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  1. Siwel

    Teams who defend

    Maybe just sign some cunt that can shoot from outside the box.
  2. Siwel

    Nathan Oduwa

    He’s getting on shite. Because he is shite.
  3. Siwel

    Ross McCrorie

    He will he does
  4. Siwel

    Ross McCrorie

    I like the big man. Fuck the Pope Mccrorie.
  5. Siwel

    Grezda and Barisic

    Grezda looks really really really shite.
  6. Siwel

    We've Got Candeias On The Right

    @ForeverAndEver loves Candeias
  7. Siwel

    Steven Davis

    Fuck the pope
  8. Siwel

    Steven Davis

    You’re a mong x
  9. Siwel

    Steven Davis

    Don’t care if you weren’t an employee tbh. Anyone who was truly loyal to the club and a Rangers fan would have tuped and trued to helpnthe club. Obviously not you.
  10. Siwel

    Steven Davis

    Are you loyal to the club?
  11. Siwel

    Steven Davis

    He’d still be a better passer than anyone in the team if that’s the case and would be able to play a playmaking role from deep which I expected Dorran’s to do when he signed. Fuck the IRA
  12. Siwel


    Stevie G reads the forum.
  13. Siwel

    Fran Sol

    True but we both had Scouts in the crowd for his game so you’d assume that isn’t the case.
  14. Siwel

    Glen Kamara

    Allen is a big fan of Jordan Jones apparently and has been for a long time
  15. Siwel

    Mourinho on Liverpool

    Klopp is still a better manager for me. Mourinho is finished at this level.