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  1. Both. It’s not like either Gerrard or Allen will be signing players without the other knowing about it they’ll both need to sign off on them.
  2. Lloyd

    Big Katic

    Still young and his passing isn’t as good as Helander but he’s the most aggressive defender we’ve got wins everything in the air and hits hard with his tackles.
  3. Lloyd


    He’ll come good definitely got massive potential just wish we would teach him to make runs into the box to meet crosses/cutbacks more often so many times tonight we had no one in the box or only Morelos.
  4. It’ll be the same team as Sunday apart from Katic in for Helander
  5. Lloyd


    Shat it even tho he wasn’t even the designated penalty taker aye 😂
  6. I can’t remember a thing about that game and I’m so glad 😂
  7. Goldson has to drop out on Sunday, weak as fuck.
  8. The crowd are turning on their own team 😂😂
  9. Some of the football we’re playing is brilliant
  10. Shouldn’t have made the banner, posed with it, got some cunt to take a picture of them with it then posted that picture all over social media then should they 😂
  11. It’s literally posted all over Twitter, Facebook and that but oh no some cunt posted it on RM 😂 stupid cunts on here
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