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  1. I used to buy the DR but you're spot on-every Rangers story over the last few years is negative and the "feel-good" stories are all about celtic. A bit of peer pressure on here also helped me kick the DR habit. Get the "i" newspaper now but no doubt someone will tell me why I can't buy that either!
  2. Look forward to seeing more of Morgan in the final.
  3. I used to watch his channel a lot but have fallen away from it. H & H is the main one I always watch. Always wondered why comments are always disabled for H & H but not CJ.
  4. The National estranged from the facts as usual. Amateurish clowns.
  5. I disagree that they're a shite club but the "Invincibles" days feel long-gone. You're probably right on the second point sadly.
  6. Loved it when he played for us.
  7. Disrespectful to a club that's had a strong historical relationship with Rangers.
  8. Arsenal have been my other team after seeing "the five minute final" in 1979 when Alan Sunderland scored the winner to beat Man U 3-2 in the FA Cup (back when it meant something) Then I read Martin Tyler's book on the Gunners club history and that sealed the deal.
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