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  1. Felt like you were playing a film rather than a game
  2. Sounds like a replacement for Kamberi, 3rd maybe 2nd option at a push.
  3. Seen him mentioned a few times but couldn’t pick the cunt out a line up 😂
  4. The last of us is superb. Really surprised me how good it was when I first played it.
  5. The sooner the statue of that paedo harbouring cunt is demolished the better.
  6. The front of the Govan rear or rear of the Govan front in the middle is hard to beat for an all rounder. Up in clubdeck with the birds is a good view but can be like watching subbuteo if you’re up the back, pish atmosphere. The Broomloan for a sing song but views not amazing. Never sat in the Copland.
  7. I was hoping this was another eye candy thread for the lads 👎🏻 Portious, McKenna, Souter, Ferguson and the likes are no the answer.
  8. Aye fire up the database editor and stick us in the EPL while you’re at it mate 😂
  9. Going on the form of ejaria and Ojo a trifecta of heartless bastards couldn’t shock me. He was shithot in my Rangers save on football manager 😂
  10. What gutless shiftless cunt are we getting from Liverpool this season?
  11. Dunno how accurate that website is but they are saying it’s shy of 4mil payed.
  12. Have you ever seen a heart surgeon bang in a 40 yard screamer 93 minutes into a cup final? Nobody is paying £60 a month for a subscription to watch gammy hearts get changed out. Case closed.
  13. I used Kent’s fee as an example of what could be expected to be outlaid and then said to find players of the ability needed they will probably cost ‘a minimum’ of 5 million. It’s me speculating, it’s not an exact science. Blind optimism that we will have a good window when the last 3 have been pretty average if you want to look at the form, you seem to just hope that we will find players with top ability that cost buttons. Patience and belief, I’ve been doing that since our second season in the championship. Barisic has been a signing where we could turn a profit, for the outlay he’s been a good signing.
  14. It’s no really he was touted as our ‘marquee’ signing and has been bang average in vast spells of the season. we need about 3 new ‘marquee’ signings and the going rate for one would be a minimum of 5 million in today’s market and even then buying players with a decent pedigree doesn’t guarantee success. If anything is daft it’s blind optimism 😂. I hope you are right.
  15. I never said that, I said I’m not sure if we will have enough money to make the impact on the squad that we need. I think we need to spend £10 mil as a minimum, If you use what we payed for Kent as a benchmark for what it would take to buy a ‘quality’ player and we need at least 3 of them then that’s you at £21 mil before you’ve bought a squad player. Its time for the new director of football to earn his crust. If we want to stop 9.5 next season we are going to need to have a good transfer window.
  16. I’m more concerned about where we are going to pull the transfer kitty we need for next season from. realistically our squad needs a minimum of about 10million spent on it and if you think the bead rattlers are just going to sit on their money while we strengthen you are kidding yourself on. Squeaky bum time.
  17. I get what you are saying but I doubt the Dijon money men jump on Rangers media to make sure their bid meets the fans valuation before they submit it. I know what does increase players valuations, winning trophies.
  18. He could be a good value signing, he’s young, can cover 2 positions where we are really light as we’ve shifted Flanagan and Halliday, and could possibly develop into a good player, he wouldn’t improve the starting 11. If the price was right, worth a punt.
  19. I think considering the chance we have had over the last few years to blood young players coming through the leagues our recent history of developing players has been abysmal. Going by the way the youth team is progressing we might start to see a generation of young guys coming directly through our own ranks which is promising. Im the same really mate, there isn’t a ‘best of the rest’ that really jumps out as someone who would dramatically improve the starting 11 but that’s what the scouts get payed the big bucks to notice.
  20. Can Hickey no play left or right back? Young guy, could develop and can cover 2 positions where we don’t have any decent cover. If the price is right, worth a punt id say. Defo not going to take us to the next level but looking at the starting 11 I don’t think gerrards priority will be to replace Tav or Barisic tbh.
  21. You think we will have much in the way of a transfer kitty? That’s going to be the main limiting factor, we can scout all the cunts in the world but won’t matter if we can’t buy them. Looks like the club are freeing up wages from dead wood early and now the retail/kit deal is happening that should help, If we don’t throw the kitchen sink at this next window the games a bogey.
  22. Thats what I’m saying, we don’t need more jersey fillers, if we sign a CB he’s got to be better than Goldson. We need men that can improve the starting 11 from the off.
  23. Decent shout, young enough and looks like he might have something about him. was thinking Halkett or Souter could do a job in the league but I wouldn’t say a shortage of ‘squad player‘ level CB’s is really an issue just now.
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