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  1. gmcf liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in Squad Ins and Outs Discussion   
    Unfortunately very true mate. 
    Their 3 each brings double digits in goals over a season.  
    We need more and can't just be as reliant on morelos to score as we have been. Need it shared across the attack. 
  2. DBBTB liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in Squad Ins and Outs Discussion   
    Unfortunately very true mate. 
    Their 3 each brings double digits in goals over a season.  
    We need more and can't just be as reliant on morelos to score as we have been. Need it shared across the attack. 
  3. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by GersInCanada in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    Doncaster could easily have shown many options for the way forward. He chose not to and instead lied declaring his way was the only way.
    What was so hard about saying that 'the way things are there is little to no chance of finishing the current season and that next season we may have to start behind closed doors. Here are a few proposals.'
  4. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by magic8ball in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    Another great article ,but like the other nail on the head atrticles in the last week or so it’s a case of ,Where were they weeks ago when the content was still relevant ,most of the facts were known then .
    Instead of more articles like this drip dripping out now after the horse has bolted its time somebody in the MSM grew a set of balls and actually called things out for what they are ,There is a monopoly of control in this country from one man and it isn’t Doncaster ,If they don’t have the courage for that then at very least they need to be exposing Doncaster as the CEO as completely incompetent and his time is up ,
    With drip drip that the tarriers as well as us need games in front of fans surely this exposes Lieswells plan on being handed a title as a serious own goal .Playing out the remaining fixtures behind closed doors early August would still have likely have given them the title and a title with credibility,Next season would have had less closed doors games bringing more cash into the game and the 10m needed paid back to TV would not have been a factor 
    The only good these articles do is expose the incompetence and put pressure on for regime change ,The clowns who put the game in this position surely can’t be trusted to get us out of it 
  5. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by GersInCanada in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    From todays Sunday Times
    Scottish football’s capacity for self-harm remains remarkable, even during a global pandemic. The decision to declare the season over, crown celtic champions and move swiftly onto to the new TV deal with Sky was always going to cause collateral damage, riling Rangers and relegating Hearts for starters, but a small dose of common sense could have stopped it escalating into a full-scale civil war with potential sequels in the courts still to come.
    That is Hearts’ nuclear option if their latest stab at finding a consensus on reconstruction among Scotland’s 42 clubs fails to gather the required support this week, and all the indications are that it won’t come close to doing so. Too many turkeys would need to vote for Christmas for a proposed temporary move of three leagues of 14 for two seasons to be approved.
    Yet all of this could have been avoided if a principle, widely agreed as sensible by all in Scotland, had been adopted from the outset — that no club should be worse off as a result of what the insurance industry would consider an Act of God.
    Leadership was lacking. The proposal to sign off on the season should have been a simple one, that nobody would be relegated without completing their matches and nobody who merited promotion would be denied it.
    This could have been achieved with minimum fuss by promoting two clubs to the Premiership and relegating none, Sky have no problem with a 14-team top flight provided it still features four Old Firm games and retaining the Edinburgh derby would have been a welcome bonus.
    Dundee United clearly deserved to come up as runaway champions of the Championship and also promoting Inverness, four points clear in second place when the music stopped in March, would have added their Highland derby with Ross County to the viewing schedule.
    United and Inverness would have been replaced in the Championship by Falkirk and Raith Rovers, the top two in League One separated by a single point but four clear of the pack.
    Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City, the leaders in League Two and both ambitious, well-run outfits, would have been promoted into their places and replaced in the bottom tier by Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts, winners of the Highland and Lowland Leagues respectively.
    Everybody rewarded, nobody punished. Job done. Instead, in their rush, the SPFL have harshly relegated Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer and created a mess that is now heading towards the courts, potentially creating another dimension of chaos as they strive to start next season on time.
    Ann Budge, after so much hard graft to bring Hearts back from the brink six years ago, repairing the ravages of the Vladimir Romanov era, now risks her legacy before handing the club over to the supporters, something she is set on despite a bid from Foster Gillett, the son of the former Liverpool owner George Gillett, last week.
