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  1. I missed so much this week hahaha :(

  2. i miss you bryan :(

  3. started about 8 games and theyve lasted until august then i get bored hombre
  4. raging hangover my friend? haha

  5. How the fuck man :| i couldnt even get stephen mcginn lmao
  6. Seeee i told you Kev post pics of your transfers and team
  7. you saw the name, saw the price and jizzed? Thats what i usually do nyway :\
  8. As some may know my computer fucked up so i lost my notts county game. Gonna start a new one tomorrow unless cod grabs me.
  9. Cmon ya cnts all yo need to do i go to your sports interactiv folder then fm10 then gmes an check what file they are, really need to know this right now
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