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  1. Who wouldn’t is a shorter list, their back 5 is a calamity right now so that sorts that out straight away. They are strong from mid to fwd but I’d struggle to drop Morelos for the french cunt or the thumb, midfield Forrest is a better option wide right than what we have, rogic, ncham and Christie on their day don’t have a lot of daylight between them from what I’ve seen so maybe one of them in an advanced midfield role. Other than that you can fire their squad up your arse sideways 👍🏻.
  2. Why is our club such a fucking shambles on the PR front? Are competent spin doctors really that short in supply?
  3. I won’t be reading it to find out, suppose when you are running a fanzine you’ve got to write the headlines to get the mhanks clicking.
  4. By Mark McDougall aged 9 and a half. I thought I was stealing a wage at work, how the fuck does this non story make it to ‘print’?
  5. It’s sheer bliss walking into work today and all the wee pape faces are sooking lemons in silence. Just listened to last nights phone in as well, brilliant when you hear all the wee smug bead rattlers full of confidence only to know that their wee baw is burst today. Good times.
  6. 100% A guy in a Rangers top wearing and Alfredo Morelos mask elbow dropped a kitten, called the cat a fenian as well before punching it, walked away whistling loyalist tunes, disgusting bigots.
  7. I thought popcorn teeth would make it till Christmas before they turned on him and imploded, they are 2 bad games away from it happening now. what a shame 😂😂😂
  8. Bigdave30

    Joe Aribo

    I think the footballing elitism and feeling of over self importance in England is a bit more endemic than ‘a few’ supporters. It’s not just the attitude at Charlton. Im glad it sticks in their craw. It is true the press don’t paint us in a good light and it doesn’t help that what is seen as our 3rd best team get booted out of Europe by welsh binmen.
  9. Bigdave30

    Joe Aribo

    😂 what the fuck have Charlton ever achieved in football? They are reaping the benefits of the premier league becoming a billionaires playground by feeding off the financial scraps that trickle down through the worlds most overrated league that is the championship. The move is the right move for Joe because he probably wants to play in front of a packed passionate crowd, with real pressure on his shoulders and jump into the European shop window, none of which he will get at no marks in league one.
  10. That article headline should read; ”refusal to recognise Rangers magical performance in a 6-1 mauling is a prime example of Scotland (papish) negative attitude.”
  11. The performances have been flat, the signings lacklustre, the managers is clueless, the board are inept .....and you’re a cunt! 😂 In all honesty enjoy it while it last because there is always something to moan about round the corner.
  12. I think you’re at it. In one of the OP’s pictures the wall in the picture looks like it’s needing a scrub so I suggested he gives it a wash. In the second and most important part of the post I am encouraging him to stop buying the sun newspaper as andrex is cheaper and more comfortable on your arse.
  13. 🏠 🧼 🗞 ⛔️ I can try interpretive dance rather than English or emojis if it’s easier.
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