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  1. Don Logan 2

    Battle of Arnhem

    When the time comes we wont be found wanting, it's coming soon or we're finished
  2. Don Logan 2

    Battle of Arnhem

    We are being replaced, those boys died for nothing
  3. Don Logan 2

    Battle of Arnhem

    I lived in the Netherlands for almost 10 years, a little known fact is that families adopt the graves of our fallen hero's and tend them like they where their own families...the Dutch are different class.
  4. Don Logan 2

    Tav - Get used to it

    He would never get in a Walter Smith team as a full back, cracking player bags of skill but never a defender.
  5. Don Logan 2

    Gerrard's Eyes

    Tea went down the wrong way on seeing the photo's, best laugh and coughing fit in ages.
  6. Don Logan 2

    Press Conference: Gerrard and Kent

    Hartlepool actually, they hung a monkey a couple of hundred years back, they thought it was a French spy, I kid you not.
  7. Don Logan 2

    Press Conference: Gerrard and Kent

    He's a Geordie.
  8. Don Logan 2

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    It doesn't mean he's wrong.
  9. Don Logan 2

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    If they did it would be booing Steven Gerrard's decision, that would be a mistake.
  10. Don Logan 2

    Dorrans might be out for months

    It makes me sick how many of our so called supporters stand ready with a knife to stick in the back of Rangers players injured while serving the club... New awesome manager and hope streaming through the club at every level, except here, fucking shocking.
  11. Don Logan 2

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    Karma will get that cunt,
  12. Don Logan 2


    I trust Steven Gerrard and his coaching team, he's not yet up to speed fitness wise. I suspect the speed of the game up here will have been a surprise, we'll all know soon enough, but I like his effort, the rest has yet to be revealed imho.
  13. Don Logan 2

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    Just watched 10 minutes of said march, best behaviour no banners with people having "their heads kicked in" just a big fuck off banner with Union Bears a guy with a drum and one with a megaphone, cops were cool as fuck, story is a complete bag of fake news shite and another slur.
  14. Don Logan 2

    Ayr’s Shankland

    He doesn't fall into the "bigger stronger faster" type the manager prefers... total non starter for me
  15. Don Logan 2

    Jamie Murphy

    `Looks a bit nervous and indecisive to me.