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  1. It's been horrible down south VAR. Two games this weekend Leicester vs Spurs and Chelsea vs Liverpool were it changed the game with thin margin offside calls. I can only imagine the shit storm it would cause up here if the SFA could actually afford it.
  2. I agree on some rotation from today but the league cup shouldn't be way down on our priorities. We need to be going out to win it. That first trophy changes so much. It will be huge for the sqaud and management. It then creates a hunger for even more success.
  3. Media coverage predictable as ever. Expect some goal line technology calls to follow this week. Don't know where they think the money for that is coming from lol
  4. Horrific team selection that day. Manager already seen last season what happens when you go to contain them in the first old firm. When we go to the chamber of horrors, we need to go at them from the first whistle.
  5. I hope your right. Allen getting something against them would be hilarious
  6. I can't see it mate. Hibs struggling big time the now.
  7. I think if they're dropping points it will be on the road.
  8. First angle showing looked across the line. 2nd angle shows great bit of work from Davis keeping it out. This of course will be the main talking point in the Scottish media. Our denied stonewall penalty will get missed
  9. Our most consistent player this season. Keep impressing every game now. New contract will be well deserved.
  10. 2 big performances in a row for him now. You can see the confidence building in him.
  11. What a turnaround that was in the 2nd half after poor first 45. Pace and movement from us was excellent. Delighted with that.
  12. Get ready for the rage that follows that goal 😂😂 Cracking finish from defoe.
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