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  1. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by One Jock Wallace in David Murray suing HMRC   
  2. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by KingKirk in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Telegraph reporting we are considering legal action.
    Go get them king son I don't care how long it takes you
    Rangers consider taking legal action after HMRC admits £50m penalty was too much
  3. Blumhoilann liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in David Murray suing HMRC   
    I hope so mate. Hopefully a few in hampden shitting bricks today at this news. 
  4. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Bad Robot in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Nevertheless, Telegraph Sport can confirm that legal action will be considered by the current Rangers board. The club made no comment on Thursday but it is understood that they intend to undertake a forensic examination of tax and company law in respect of HMRC’s recalculation and its impact.
  5. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Blue Avenger in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Having seen a 20 mil investment turn to shit, I would say he has an axe to grind. I just hope he uses a different law firm!
  6. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by bluenoz in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Thursday, 14th November 2019
    While I firmly believe that Rangers are on the right footing, and nearing the kind of standard we should be at, the news breaking last night over HMRC “over estimating” has opened old wounds for many Rangers supporters.
    Both Rangers fans, and investors both in the Oldco operating company and the new one, have every right to feel aggrieved at actions taken by HMRC during the timeframe it was on the warpath with our club.
    First off, it still rankles with me that David Murray took the course of action he did in taking up the EBT options that ultimately placed our club in the sights of those who needed no excuse to try to damage us.
    That said, the actions of HMRC from the point forward where they identified it as an avenue to attack us need to be investigated. 
    Let’s not forget that other clubs such as Arsenal used EBT’s also, with their claim of £40M settled at £10M. On the same basis, had Rangers “owed” £20M we should assume that a £5M settlement should have been acceptable. 
    In the spirit of transparency it should now be made public how this sum was “overestimated”, who “overestimated” it, who sanctioned and managed the witch hunt against the club, and who was leaking information direct from HMRC to a celtic minded blogger.
    While former Chairman John McLelland is quoted quite rightly in the press today that this estimated sum owing it significantly impacted efforts to sell to credible investors, it’s the snowball effect from that which we really need to focus on.
    This vendetta falling at the same time as the Govt taking ownership of Lloyds Bank, before said bank closed in on Rangers bank debts, compounded in an unmanageable situation, that ultimately led to the Administration of the holding company, a loss of £30M of players, redundancies for staff, written off debt to other debtors, loss of SPL prize money of £2M for 5 years, loss of TV revenue, reduction in value to sponsors of circa £25M, a reduction in ticket revenue due to lower pricing in lower divisions of circa £5M, and loss of potential access to Champions League revenue of £150M over the period since 2012 as the club has had to rebuild during this time.
    To add insult to injury, HMRC, on the basis of their own miscalculation refused the Rangers holding company a CVA which would have prevented much of what happened post 2012.
    In short, it’s a scandal.
    There were people in positions of power in the HMRC who appear to have made “errors” that have simultaneously damaged Rangers Football Club, and benefited celtic Football Club. At the time, both were PLC businesses, so this is about more than football.
    Some shareholders lost everything, while others saw their stock rise.
    I will state again, David Murray should not absolve himself of responsibility, however, government figures and civil servants would appear to have colluded to Rangers and we deserve to know why. Those responsible deserve to be removed from any positions of influence.
    The current Rangers board & investors also have a right to feel aggrieved. Would Dave King, or the 3 bears have needed to invest scores of millions of pounds just to (try to) restore us to where we were Pre Admin? Lots of stakeholders should be asking questions and seeking justice.
    When parliament reconvenes, MPs should be lobbied by all stakeholders for answers, and in turn they should work to provide these answers. It’s the least we deserve.
  7. Fat Boy Loyal liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in David Murray suing HMRC   
    I posted the same last night about that interview. He said there is a legal mechanism in place to do it. 
    At the time it didn't make sense and felt like a bit of fan appeasement. 
    I belive if king thinks there is a way to recoup compensation of losses off HMRC via taking oldco out of liquidation. He will go for it. 
  8. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by superallysbears in David Murray suing HMRC   
    That must happen if it's all true, not surprising given cunts and their bigoted agenda's, purely driven by sheer jealousy of the most successful team in the land. 
  9. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by B1872 in David Murray suing HMRC   
    I remember reading an interview that Dave King done in 2015 when he said that the lawyers were working in the background about one day bringing the oldco back under the The Rangers FC umbrella. Think he said there would be no real financial benefit but it would be more for sentimental reasons of bringing the old company back for supporters. If the Times article is correct and accurate then we'd probably see that happen.  
  10. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by TMB in David Murray suing HMRC   
    She can’t help herself.  As soon as Rangers are mentioned the mask slips and her hatred comes to the surface.  