    They have been sleepwalking towards the trap door all season and did little to suggest in a 1-0 defeat away to St Mirren in the final Premiership fixture before the lockdown that they would have avoided it.
    Money has been squandered and Budge had too much faith in Craig Levein to take care of the football side of things.
    Appointing Daniel Stendel was a strange choice, too, as Motherwell’s Stephen Robinson was clearly the manager required to avert relegation, given his knowledge of the Scottish scene and ability to work on a restricted budget. Stendel and Hearts have a bilateral break clause in their union, which would mean further tumult in personnel and strategy this summer.
    Hearts may have ultimately deserved to go down, but we will never know that for sure and to expel them — the word they insist upon using, with some justification — from the top flight during this crisis is not only unfair but also unwise. Their average attendance of 16,751 this season, a miserable one for their fans, is bettered only by celtic and Rangers and is higher than Hibs’ or Aberdeen’s. They also carry a large travelling support, which benefits other clubs financially.
    There are parallels with Rangers’ demotion to the bottom tier in 2012, after the SPFL rejected readmitting them following their administration and liquidation by a 10-1 vote.
    It took Rangers four years to reclaim their top flight status and it seemed to be on pause in this period, with standards slipping and budgets shrinking across the board before their return.
    Steven Pressley, who previously played for Rangers, Dundee United and celtic, as well as captaining Hearts and then managing Falkirk, says that Scotland’s clubs must see “the big picture” rather than focusing on narrow self-interest in the present crisis.
    “It’s beyond me the way the SPFL have acted during this period,” he said. “Their first port of call should have been to ensure the stability of all member clubs, especially those we consider to be major clubs.
    “Nobody should really lose in these circumstances. Yes, you can have the winners, celtic declared champions, that’s not a problem, but there can be no losers.
    “It has left them in a really difficult predicament because of the Hearts situation — a club that they had to protect. We’re all in agreement they have had a really poor season, nobody is arguing that point. Under normal circumstances, if they had gone down, nobody at Hearts would be complaining, I’m pretty sure about that, because there would be no grounds for it.
    “There hasn’t been any leadership about this, none whatsoever. It’s almost an administrative role at times, but when you get a crisis like this you find out about true leaders and wow, we have lacked that in that organisation.
    “Whether you agreed or disagreed with the decision, when Rangers were demoted the effect it had on our game was incredible.
    “The standard in the Premiership during the four years Rangers were out of it, and we also lost Hearts and Hibs from it, was the lowest ebb in the history of Scottish football, the lowest standard in the top flight.
    “We have to be careful. We haven’t got that many clubs that get in excess of 15,000 fans every week and we have to protect that.
    “It would be so irresponsible for our clubs to allow this to happen, so irresponsible.”
    He also acknowledges that Hearts have to accept responsibility for their predicament and learn lessons. “This will be a big summer, with Craig moving on,” Pressley, who spent eight years at Hearts from 1998 to 2006, said.
    “They have invested heavily and a big part is the recruitment of players and how they go about it. Once Ann knows the future, in terms of which division, because that will have a big effect on the direction of the club. As I experienced at Falkirk, when they were down there with no money, the real saviour of the club was the academy.
    “It might be similar for Hearts, especially now when finance in football is in quite a precarious position.
    “They have a really good academy there and they should be leaning on that more than they are at the moment.”
  6. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by GersInCanada in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    As I see it there are 3 reasons for rushing out a fixture list.
    Puts an end to reconstruction talks as next season (they will argue) is now set in stone.
    No matches at the crumbledome until fans are back. Behind closed doors is fine for Liewell's home fixtures against the likes of Hamilton or Livi but all money earning matches must be delayed as far as possible.
    Sends out the message that 'we are moving forward' and will not take any more dissension from the ranks.
  7. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    Folk willing to pump in 7 figure sums yet we have no league sponsor. And we seem less than eager to grab any such financial windfall.
    Scottish football folks.
  8. BridgeIsBlue liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in Good Scottish Talent   
    Yet that's the frustration.  We do need someone in the midfield that can combat the hammer throwers in the league. 
    That player however would immediately be targeted by officials for cards, while the hammer throwers continue to get free hits. 
