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  1. Cammy Fraser was a decent player.
  2. I was 16 when he signed for Rangers and Super Ally will always be a hero to me.
  3. First name that came into my head Ted McMinn
  4. One of my all-time favourite Rangers players.
  5. Nice. I've got that programme. I did an Arsenal stadium tour in 2011 and Charlie George took us round. He said when he scored in that game you could've heard a pin drop. I asked him if it was true he told Don Revie to fuck off when he was subbed for England. He was happy to confirm that he did!
  6. We love physical media-newpapers, blu rays and the rest!
  7. Glanced at the Sunday Mail front page as I left Morrison's yesterday- the obligatory pic of a girning broony heralding the 8-page 9 in a row tribute special inside. Fuck 'em.
  8. Playing COD Black Ops again on PS3. What a cracking game, forgot Gary Oldman voiced Reznov. The 'Nam level with "Sympathy For The Devil" as the soundtrack as you blow the shit out of everything-first class!
  9. I was 5 and remember my dad being over there with his mates. Got him a signed '72 squad pic for his 70th and he was well chuffed with it.
  10. Gazza for me- not my all-time 'gers hero (JG) but certainly the best technical player I've ever seen for Rangers.
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