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  1. 32Blue

    Scotland 78: A Love Story

    I was 11 and this is the first World Cup I have clear memories of- I remember jumping up on the coffee table when Archie scored THAT goal. It was the dark blue shorts that jinxed us in the first 2 games! 1982 was my favourite World Cup-some classic matches.
  2. Just in time! Donation made.
  3. 32Blue

    Possible leak kit???

    Agree about taking the stars off-make the crest bigger on the shirt too. Big club, big badge!
  4. 32Blue

    New kit delay ?

    Melchester Rovers new kit supplier. This is the "reboot" of Roy of the Rovers in MOTD Magazine
  5. 32Blue

    How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    If weather is ok walk down Haggs Road and back-keeps the fitbit happy.
  6. 32Blue

    Derek Parlane & Sammy King

    That was brilliant-Derek was up front first Rangers game I ever saw; he's looked after himself!
  7. 32Blue

    Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    Exactly. A cursory mention of the other clubs this guy worked at but it was all about Rangers. Sickening bias.
  8. 32Blue

    Return of Pena

    After "Shortsgate" there's no way back for him.
  9. 32Blue

    Steven Gerrard's Image Rights

    Image rights...Davie Dodds must be wishing he was still playing...
  10. 32Blue

    Rangers related picture thread

  11. 32Blue

    Major investment?

    Man, I love a good "Godfather" quote :-)
  12. 32Blue

    Rangers related picture thread

    Say what you like about Big Tel now, but he was great for us.
  13. 32Blue

    Big Eck (fucking nauseating)

    Disappointing to hear this from McLeish. Brown has certain qualities but how can a midfielder who is no goal threat be player of the year?
  14. 32Blue

    Rangers related picture thread

    I have no memory of him :-D I was sure it was Alex McDonald at first!
  15. 32Blue

    Rangers related picture thread

    Oh, who is it?