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  1. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    Even if KingKennyMiller isn’t a taig I don’t like his opinions and think he’s a bit of a dick.
  2. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    I’d be a bit fussed tbh don’t gancy finishing the season with Wallace and Hodson filling in at CB because every other cunt has left
  3. Always wondered if the Europa league might take some of their concentration away from the league, maybe we should be hoping they get through
  4. No danger of that happening I’m sure Aberdeen will roll over and present themselves to be fucked as they usually do in big games.
  5. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    That’s impossible because no one can know less than fuck all about anything so at the very worst I know the same about you as I do about football. Taig.
  6. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    You’re wrong, our defence is shite
  7. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    He’s trying far too hard to seem like he’s not a taig but we all know the truth.
  8. Russell Martin

    Why would you want Cardoso to get game time he’s absolutely awful, don’t care how bad Bates is at Passing he’s better than Cardoso for the simple reason that he can actually defend.
  9. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    Also Gamboa and Lustig are better than Tav
  10. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    Aye their defence is bang average but they’ve conceded 13 less goals than us this season, Not one of our CBs apart from Bates gets in their team ffs
  11. Ibrox Maintenance

    Has anyone ever on this site seriously claimed this board are spending billions?
  12. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    We need a defender before any of those types of players ffs