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  1. It's a complete joke and simply put unfair to try and continue this competition. Again this is being done to appease one team.
  2. Yeah I think a few will be bust. I won't feel one bit of sympathy for any of them. They buried heads in the sand and allowed Doncaster and co to run the game into the ground.
  3. As you say mate one club that no member of the press or club official will ever publically call out as calling the shots. It's been a disgrace watching the lies and the outright corruption to get what was the only goal on the table awarding the title. No plans to save clubs, Scottish football, just give scum fc what they want. Honestly even with everything out there I still would expect the vote to fail. There is too many clubs who simply don't care. It will be thier downfall as they go bust under the idiots that run the game.
  4. Hagi on the RW would just be a waste imo. I think we'll only see the best of him centrally as an AM. I worry your right and SG is going to stick him on the RW to fit into the 433. Fully agree on need for a good RW. We need a player that can deliver consistent. Morelos has been linked with moves away now for some time. The club will surely have a shortlist of replacements. I'm not sure myself who that would be.
  5. They'll just find another reason not to implement it mate. We offer to cover the costs, you could just see a line like now is not the time to bring VAR into Scottish football during this crisis. Followed by media lapdogs demonizing VAR and how it's not good for the game etc.
  6. Of course they would mate, just like they would have wanted an independent investigation years ago. Now it's stacked in their favour they couldn't care less. Complete and utter hypocrites the lot of them.
  7. It's a culture of fear mate. It all started with that ref strike. Threats and intimidation to get what they want.
  8. The scottish cup is a disgrace. How can it be fair to play those games when the teams left will have vastly different squads. Leaving for England is a pipe dream imo. As for the clubs with the knives at the ready, I won't be shedding any tears when some of them go bust during this crisis.
  9. They'll not let VAR come into scottish football. Anything that levels the playing field not a chance. Even if we did offer to pay for it. Another excuse would be used like when we offered to cover costs for the independent investigation and suddenly it was a time issue.
  10. I'm not expecting any favours from officials. Don't be surprised if they act worse in behind closed door games, with no crowd to get on their backs. Next season we need full on siege mentality. Go into every game to destroy sides and take officials out the picture. Easier said than done of course
  11. We don't have enough goals in the side. We need a front 3 or 4 if hagi is coming into play AM, that can hit double figures each for goals. Our current midfield doesn't have the creativity to consistently break down teams that camp behind the ball. A CM that can carry the ball and pick a pass is needed. Management need to be more flexible as well with our tactics and approach. Stubbornly sticking to 433 isn't going to work. 2 seasons have showed that now.
  12. He's our best player by a mile and I would love to see him bang in the goals that take us to 55. I think he'll leave in this window, would love to be wrong.
  13. Amazing memories. One of the greatest days of my life.
  14. Yeah agreed we won't get the best out of Hagi unless he's playing centrally as an AM.
  15. I agree a striker like this would be ideal. Especially when going up against everyone behind the ball opposition. Do you reckon dykes is being eyed for this role?
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