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  1. Arsenal have been my other team after seeing "the five minute final" in 1979 when Alan Sunderland scored the winner to beat Man U 3-2 in the FA Cup (back when it meant something) Then I read Martin Tyler's book on the Gunners club history and that sealed the deal.
  2. I can't recall them winning the Home Internationals tourney during that period and they weren't involved in WC Finals either so I guess they weren't that good a team.
  3. Liked the Wales kit too. Seem to recall Dundee had that style of kit too in mid-late '70s
  4. Quite a bold kit but I really liked the Germany strip from 1990 WC
  5. My Dad told me that so I took it as gospel. That's what I get for not researching it!
  6. They let U-boats re-fuel on their territory. Cunts.
  7. In today's DR: Negative Rangers story on back page "Gers Star Worrell in X-rated Celts Rant" Page 9 Positive celtic story "Broony's My Top Hero" wee lad with health issues gets a meet & greet with brown and a signed top Typical record news day.
  8. At least guys like Billy McNeill conducted themselves with a bit of dignity. brown looks and acts like a low-ranking goon from a Mad Max movie.
  9. Get Bomber in to do a pre-match pep talk-he knew what it was all about.
  10. I hope they do and he's as successful as Henry was at Monaco.
  11. Totally agree-he was great driving forward from midfield. He would be Captain of my best eleven of that era.
  12. That's the cheeriest Orange Walk I've ever seen!
  13. Shilton replaced him as No.1 at Leicester.
  14. I too was going through some old programmes and found this team sheet my Father-in-law got signed for me (he worked for Rock Steady). Andy Gray, Mark Walters, Bobby Russell & Craig Paterson. Struggling with 3 of the signatures-any thoughts?
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