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  1. I feel comfortable that we've got four capable CB's and there all permanent signings. Don't think we'll be losing a lot of goals this season even if Stevie decides to rotate.
  2. He's no shite, it's just the pressure that comes with playing for a bigger team.
  3. Fuckiin hell is Løvenkrands goin for the Franco Begbie look, nearly got the accent down to a tee as well.
  4. That's the kind of commentary we need.
  5. Fuck Marshall, am liking this Gilet though.
  6. The "Thumb " gives a message to his fans how happy he is to be back.
  7. Na, Goldy lookin chain was pullin yer chain and Pash tap was pishing doon yer back an tellin ye it was rainin. @BlueMe spotted him first.
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