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  1. Louis Moult

    Suppose at end of the day money speaks, should have went for him in the summer.
  2. Today The Founders Trail Went Global!

    Glad all enjoyed, shame about weather.
  3. The team are fuckin hopeless

    Depressing stuff
  4. Louis Moult

    Totally agree seemed a no brainier!!
  5. Players we nearly signed...

    Yeah that's right possible bullet dodged
  6. Louis Moult

    Rangers had the chance to sign him , instead went for the Mexicans ,can't see it happening now , probally end up at the peado dome or English championship.
  7. Change in mood

    Probally the whore!
  8. Players we nearly signed...

    Yeah I'm sure he played in the uefa cup final at hampden 2007 round about the time we were linked with him, hard to believe we got there (Manchester) a year later, seems a life time away.
  9. Mcleish

    Aye that's right, Mcleish left scotland for Birmingham
  10. Players we nearly signed...

    Aye right enough, better chance of signing guitar playing alexi lalas
  11. Players we nearly signed...

    portugal defender Fernando couto played for Parma at the time, went on to play for Barcelona.
  12. Players we nearly signed...

    Argentina striker Martin Palermo (missed 3 pens in 1 game)
  13. Players we nearly signed...

    raul tamudo
  14. Players we nearly signed...

    Mind we were in for Belgium striker luke nillis (psv) gutted when he chose to sign for Aston villa as he was a decent player.
  15. If You Wondered Where Daniel Cousin Is Now

    Scored a class goal in Lyon if memory serves me well 3-0👏
  16. Patrice Evra - Suspended by Marseille

    Wen da seagulls follow da trawler!
  17. Murrayfield National Stadium Bid

    That fkn accent
  18. The Mexicans

    And they can pay for it
  19. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Heard he's connected to the Royal family also🇬🇧
  20. ***Suggestion Thread***

    He no England manager?
  21. Louis Moult

    Should have signed him in the summer, probally end up in English championship
  22. Pedro out

    Hope he does the decent thing and walks
  23. Goalkeeper - Wrong Choice

    Totally agree, never looked like winning it
  24. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Sutton cunt of the highest order
  25. Hamburg

    4/5 off them, it was Hamburg they were playing no the beasts from the east😆