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  1. Don Logan 2

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    Karma will get that cunt,
  2. Don Logan 2


    I trust Steven Gerrard and his coaching team, he's not yet up to speed fitness wise. I suspect the speed of the game up here will have been a surprise, we'll all know soon enough, but I like his effort, the rest has yet to be revealed imho.
  3. Don Logan 2

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    Just watched 10 minutes of said march, best behaviour no banners with people having "their heads kicked in" just a big fuck off banner with Union Bears a guy with a drum and one with a megaphone, cops were cool as fuck, story is a complete bag of fake news shite and another slur.
  4. Don Logan 2

    Ayr’s Shankland

    He doesn't fall into the "bigger stronger faster" type the manager prefers... total non starter for me
  5. Don Logan 2

    Jamie Murphy

    `Looks a bit nervous and indecisive to me.
  6. Don Logan 2

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Is it true Australia is full of cunts?
  7. Don Logan 2

    Ashley gone?

    Wow talk about cognitive dissonance... you're just thick bud
  8. Don Logan 2

    Ashley gone?

    In what fucking universe does Ashley walking away constitute the end of the "feel good" factor?
  9. Don Logan 2

    Police Scotland once again

    These cunts police by consent of the public, stunts like this and similar only alienate people and hasten the day when the public will to a man hate those bastards....One has to be careful about hate speech so I'll just finish with, FUCK POLICE SCOTLAND!!!!!
  10. Don Logan 2

    Jordan Rossiter

    Out running last week with Dorrans, think this is non story.
  11. Don Logan 2

    That SG Personal Touch

    I get your point mate but with the likes of McCoist or Murty we don't carry the same allure, this guy is a differ class entirely.
  12. Don Logan 2

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    I'm sorry for you bud because for us glass half full types this is the best ever...league or no the Rangers are back
  13. Don Logan 2

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    A first offender who has shown remorse and contrition and has saved the relationship yet so many on here want him banished....so fucking much for Christian values like forgiveness and understanding. Most people I know have fucked it at some point in their lives myself included it's how we learn and grow sometimes. WELCOME TO Rangers JON FLANAGAN.
  14. My brother predicted us away to the sheep and Livingston at home for the taigs, his rational being that they want a first day disaster for us and a cricket score for them...I told him to fuck off with his paranoia
  15. Don Logan 2

    James Tavernier - Freestyler (New Video)

    He's got some skill especially when coming forward but he is a terrible shit bombscare of a defender and must be replaced this summer.