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  1. If the coach showed me that tactics board ad be saying fuck me you've just shown me the the blueprints to build Iron mans mask.
  2. Their manager said his attitude has been spot on and he's been involved in a few first team games including the tayside derby.
  3. Definitely McPake strikes me as the gallus no fear type.
  4. Not enough goal scorers in the team and when we score a goal we cant continue to give teams gifts.
  5. This is where we look at the squad and say who's gonna dig us out here?
  6. True, he should have just mentioned Alfie and left it at that.
  7. Well said Kris Boyd, we'll now see every cunt and their granny out defending the rat.
  8. A think Kent has been contributing but not enough imo RW is the problem position and Aribo has done well there but not the position he was originally brought in for, Ojo is that player but is'nt doing it at the moment.
  9. Our game management is getting slightly better in that situation, its up to us to score a second goal and rely on the defence to keep the backdoor shut if we don't.
  10. Can't quite get the heavy over reaction here, we thankfully won (ugly) and move on to Hearts at the weekend. The thing is with these teams parking the bus, we have 60 - 70 mins of possession to try and get a goal. Its up to us to create the chances as the other team is basically giving up possession to play a certain formation it's down to us to score. We try to play the same way as Liverpool, so for that to work Kent and Aribo really need to step up their goals contribution. As other posters have said would like to see at least 2 coming in, there's no game changers on the bench.
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