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  1. Siwel


  2. Had big Lafferty on to score and us to draw £45
  3. Siwel

    Gerrard gtf

    He hasn’t got the bottle
  4. Siwel


    Deserves a start on Sunday. The young lad is ready.
  5. Bang average at their level is still miles ahead of anything in our league
  6. Hahahahahhahha the manager doesn’t have the bottle cause we’re 1-0 down against a team that’s worth £36million more than ours.
  7. Candeias final ball has been pish I’d get Grezda on
  8. Grezda in for Candeias at halftime
  9. Why is Tav marking Bacca at the corner
  10. Put Barisic on them freekicks not Tav
  11. Maybe Katic isn’t Injured and Worrall is just better.