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  1. Sick to the back teeth of them winning. Got to be stopped next season. If Lennon remains in charge convinced they'll fall apart.
  2. Despicable statement from them taking no blame whatsoever. The scum way.
  3. Not a chance we should be selling morelos for £6-7m. It wasn't long ago Stewart Robertson was out saying we valued him at £20m. If that's our valuation, inform clubs they need to meet it. If no one is willing we keep him for another season.
  4. Totally crazy mate, because Simione is going to leave near 20m a season at ath-madrid to come to park head 😂. Reality check needed for them. Its either the cheap TLB option or out of work manager like Moyes.
  5. Fingers crosses St Mirren bury them in the 2nd leg. Another season in the championship and they will be fucked.
  6. Fuck sake they really are completely removed from reality if Mourinho and Benitez are seen as not good enough. Going to a be a laugh when either TLB or Moyes gets the job.
  7. It's absolute scumbag behaviour. Hopefully dorrans is ok.
  8. He better spend the rest of his miserable life in jail. Hopefully this appeal fails.
  9. The American lawyers will tear them apart. Then watch as our justice system tries to save face.
  10. You can't fault him for effort and he has contributed. But he's not good enough moving forward. We need much better quality on the right wing. I think his time is up.
  11. Game that shows the lack of depth we have. Fringe players no where near good enough. Gerrard if he hasn't already, will know who he can trust.
  12. Just seen the taigs statement. "a huge embarrassment" for the Scottish game. A couple of days after Lennons we are above statements comment. Amazing how quickly that changed and yet they haven't said a word about the latest predator being sentenced.
  13. Happy to see. Didn't think we had a chance with the appeal what the complaince officer has been. Expecting epic meltdown from the east end 😂
  14. It's quickly becoming who isn't in the frame now. In the last few days it's been Benitez, Mourinho 😂 and now Ranieri. It all feels like attempts to keep the hordes happy with big name links, then Lennon gets the job.
  15. It's the damage as well it will do to their brand. I can't imagine their sponsors will want anything to do with them. National exposure from ITV as well might finally Force/Shame the SFA and SNP into action. Something that should have happened a long time ago.
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