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  1. I missed so much this week hahaha :(

  2. i miss you bryan :(

  3. raging hangover my friend? haha

  4. Mines keeps stopping too dude
  5. Brilliant minute silence same goes for the hearts hibs game today
  6. I expect a 2-1. Boyd, Miller Dorman
  7. haha nah fuck this I'm off RM now, total wankers that have took over the bears den! RM is absolutely shite these days so am offskis. Bye then I'll bet you however much you like that he'll be back. I'll hold your cock?
  8. untill he scores then you will love him Lafferty is pish full stop. He's a dirty cheating cunto and he can gtf for all i care. I lost alot of respect for him when he done the dive against aberdeen then at the celtic game kicking that guy in the nads then the other week there he stomped on someone's back when they where on the ground and he is constantly diving.