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  1. U20's v Brentford

    Right Mr Rangers tell me wtf has Auchenhowie produced?
  2. U20's v Brentford

    You can fuck off with that shite
  3. U20's v Brentford

    Was typo but the place should be closed as it is failing Indeed has failed from day 1
  4. U20's v Brentford

    You shutting Auchenhowie as it is run by duds
  5. U20's v Brentford

    Who leaked that info?
  6. U20's v Brentford

    Have to disagree with you The very nature of the game is to win leagues and cups The crap you get from youth coaches about learning is to hide their failure as coaches
  7. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Wish people would put Roman in front of the word Catholic
  8. U20's v Brentford

    These friendlies mean absolutely nothing Players need to learn to be winners that is , leagues and cups
  9. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    I don't know his to give a like K would have for that reply
  10. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    You're the King of clue busting the prize is a Murray mint
  11. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Everyone in KP was in BB nine churches between Admiral Street and Ibrox Park
  12. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Alex when he signed for The Rangers stayed in Jannies house across from Ibrox Christines dad was the Jannie David Armour from KP
  13. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Yes Ronnie did live in Mosspark and Dave Smith lived Jura Street /PRW when he signed Wee Doddy lived in the Jannies house his father in laws on Hinśhelwood across from Ibrox when he signed Also Scott Symon ,Davie Kinnear on Dumbrek and Jimmy Baxter just off Terregles big Harold Davis Lived just behind the Coplañd Rd end my dad took me when I was a boy to show me lol