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  1. Aye if we play that good that we don’t score any goals for the rest of the season we will probably win the league and the World Cup
  2. Is Davis a doubt for tomorrow? Hearing rumours, anyone any the wiser?
  3. Tony Robbins is in for some competition when Tav hangs up the boots. Hopefully looks more motivated on the park and gets that cup lifted above his heid and into the cabinet.
  4. Bigdave30


    signing up to a Man U forum to talk about us 😂 I’m just content knowing that Morelos is living in some of their heids rent free.
  5. If Morelos scores the winner for us in the cup final I’ll probably die of happiness in a big puddle of my own jizz. Im optimistic.
  6. Bigdave30


    Had a nosey on the Morelos thread on the Man U forum, they obsessed rabid tarrier bastards are everywhere 😂 If the wee man keeps up his form we are in for a right treat in the summer when the chequebooks get opened. Hope to fuck he doesn’t leave in January.
  7. The majority of the second half was squeaky bum time but a win is a win.
  8. I’d go for jones when he’s up to speed, Barker and Stewart look like they will shuffle in and out when it suits. I don’t think the manager fancies Murphy, Ojo is consistently inconsistent and sometimes looks like he’s playing with wellies on his feet.
  9. Did we get beat the day ya greeting faced bastards?
  10. Na I’d rather we went for a setup similar to the Spanish where our B teams compete in the proper leagues and can go as high as the championship. Good luck trying to convince all the wee bitter bastards in Scotland about the footballing and economic benefits of it though.
  11. I get your point but it’s more money and it’s a chance to watch the best players in the world at Ibrox play against whoever is visiting. Win/Win and if you take a skelping that’s just the nature of the disparity of income in the game, shit happens, I still want our club competing in the worlds flagship football tournament any chance we get.
  12. Big fish small pond or small fish big pond. Ill take the latter and a real fucking challenge anyday.
  13. We need to get the baw and slow this down, canny deal with 90 minutes of arse twitching.
  14. Let’s get stuck right into these wain abducting bastards. Mon the GERS!
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