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  1. Lloyd


    Barisic should take all our set pieces.
  2. He’s a bear according to Hughes which is good to hear. Hearing the way he got his start at Falkirk and worked his way up is quite impressive and gives me some confidence for this. I’m quite excited to see what changes he’ll make to where we scout and the youth infrastructure at the club.
  3. Yea tbf etebo gets in and he’s in the championship still think we’ve gave him more of a platform with Europe to really catch their eye but being as good as he is would have got him in regardless now I think about it.
  4. The fact he’s playing for Nigeria in the first place is only happening because he’s playing for us, if he was still at Charlton he wouldn’t be getting these opportunities.
  5. There’s a real “old man shouting at clouds” vibe in these kinds of threads 😂
  6. Gary Mac assisting Liverpool today, not much loyalty shown to the club paying his wages
  7. Lloyd


    Why do you bring him up in every thread? You literally go out of your way to slag him off every chance you get even when he’s had a fine game.
  8. Tbf he came on in that position not long ago and his passing was still superb. The boy is gonna be class for us and is only 22
  9. Lloyd


    Strolled through today’s game and never even got out of second gear. What a player.
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