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  1. Bigdave30


    If he downed tools we would be complaining that we are signing someone with zero professionalism. I am more interested in how he performs in a Rangers jersey than how he celebrates when he scores a goal for the cunts that pay his wages.
  2. Bigdave30

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Red arse manager makes red arse manager mistakes and everyone is surprised. Its not Pep Guardiola in our dugout its a guy thats managed a liverpool youth team and has plenty still to learn by the looks of it.
  3. Bigdave30

    Mark Allen Interview

    “After overhauling the Ibrox squad and bringing 15 players in during the summer” It’s quite easy to forget the magnitude of our constant overhauls, it’s great to see us trying to build on what I hope is a solid foundation.
  4. Bigdave30

    Joe worrall

    He’s been ok but is he going to be the difference in the run in? Probably not, I like to think between McAuley and Katic they could do the job of Joe Worrall. I’d be surprised if they couldn’t.
  5. Bigdave30

    Ravel Morrison

    If you want to be a prick about it, you don’t ‘hear’ anything over text. 2/10 must try harder.
  6. Bigdave30

    Ravel Morrison

    Mind the last waster we signed....step forward Carlos Pena. We could get away with it if the lad was an absolute Gazza esc mavrick but he’s probably not. We are Rangers not a self help centre.
  7. Bigdave30

    Andrius Velicka - Video

    I don’t know if it’s my phone playing up or if all the footage was captured on a potato.
  8. I posted previously that I couldn’t wait for title 55 because that’s what I believed it would take for the paranoia to go full circle and we would have the return of the bat shit bead rattlers accusing the establishment or officialdom for all their woes. Turns out all it took was one decent 1-0 shoeing and they are all falling out their prams. Its fucking brilliant!
  9. Bigdave30

    Defoe turned down Palace

    Remember the days when absolutely no cunt would be even remotely impressed that a player had knocked back a no mark club like palace to play for the famous? Changed times indeed. Glad he is here regardless.
  10. Bigdave30

    Jock Wallace style training camp?

    That’s what I like to see, a bit of graft by the looks of it. Mind that old saying hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Hopefully putting the squad on the best foot forward to run those rancid bastards to the wire.
  11. I hope this move works out for all involved, could be a good challenge for him to get his teeth into and turn it back on a bit. Worst case scenario just having a reasonably big name sign helps bring our clubs stature further out the mire and help attract better younger players in the future and perhaps even a wee coaching role when he hangs the boots up.
  12. Bigdave30

    Defoe chant...

    That’s gayer than cum on Elton Johns top lip. Might actually have cancer now. In the bin wae that.
  13. Bigdave30

    Morelos vs Solanke

    English players between English clubs rip the cunt, mind andy Carrol went for about 30-35 million and Darren Bent has an accumulative transfer history off about 50-60 million bouncing about England 😂 I’m going to sound like an old fanny but the money in the EPL and Europe at large puts me off. If Morelos can start banging some in against sceptic and the teams in Europe (providing he stays for another campaign) I don’t see why he wouldn’t be worth north of 10million.
  14. Bigdave30

    Possible solution to the minute's silence issue?

    Here’s a solution, tarrier parents could teach their tarrier wains to be keep their mouths shut for 60 seconds to commemorate people who died in a tragic accident. Its pretty radical new age thinking.
  15. Bigdave30


    A few song composers still on it fae new year by the looks of it 😂 I’ve got aids in my eyes after reading some of they lyrics.