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  1. You should top yerself spouting shite like that.
  2. Christ don't give Sky any ideas...
  3. Personally a just wanty stick the boot into they IRA paedo cunts across the city whatever form it takes
  4. Aye but they were basically done anyway, they just fucked aff they playoff system.
  5. A fuckin cancer, the lot of em. Hope the entire club an SPFL leadership gets AIDS.
  6. Rather chuck a 5p, smaller an hurts mare if it catches ye right.
  7. Got one of Ibrox on it an G51 wrote on it.
  8. Belter of a thread, top drawer entertainment fur isolation.
  9. No sob story, just would like one.
  10. The nonce brigade aren't gonnae win every game fur the rest of the season, mind. An if they do a will go over tae Dublin an suck Gerry Adams' baws.
  11. Think the Motherwell board should kill themselves tbh
  12. Sheep fans may as well be Tims, every time a speak to one of em about football they're more arsed for celtic winning the league over us than Aberdeen actually doing anything. Fuckin shitebag cunts. No a fuckin patch on the terrorist loving paedo cunts across the city mind.
  13. I've had wanks with more heart than Ojo, absolute shitebag. Josh Windass wis less of a shitebag than him.
  14. I live there the now, seen a surprising number of folk in Rangers gear, just wondered if there wis a decent spot for em.
  15. Is there anywhere in Doncaster that Bears go for future reference?
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