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  1. As it stands nothing for the club today. Creditors in oldco could have legal options. I don't know but if that changes if king looks to bring oldco out of liquidation. Something he discussed before. No doubt in my mind but we were stitched up.
  2. I posted the same last night about that interview. He said there is a legal mechanism in place to do it. At the time it didn't make sense and felt like a bit of fan appeasement. I belive if king thinks there is a way to recoup compensation of losses off HMRC via taking oldco out of liquidation. He will go for it.
  3. I hope so mate. Hopefully a few in hampden shitting bricks today at this news.
  4. Creditors and administrators at oldco could make a claim I think. But the club as is won't be able too. I'm not sure if that changes if king does make a move to bring oldco out of liquidation and remerge with the current business.
  5. Back then it did sound very much like fan appeasement. Especially with the tax bill still being disputed in courts. My gut feeling now is if king thinks there is a way to take oldco out of liquidation and recoup money lost, he'll do it. If however he thinks it's a lost cause he won't touch it. Overall but I'm just furious at this story regarding HMRC. Everything we went through could have been avoided. It's sickening.
  6. If king can pay off the creditors then, he can bring oldco out of liquidation. He has spoken previously of doing this in 2015 and transferring club assets back into oldco. It would require some investment. HMRC according to the times would be due 20m. Then all other creditors would need to be paid off. If he were to do this but. I don't know if that then gives him the legal ability to go after HMRC and claim compensation for the lost of earnings Oldco had due to the tax bill.
  7. It can't be far off. Last years agm was in November
  8. King said back in 2015: “We have a vision going forward where I would like to see us taking Oldco out of liquidation and putting assets back into Oldco – putting the old Rangers back into the old company,” That was dependent on result of the court battles with HMRC and how much they were due. Times report says it would be 20m. If he pays that off and the remaining creditors it might be possible.
  9. SFA only have themselves to blame for this. They have created a culture now where players can pick and choose which games they show up for.
  10. Got the assistant coach Alex Dyer coming out saying all the call offs are genuinely injured 😂
  11. Klopp is currently contracted to liverpool until 2022. I wouldn't expect anything to happen until then.
  12. This was just a comment from that clown Brazil regarding arsenal. Nothing in it. Gerrard if he leaves for down south, is only going to one club.
  13. Every year the same thing. They have to make a weekend about honouring soldiers about them. If they hate our armed forces so much, fuck off somewhere else.
  14. Job done and good win on that monstrosity of a pitch. Gary holt and team are a disgrace, no attempt to play football. Just looking to injury our players Gaffer should tear into them post match.
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