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  1. Squad player at best. Need much better
  2. Look good first spell at Wigan. Since then he's just bounced from club to club. Really hope we aren't looking
  3. Hopefully he and his wife are ok. Person that did this is a scumbag coward and hope they get caught.
  4. Ideally you want to keep him and buy players that can add more goals alongside him. For me that's an inside foward winger and attacking midfielder. I hope he stays but gut feeling is we'll cash in this summer. I also agree a formation change is likely if he goes.
  5. Hope this isn't true. We don't need another veteran player signed looking for a last pay day.
  6. We need to have a go and look to press them from the off. They can't handle sides that get in their faces. We've seen it first hand in December. We sit back and try to contain them like last time at the piggery they'll beat us.
  7. Now he knows his appeal is done and he'll spend what's left of his life in prison. He might just tell the truth and take the rest down with him.
  8. Hopefully the evil basterd spends what's left of his life in prison. Now he knows that his appeal is done, he might just decide to tell the truth and bring down the rest with him.
  9. What we're seeing is the usual pish now. Rather than accept the SFA and it's rotten management of Scottish football is the problem. It's back to the blame game and looking for scape goats. I'd love like you said for people with real football pedigree to come out and tell it like it is. That Scotland is decades behind the rest. That other nations focused on developing technique and skill while we glorify hammer throwers. But reality is even if they did, the SFA will do nothing about it.
  10. The clowns in the SFA are responsible for the state of Scottish football. Maybe white should be asking questions of them.
  11. "It's pathetic. And then they're still trapped in sectarian bile. "Once they come out the dark ages and realise they have a duty to serve Scotland, they might well progress."
  12. See Jim white is blaming us and the taigs for Scotland being shite. Speaking on his talkSPORT show, he ranted: "celtic and Rangers should be ashamed of themselves in terms of what they're doing or not doing in the international scene. What an arse 😂
  13. Cracking player. Would provide the creativity in the final 3rd we badly need.
  14. McGregor Tav Goldson Worrall Halliday Mccrorie Jack Arfield IF FIT Candieas Morelos Kent Game plan got to be the same as last old firm. We've got to push forward and press them. They couldn't cope with this. We sit back and we'll be picked off. I can see us winning this. It would just sum up our inconsistency this season. 2-1 win. Morelos and Kent.
  15. There is clearly a talent in there. Form for us has been poor. I'm hopeful but he'll come good.
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