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  1. ForeverInBlue

    Our squad

    Keep Penis I mean pena for sure
  2. ForeverInBlue

    Cummings is atrocious

    Different strengths..to be fair, yesterday when he came on he was actually trying to pass to his team mates rather than do it all himself. Wouldnt have either of them as main striker
  3. ForeverInBlue

    Cummings is atrocious

    Wouldn't say he's a better player. Different player and both bang average
  4. ForeverInBlue

    Spoonburners e-mails out

  5. ForeverInBlue

    **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Just get torn right into them from the start. Show aggression and heart
  6. ForeverInBlue

    Fredo and Docherty bust up?

    Morelos is a greedy prick. Good movement..finishing is rotten
  7. ForeverInBlue

    Scum Tickets

    Meant to say adult and kids ticket..both 49 pound tho
  8. ForeverInBlue

    Scum Tickets

    Got two. Selling them though...
  9. ForeverInBlue

    Where we all sitting next Sunday

    West row ss
  10. ForeverInBlue

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Not a bother mate
  11. ForeverInBlue

    The Game Next Week, How Do We Start ?

    I agree with this. Just don't see who the players are that can be aggressive and hammer their midfield
  12. ForeverInBlue


    Wouldnt say they are more technical thank him. He just doesnt have the legs anymore
  13. ForeverInBlue

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Seen that there the now. "Where you going there big buffalo" ?
  14. ForeverInBlue

    Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    Tickets are away
  15. ForeverInBlue

    Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    Got adult and child if anyone wants them ha