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  1. Listened early on and switched off when they kicked off pushing player's fault/responsibility, clubs shouldn't be held accountable. I still refuse to belive not one person in scum fc knew their player had travelled abroad.
  2. Yeah we've got an opportunity to apply some huge pressure. One game at a time but starting tomorrow.
  3. Absolutely should happen. Be funny as fuck after all the shite to get awarded the title, they get kicked out.
  4. Taigs and sheep game postponed and a final warning. We've been giving a opportunity now to open a 8 point lead before they kick a ball again. That would ramp up the pressure already on them big time.
  5. A hint publicly but in private I'd bet doncaster has been contacted and told to ensure they don't play.
  6. A complete and utter joke. Why should the rest of the league be punished. It should be scum fc and Aberdeen having games postponed and then punished for failing to control their players. Forfeit shouldn't be off the table.
  7. If they didn't submit on time. What will happen next ?
  8. It should be simple. Postpone the games involving Aberdeen and scum fc. Hammer them for failing to control their players The rest of the league should not be getting punished.
  9. I don't for a second belive someone at scum fc didn't know that boli twat was in Spain. They have risked playing him and exposing others. They should he hammered for it. Unreal 2 games in the season could be stopped because of Aberdeen and Scum fc.
  10. This from a sun report just now: “The Scottish Government is aware of reports of a celtic FC player having broken quarantine rules last week" "We are currently in discussion with the club and football governing bodies to establish the facts. “If confirmed as another serious incident within Scottish football, where protocols have been breached at the risk of wider public health, then the Scottish Government will have little choice but to consider whether a pause is now needed in the resumption of the game in Scotland.”
  11. If they are actually spending 7m+ for toney then Edouard is away for sure. Edouard is a much more dangerous player for them and reckon they will be a lot weaker without him. You can also see the utter meltdown by the taig hordes incoming when he goes 🤣 The hollicom spin will be something else lol.
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