  9. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by KeyserSoze in Squad Ins and Outs Discussion   
    So with Halliday, Wes and Flanagan among the first to be leaving I sincerely hope we avoid these types of players in the future.
    We should be now looking for players that will  either walk into the team or at the very least give the guy in front of him something to worry about.  
    There should be a strong emphasis on “competition for places” something that has been missing from our set up for some time   
  10. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Moody Blue Legend in Good Scottish Talent   
    Got a thing about Karen Gillan mate.
  11. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Edinbear1872 in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    At this point I don't think Robertson is even the problem. Anyone at the club is going to be marginalised by the corrupt bastards. The whole lot of them are rotten - the only way for us to get any semblance of integrity back into the midden of Scottish football would be legal action. It's the only way to take it out of the hands of the corrupt cunts who run the game, and the even worse puppet-masters like Liewell
  12. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by Bears r us in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    I read they have Roy MacGregor from Ross County as well, they thinks that is a cover for Liewell but anyone who follows Scottish football knows it is a sham.
    I have never been less interested in Scottish football than I am at the moment. I have renewed my ST (no idea when anyone will get back in) and will no doubt get up for games once we start back, but I am not missing it just now. It is all because of the corruption from the SPFL/SFA and our apparent decision as a Club (I know many think differently) to chuck the battle. 
  13. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by bluenoz in PL season to restart 19th june   
    So now that today's meeting announces that football is to begin on August 1st, it goes back to the same old question - why was the league terminated so fast?
    1) they told us money couldn't be released without final standings - not true
    2) people say we can't afford testing and that is why the league ended, yet here we are re-starting in 9 weeks time BCD where testing will have to take place.
    On a side note, Alex Rae just said two teams did not vote for the season to end so it was not unanimous. Take that for what it's worth.
  14. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in SELIK chief Peter Bawbag to join SPFL & SFA for new season talks with Scottish Government   
    I'm sure there will be good reason for this.
    Oh aye that's right, the cunt rules Scottish fitba and thats why he would always be at the table. Like he was when he flew to London with Doncaster for the TV deal.
    Corrupt to the core and now in blatant view.
  15. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by the old guard in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    If our board continue to let non spfl board members  discuss the best way forward with the scottish government we are royaly fucked. Liewell continuing to take control is disgusting. 
  16. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by GersInCanada in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    We all knew that Liewell runs Scottish football so in one sense no surprise.
    However you have to ask what on earth he is doing there ? He is not a member of the SPFL board. He is the puppet master.
    Getting more brazen by the day.
  17. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by DMax399 in PL season to restart 19th june   
    Possibly mate.  But, it’s unlikely that any contact sport (whether it is June or August) would be given the go ahead without testing for the foreseeable future. I doubt Scotland will be any different.
    I think that the issue (shared by some on the forum), is that the cost of testing was used by the SPFL as a barrier to finishing the current season.  They are now looking to re-start the next season in August, where if testing is required then the same costs will be incurred.  

    IF testing is required, then it adds greater weight to the argument that the SPFL were merely looking for reasons to vindicate their decision to end the season ASAP.
    In terms of contracts running out.  There is at least one team in Scotland using the furlough scheme to retain players.  The scheme is expected to run until October at least.  Therefore, it’s not really an issue that couldn’t be overcome, if the SPFL really wanted to finish the current season before starting the next.
    Just my opinion.
  18. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in PL season to restart 19th june   
    And the spfl should be aware of this and have ensured all voting clubs were aware of the risks.
    Even if the spfl paid for a chunk of test kits and for 2 months wages of those out of contract players at lower clubs it would still likely fall way short of the 10m risk we face to not play the games.
  19. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in PL season to restart 19th june   
    To see how european nation's league, of varying sizes,  are dealing with resuming / concluding leagues here's an interesting wee update article I found 👍
    League-by-league guide to the return of football around Europe
    Signal Iduna Park played host to Borussia Dortmund against Schalke last weekend as the German Bundesliga became the first major European league to restart after the coronavirus shutdown.
