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  1. Rangers most improved player since Gerrard arrived.
  2. Troublemakers, they hang aboot the OT often make their way over here, scallywags the lot ay them.
  3. Nobody to blame but ourselves. This is the game where all the stats pointed towards a Rangers win, again we couldn't bring the desire a Champions performance. a well.
  4. Somebody needs to come up with a bit of magic.
  5. Missed the first 15mins but see from the comments Tavs fucked it again, this is not panty wetting but I'd really like to see him replaced as captain. To many mistakes that cost us that a player, certainly a Captain shouldn't be making.
  6. If I had 500m I'd be trolling the world too.
  7. That's aw we need everybody will be changing their profile pic's noo
  8. Vision


    Nice gesture by Defoe to give this young lassie his top, respect
  9. I've got a feeling we might be seeing Alfredo for a few years yet, the difference in his attitude this year has been eye opening for me. He looks as if he's loving life and enjoying his football here, the relationship he has with Defoe is telling to. Defoe's probably told him to bide his time and relish being with the massive club he's at just now ( where he has the chance to play in front of massive crowds and in Europe ) and have a better chance of winning silverware. There's also the chance of the CL if we win the league. He has a lot of respect for Defoe and Gerrard so he's more and likely to listen to them, he's also on the verge of a recall to the national team. Obviously he craves the EPL but unless it's a top six team its highly unlikely he'll achieve the above
  10. Livingston2Celtic0 FT Rangers5Hamilton0 The Predator laugh.mp4
  11. Fergus McCann hailed by celtic fans after believing Hoops had already won nine-in-a-row Stupid auld cunt, wonder if their still hailin him the day.
  12. Tav and Goldson who would have thought it 😂
  13. Thee who doubt Defoe have egg on their face.
  14. Hope you can keep it up mate as more join the stream good luck
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