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  1. Kyle Lafferty's gambling addiction.

    Too much time and money on his hands can’t help him either.
  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    Aye the car salesman is a good comparison. He’s a qwer talker Pedro. Could sell sand to the Arabs lol.
  3. Pedro: Time to go?

    What high level experience has the current crop of players or even if we look at warburtons team, what high level experience had they? We can only recruit according to the budget. It’s then down those fortunate enough to be chosen to represent the club to perform. For me that’s players and the manager. Realistically this is Pedro’s first full season in charge and to be honest the team just isn’t cutting it. Would the same bunch be good under anyone else? Who knows. Can we unearth a decent manager to turn the club around or do we continue to back Pedro? What about investors? We need outside investment. I found out during the week that Eddie Irvine the old F1 driver is a Rangers fan. Worth over 200million too. What about the others? celtic have sound backing. Denis OBrien, Ireland’s richest man. Billionaire. The plan has to be stopping 10 in a row. Nothing less will do!
  4. Pedro: Time to go?

    17 plus pages of blame towards either Pedro or the board. No mention of Mark Allen though a key man in managerial operations! What has been his role and involvement since his arrival or has he been so low key everyone's asking "who" as they read this? He worked such wonders with Man City youth that they still try to buy the EPL each year and he's so good he took the step "up" to join Rangers. Maybe in the 80/90s or 00s but not at the minute! Hmmm