    PARIS - With Italy's Serie A on Thursday setting a date for its return from the coronavirus shutdown and the English Premier League also now agreed on when to resume, AFP Sport casts a glance at the situation for football leagues across Europe:
    - Leagues restarting -
    The German Bundesliga was the first major European league to return on May 16, but the Faroe Islands came back before that. Football is also being played again in Estonia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, while Belarus was the one country on the continent where it never went away during the coronavirus crisis.
    On Thursday, Italy's sports minister confirmed that Serie A will return on June 20, while La Liga in Spain will resume its season in the week beginning June 8.
    Here are confirmed restart dates elsewhere:
    Denmark -- May 28
    Poland -- May 29
    Serbia, Ukraine -- May 30
    Austria -- June 2
    Portugal -- June 3
    Slovenia -- June 5
    Croatia, Greece -- June 6
    Spain -- week beginning June 8
    Turkey -- June 12
    Norway -- June 16
    Italy -- June 20
    Russia -- June 21
    Finland -- July 1
    - Still awaiting green light -
    The Premier League on Thursday announced the date of June 17 for its return, although that remains "provisional" for now, according to chief executive Richard Masters.
    He admitted the date "cannot be confirmed until we have met all the safety requirements needed, as the health and welfare of all participants and supporters is our priority."
    Meanwhile, the Swiss league will vote on Friday whether to give the green light for a resumption on June 20.
    - Season over -
    The Netherlands was the first European country to bring an early end to the season on April 24 as the Eredivisie was cancelled without a champion being crowned.
    France then followed suit on April 30, ending the season with 10 rounds of matches unplayed.
    The season was not voided, though, with Paris Saint-Germain confirmed as champions, European places dished out and relegation and promotion between the top two divisions maintained on a two-up, two-down basis.
    Belgium also ended its season, with Club Brugge champions, after the Belgian government announced it was suspending all sporting competitions until July 31.
    In Scotland the season had already been called early in the three divisions below the top flight and the Premiership followed suit on May 18, with celtic being crowned champions for the ninth year running.
    Luxembourg and Cyprus also called an end to their seasons but without naming a champion
    Fucking shambles we effectively ratified the end of our season in the 2nd week of April yet so many arguably more comparable nations obviously sought solutions rather than barriers and excuses.
  20. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by eskbankloyal in PL season to restart 19th june   
    Rangers agreed that the season could not be completed which was a unanimous decision. 
    that’s very different from agreeing to ‘award’ celtic a title 
  21. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by badjon in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    There was only one outcome here when coronavirus struk. Give them the league. I wish UEFA had immediately implementended null and void across all leagues it would have cleared it up without any real protest. Award prize money on the positions at that point but no champions or relegations and suck it up.  You notice that the true 'runaway' leaders in the EPL were respectful of the decision despite 30 years of not having won a league.
  22. BlueKnight87 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in PL season to restart 19th june   
    It may well be that due to factors including testing costs and end of contracts that the decision to conclude the season without playing the games is the right one. 
    But ignoring how unethically the spfl managed the process, it's only recently the associated costs, true understanding of what bcd games entail, hurdles to be overcome to play games etc have all crystallised.
    The spfl made their decision sooner than necessary with the intention of concluding the league rather than ever looking to complete the season. We all know why, and it wasn't for the benefit of 42 member clubs.
  23. DMax399 liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in PL season to restart 19th june   
    It's just the principle for me mate. I'd rather win or lose the thing on the pitch.  
    Chances of using making some kind of comeback were slim to none. But at least we would have had the chance to give it a shot.
  24. SeparateEntityMyArse liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in PL season to restart 19th june   
    It's just the principle for me mate. I'd rather win or lose the thing on the pitch.  
    Chances of using making some kind of comeback were slim to none. But at least we would have had the chance to give it a shot.
  25. Blumhoilann liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in PL season to restart 19th june   
    English league took their time and were looking to restart the season if it was deemed safe to do so.
    Scottish league a mad dash to end the season and award silverware. 
    I agree with other posters as well regarding contracts. Why is it ok to continue Scottish cup when teams will have different squads but not the SPFL. 
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