    Rangers never tried to “cheat the system”.  EBTs were legal at that time and fully disclosed to HMRC during the entire period of their use.  If she has a problem with people or companies using tax avoidance where is here outrage towards celtic?  Their players, current manager, CEO, and Dermot Desmond have all been involved in tax avoidance schemes.  
    If a business fails because HMRC have performed a  targeted attack on it, and wrongly billed it £50m then that’s okay?  I think any company who has been wronged to that extent has the right to feel the victim or wrongdoing.  
    Haggerty, who is a known Rangers hater and bigot, calling others “narrow minded” is laughable.  The book ‘Downfall’ that her and Phil wrote was ridiculed.  She built a platform for herself on anti-Rangers blogs .  When she went to the Herald she tried to reinvent herself as a pro indy political commentator.  No one cared about anything she wrote and she was subsequently canned.   When she was canned she said it was because she was a catholic, a woman, I’m surprised she didn’t say it was because she was white.  She’s a fucking loony and professional at playing the victim.
    Her and Andy Muirhead.  Two of the most bitter bastard, and biggest Rangers haters, currently out there.
  11. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Colin Traive in David Murray suing HMRC   
    But the point is that an accurate figure of the liability (20m instead of 50m) would have encouraged other potential buyers to see the bigger picture.
    For example, what was our squad worth if we’d sold our best six or seven players? How much would that have raised?
  12. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by magic8ball in David Murray suing HMRC   
    If HMRC hadn't fucked up we would have not been a financial basket case for any new buyer, Whyte would not have been there to fuck it right up. 
    HMRC refused to cut a deal with Murray on the due tax, while they cut deals with clubs down south for far bigger liabilities, Reason being they wanted a test case to go after other EBT schemes. 
    HMRC then also knocked back the CVA, while in the same era wrote off tax due by Dunfermline while they were in Admin, Reason they wanted to go after Whyte for previous cases. Still waiting on that happening. 
    HMRC needs completely cleansed up here, but there's not a snowballs chance in that happening. 
    Proper hardcore corruption. How much money have Fritzel and Lieswell made from this scenario, and I bet not a penny paid in tax due to offshore accounts, Panama for Fritzel and Luxembourg for Lieswell 
  13. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by McEwan's Lager in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Yes. And I think that is a point worth remembering here.
    He deliberately chose to withhold PAYE, NI and VAT to force the club into administration.
  14. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by kelvd1873 in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Whyte only gained control because minty was pressured to sell from Lloyd’s due to the big tax case and the excessive penalties being thrown around. 
  15. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by AlCapone in David Murray suing HMRC   
    The point is the big tax case hanging over us stopped us finding a reputable buyer, this would have Stopped  the club being sold to Whyte and the whole chain of events that happened would never have taken place.  If our tax bill had of been £20 million that would have been manageable  and someone with money would have purchased us directly from Murray. This was planned.
    who was behind it? Dr Reid I presume 
  16. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by fanaticCR in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Fucking stinks, we all knew it at the time.
    Corrupt fenian bastards.
    Tainted titles 100%.
  17. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Dave Hedgehog in David Murray suing HMRC   
    If HMRC being corrupt,I mean making a mistake, cost me money or shares or my job I would be chasing them for compensation. Every single person in those circumstances should be ready to do that. Rangers need to go after the Football authorities for lost revenue on the football side, prize monies, lost player sales, lost matchday revenue. THE FUCKING LOT. Hunt them all for as long as it takes and I hope Rangers now State all titles from that day have zero sporting integrity. We fight back harder. 
  18. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Can’t wait to see if “impartial journalist” Mark Daly is as quick to make an hour long documentary that airs on prime time TV on the BBC about all the players involved in fucking us over as he was in making his last one...🙄
  19. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Lets go 55 in David Murray suing HMRC   
    Well and truly shafted, driven by hate and jealousy, hundreds  of hours of  TV coverage,dedicated phone ins,the bastards behind the tax case blog .
    Everyone  involved  can be traced back to beasts from the east end, Dr Death no doubt played  a big part in HMRC decisions ,remember keep them nailed to the floor, the media lackeys done their bit ,what about the hospitals blah de blah, pressure applied to all and sundry to have Rangers removed , ask yourself ,who and only who have benefited from  this fit up.
    They bleat on about the EBT years and how they lost out,(never defeated always cheated)  the brass neck of the most vile Football club  on the face of the earth .
    Their day is coming  and if their is any justice in this country then the edifice that is celtic Park should be raised to the ground for the countless crimes committed against innocent children. 
    Kick them Out. 
  20. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Negri's lovechild in David Murray suing HMRC   
    So let me get this right, the club has been screwed out of loss of earnings through competition winnings, probable champions league earnings and player sales to something probably near 70/80 million and we can't make a claim back for any of it? surely there must be something.
    Absolutely gutted.
  21. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by East Enclosure Row N in David Murray suing HMRC   
    We could start with the prize money witheld by the sfa/spl?
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