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  1. Very happy to see him signed permanently. More goals to come 😁
  2. It's a joke that boyd has to defend himself from these complete and utter hypocrites. I hope he keeps fighting his corner for me he's got nothing to apologise for.
  3. They have done what they always do mate twist the narrative. Instead of talking why it's ok for the thumb to throw tape at a fan, yet morelos has been hounded for a hand gesture. It's all about big bad kris boyd. Deflection at it's best from them.
  4. See they have actually written to sky sports about Boyd's comments. Just like that the focus is now on boyd, instead of asking why it's ok for the thumb to throw stuff at a fan(tape I know), while morelos is hounded for a hand gesture.
  5. You got in one mate. This is a club whose support openly mocked gazza battles with mental health and whose board played a part in his hall of fame nomination being pulled. They cared not a bit about his mental health. Now it's come out there keeper had a bust up with a killie fan. What excuse will they use for this one.
  6. Bet you the same taigs defending Griffiths where the same moon howlers calling for morelos to be banned for a hand gesture
  7. Of course he is. However when morelos takes abuse from the stands it's a different story. Hypocrites
  8. We all know how this plays out mate. Griffiths will walk away with no charges and a pat on the back. The usual clowns like sutton and hartson will show themselves for the hypocrites they are by defending him.
  9. We started to slow at tynecastle last time and it cost us points. For as shite as they have been, they'll be up for this. We need to get in thier faces early and take control. 2-0 win with defoe and katic to score.
  10. Let's see if the usual clowns sutton Stewart etc have a go at the thumb. I'm not holding my breath
  11. Expecting a tough game, trying to break them down as they park the bus. 2-0 win defoe and Kent to score.
  12. Well we know one man that would be delighted if both win their leagues
  13. 20+ days after the game and still we have not heard a follow up about the racial abuse morelos was subjected too. It's been swept under the carpet to continue focusing on a hand gesture. Only in scotland. There is no question morelos is the victim of a media witch hunt. It will only get worse, the closer we get to 55. He is one of our biggest advantages in the title race and they know it. Hopefully it happens this season as I would love to see alfie lift the title and stick it right to them.
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