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  1. Never realised Numan had so many caps, knew he was good but never expected that amount.
  2. Is this the legend who refused to wash and lay out Johnston’s kit?
  3. Never grew up with him the way some did but it’s a fucking shame what the guy is going through wish folk would leave the guy alone and stop videoing him.
  4. If Naismith had stayed fit they would have finished third
  5. He’s been called up to the U21s a few times this season.
  6. Aye but what about if goals scored from outside the box counted double?
  7. Do penalties not still have to be put away? Ignore the penalty stats and it’s still about 20 assists this season from RB, that doesn’t look good to you?
  8. Don’t get the people who still aren’t keen on him.
  9. It’s what it’s there for. The money from the football pools gets put towards refurbishing the stadium like it used to.
  10. Think the comments came across the wrong way and sounded like they were victim blaming but I doubt they were meant that way. Stupid that this is the 3rd time one of our staff has been assaulted this season 4th time they’ve been confronted in public but it’ll blow over like all the rest of the incidents did after a day or two.
  11. Should we not be outraged at one of our players being bottled?
  12. There’s no video of him being attacked just if him on the ground getting treatment can’t see anything tho.
  13. Folk saying Jack was involved too and is in hospital not sure if that’s bs or not
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