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  1. It’s like he has had 3 years of this seasons form 😂 I mind when Stokes made him look like a wee boy in the cup final. If he can continue his current form and lift a cup for us I’ll do my best to forget about that.
  2. It’s a shame the guy spent his best/better years trudging through the absolute shite to get us back up to the top. Cheers lee, all the best.
  3. Depends who’s in for him. I could see him going to France/Germany for £12 million ish, If there is any interest from the EPL we would be stupid to not try and milk them for more due to their inflated farcical market.
  4. It’s looks the way forward, gets the players used to playing in the league against the players they are going to be up against if they make it to our first team, it gets a pair of eyes and ears into opposition dressing rooms, It would hopefully make things harder for the bead rattlers and would come with a clause so they cannot start against us.
  5. OP is in a thread title crisis. Who cares what that wee fannys got to say about anything, total footballing non entity.
  6. I fucking didn’t 😂
  7. That cunt is needing his heid looked at. Anyone with half a brain wants a full, no holds barred inquiry into ALL child abuse which has happened within the Scottish game and it would seem that the logical place to start would be the club which has had 4 former employees jailed for that very same crime in the past year....usually when you are looking for a fire it’s not a bad idea to start at the smoke.
  8. Say what you like about Tav but at least on the bright side he doesn’t have hips and pelvis made from Edinburgh rock like that wee bead rattler from the knewcamp.
  9. You don’t think a case could be made that either or both McGregor and Arfield contributed more than Kent over the season? Sound mate.
  10. We will survive if we lose all 3 or we lose none. Nobody's bigger than the club, Kent was a man in total obscurity, Tav was floating about the lower leagues of England and Morelos was scoring goals in the Finnish league. Its never ideal to lose arguably your best 3 players (arguably because I’d put McGregor and Arfield in with those 3 for our best players last season) However they are also not Rivaldo, Dani Alves and Batistuta. I don’t think it’s impossible to imagine a scenario where we buy adequate replacements for Tav and Morelos and attract another loanee who offers as much as Kent.
  11. I like how the herald are the only ones that wrote ‘secret’ like that. ”After a lengthy investigation, we find ourself not guilty, again”
  12. I nearly fell off my seat when I read that, somebody in a position of authority has actually mentioned this and is trying to shed light on Scottish footballs worst kept ‘open secret’. Hopefully there will be some more worst cunts getting dragged over the coals, flung in prison and some compensation for the countless people who have had their childhoods snatched away by these fucking beasts.
  13. There should be backing for a Scotland wide, in-depth investigation into all clubs and affiliated youth teams to uncover the entirety of these crimes, If this was going on at ibrox I’d be calling for an investigation into my club. Very quiet over the east end and anytime it’s mentioned all you get is ‘what about Dunn’ ‘what about Neely’ ‘whataboutery’ ‘pointsscoring’ the mentally challenged wain touchers cannot summon the brain capacity to tell the difference between what looks like isolated incidents and a fucking organised ring. Irelands shame, Scotland burden.
  14. As far as I know they have given the job to that horrible wee ginger cunt, If we back the manager and they go full biscuit tin mode there’s absolutely no reason we can’t win the league next season.
  15. Bigdave30


    It’s strange how he can cross a ball from the halfway line but struggles when he gets to the edge of the box. A winger that can’t do winger things like get past a man with the ball at his feet, squad player or preferably offload for a few quid.
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