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  1. Would it have had the McEwan's Lager sponsor on the shirt in a European game?
  2. A long life well-lived. Rest In Peace.
  3. Copeland1983 Superb profile pic mate- Laudrup in the best ever Rangers home top.
  4. Don't know if he's been mentioned yet. Jan Bartram. I know Souness didn't like him but he scored against celtic and I've got his autograph.
  5. Agree with OP. If they win this year they will throw the kitchen sink at 10 in a row. This season is our best chance to thwart them. And thwart them we fucking will!
  6. I used to buy the DR but you're spot on-every Rangers story over the last few years is negative and the "feel-good" stories are all about celtic. A bit of peer pressure on here also helped me kick the DR habit. Get the "i" newspaper now but no doubt someone will tell me why I can't buy that either!
  7. Look forward to seeing more of Morgan in the final.
  8. I used to watch his channel a lot but have fallen away from it. H & H is the main one I always watch. Always wondered why comments are always disabled for H & H but not CJ.
  9. The National estranged from the facts as usual. Amateurish clowns.
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