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  1. Changed times eh, I canny help from thinking how many people would get sacked if something like that happened today 😂 Cunts in the media would go into a spasm. Quality pic.
  2. Ronald Waterreus because we’ve been blessed with quality keepers he can be overlooked. Big Marvin Andrews, definitely not what you would call a ball playing central defender but could heid a baw into outer space and that’s what you need against the long ball merchants in our league.
  3. Some good news for a change, let’s hope he fires some cash in for the next transfer window whenever it gets round to opening.
  4. Taking money back out the club is taig behaviour. Take it on the chin and move on, shit happens.
  5. Dr Whos just off the phone, he wants his time machine back.
  6. They idolise men that helped sweep a paedophile ring under a carpet, I doubt us singing about tainted titles would make them blush tbh.
  7. So the Scottish footballing authorities will probably do the opposite then 😂
  8. Is there a single player in our starting 11 who at one point or another has not been called the problem. These threads are fucking exhausting.
  9. I don’t think they were that good, didn’t look any better than Braga did in the first half at Ibrox.
  10. Polster has hardly played against the dross and when he has he’s hardly looked a world beater against Jim the binman so I didn’t expect much more than we got. In cold against arguably the best team we’ve played this season, lost his man, pants pulled down, goal. Ill be surprised if anyone is surprised.
  11. That’s not the keepers fault. Abomination of a clearance and a good strike.
  12. This team don’t look any better than Braga and we know how that went, it’s not over till it’s over. Fucking into them Rangers
  13. The cunts will eat anything, their food markets look like a cross between a zoo and pets at home
  14. Bigdave30


    Plus is his mrs not pregnant and his mums ill? The cumulative effect of his personal problems and a national media who tear chunks out his arse at every given opportunity isn’t helping.
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