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  1. Yaaasss, You've just popped you're cherry
  2. The Bears Den's equivalent of dear Deidre, Dear Dude.
  3. We gonna have a keepie up competition when the season resumes.
  4. " We'll be run roughshod by no beast"
  5. Can I put forward a suggestion for next seasons mascot, step forward " Cyrus the Virus".
  6. Ach gie them the league, gie them the Scottish Cup as well and instead of filling it with champagne fill it wie Corona.
  7. The word for 2019 was " Woke" Two words for 2020 " Null and Void"
  8. Sheihk Nostradamus gave Stevie the lowdown.
  9. VAR got their eyes shut when it comes to us.
  10. Hannibal Lecter mask for their manager.
  11. Nae cunt wants to try something or take responsibility always passing it on.
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