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  1. Get Bomber in to do a pre-match pep talk-he knew what it was all about.
  2. I hope they do and he's as successful as Henry was at Monaco.
  3. Totally agree-he was great driving forward from midfield. He would be Captain of my best eleven of that era.
  4. That's the cheeriest Orange Walk I've ever seen!
  5. Shilton replaced him as No.1 at Leicester.
  6. I too was going through some old programmes and found this team sheet my Father-in-law got signed for me (he worked for Rock Steady). Andy Gray, Mark Walters, Bobby Russell & Craig Paterson. Struggling with 3 of the signatures-any thoughts?
  7. Have been immersed in Farcry 5 last few weeks; finishing the side missions now. Great game, looking forward to New Dawn!
  8. He's an ungrateful bastard. Availed himself of the Murray Park (as was) facilities but never says a positive word about us.
  9. Must be a Gavin & Stacey thing...
  10. Never watched it. I like Rob Brydon in The Trip...
  11. Hate Coldplay Love Stevie G
  12. I guess he couldn't get 1967 as his phone number and settled for the next best thing. Prick.
  13. Chris Woods Alex McDonald Paul Gascoigne Rino Gattuso Michael Mols
  14. No doubt the SFA will be delighted by this.
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