comical defending. Catch all manner of disease off some of the chants though.
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