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  1. I heard that as well, It’s like when you tell somecunt you’ve just booked up for Tenerife and they say they are just back from Elevenerife. 😂 wee cow.
  2. I think business is always dog eat dog mate. You would have thought we would have heard it from the club or castore first rather than that fat cunt if it was really something worth knowing. I can’t believe Castore would be stupid enough to fuck up there own brand integrity right out the gate. We will know the lay of the land soon enough.
  3. It’s like Dom perignon striking up a retail deal with Lidl. I don’t see it but nothing really surprises me anymore.
  4. Fuck knows I guess we will find out soon enough.
  5. I’m not so sure, the big push during all the new retail deal saga has been the emphasis on ‘quality product’ and ‘premium brand’ You can’t give that narrative the hard push and then dish out exclusive deals to the sporting retail equivalent of barnardos with a straight face and that’s without factoring in the bad blood between us and fat mike. Reeks of papery to me.
  6. Has anybody thought this is just one of the unwashed at it or fat mike at the bam up for some free publicity and shithousery?
  7. I like Morelos its a shame in all his time here he’s never had a fully consistent season or scored a goal into the cunts across the way. If someone offers in the region of £15mil then the board will pull the trigger.
  8. There’s Morgan Freeman weighing in lads, it’s happening.
  9. That’s too complex a concept for the mouth breathing cunts.
  10. Fury is a terrible match up for AJ, The wee fat Mexican showed up his poor footwork and one dimensional movement. Fury boxes his ears off if he’s stayed off the coke.
  11. You would think nobody turned up in gorilla suits to throw bananas at Mark Walters the way they cunts rattle on. Scotlands moral compass.
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