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  1. Pena

    Hahaha fuck sake u cunts are no right in the head man.
  2. Pena

    I've tried but these fannys think it's funny to try and bam cunts up. Pretending to be a burd fml ??
  3. Pena

    Am the weapon? ?? aye sound mate. Yer pretending to be a burd yah fukin goon
  4. Pena

    Am being a troll how exactly ?
  5. Pena

    Nah am sound. But it's pretty creepy that you's are actually trying to pretend that ur a burd btw. Thats Tim behaviour
  6. Pena

    What's wrong ?
  7. Pena

    Yes fairly obvious
  8. Pena

    Am no daft ffs ?
  9. Pena

    Well why did they just change their gender to female about half an hour ago??
  10. Pena

    Cheers ma man
  11. Pena

    None of ur business ?
  12. Pena

    I'd rather we change the subject back to Pena tbh ?
  13. Pena

    Ur the one talking about it yah poof. I was merely defending myself to someone saying I had tits ?
  14. Pena

    Haha I'm over that now mate
  15. Pena

    Nah I'm a gentleman