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  1. This just in............naw.
  2. Pointless to spend any time dwelling on the question, the real answer is maybe, maybes aye, maybes naw. We have made our bed and picked our squads on match days and it’s the way it is. We should however stick with our own player and give Katic the rest of the season to help develop him for the next title race.
  3. 100% in agreement, I’m confident honours will return to Ibrox, it’s more a case of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.
  4. Anybody who doesn’t support us or encourage their kids to follow on because we have had a spell on our arse were never worth letting through the turnstiles in the first place.
  5. Theres fuck all wrong with a packet of custard creams at half time and a game of red arse. 🤣
  6. Hahaha play mongo games win mongo prizes. I hope his porridge is lumpy 😂
  7. If he’s wearing green and grey the media definetly say that’s racism. The orange bastard probably brought it on himself.
  8. Bigdave30


    Katic played awrite, not brilliant, not abysmal, 7/10 We must play katic the rest of the season because why the fuck should we play a loanee when the season is done rather than develop and hopefully build some confidence in our own player.
  9. The most under appreciated aspect of playing for us is the pressure. I think too many players come here with the ‘it’s a pub league’ mentality and then find themselves destroyed by the weight of expectation. It’s probably great if you have a bit about you and play for St Johnstone who are not really arsed aslong as you turn up occasionally and finish somewhere between 4th and 10th. But not here, we do and should expect more.
  10. Opportunity for grezda to come on and show something if candeias doesn’t get his finger out his arse.
  11. I just can’t figure candeias out, frustrating is the right way to put it but if he can’t raise his level of consistency then his jersey is up for grabs in the transfer window. agreed we need another CB and leave the other one for the current players to compete for, I’d imagine goldson starting and katic as backup. We seem to struggle linking from the middle to the final 3rd without the opposition making a mistake rather than us opening them up but that’s not a shock as we have been crying out for a number 10 for a while now.
  12. Candias is either all shite or all sugar, goldson still hasn’t figured out how to deal with a bouncing ball, Flanagan has been a bit shite. Some good football being played from the back to midfield when we get the ball on the deck, 1 and 2 touch stuff and Arfield has been clinical today.
  13. I know the money down south especially when it’s English players moving between English teams is just fucking mental. It’ll implode eventually I think.
  14. 😂 I don’t think he’s quite that bad, I think he’s a young guy with a bit of potential who’s had his head filled with nonsense about how he would stroll the pub league, probably the first time he’s played under real pressure in front of a proper crowd in his career. If you could develop the clangers out him he wouldn’t be the worst centre half I’ve seen at ibrox.
  15. If the rumours of Forrest knocking back between 9-11 million for him from Burnley are true we couldn’t afford him, I wouldn’t pay half of that for him anyway.
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