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  1. Vision liked a post in a topic by GOAT in PL season to restart 19th june   
    I’m sure deals could be worked out to amend that issue.  No idea why you’re defending this shambles.  Embarrassing actually.
  2. Vision liked a post in a topic by BridgeIsBlue in PL season to restart 19th june   
    The board should come out and nah forget it. 
  3. Vision liked a post in a topic by Broxi in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    Honestly don't know what people expect tbh. £4m is a great deal for him.
    Kent cost £7m, Edouard cost £9m, Ntcham cost £4.5m, Goldson cost £3m, Scott Brown cost £4.5m about 13 years ago, Jullien cost £7m,.. it's the kind of figures you just have to pay.
    Sure you could get lucky and find a Barisic, Morelos or Katic for <£2m but that's the level of risk which also lands you players like Herrera, Docherty,  Garner and the Barkers and Kiernans of the world.
    You can use the bosman market really well with Jack, Kamara and Aribo but only if they're available. Otherwise if you want quality like Hagi who has already shown his abilities and is only 21 years old then £4m should be snapped at. Hagi is the younger than Ross McCrorie and the same age as Jamie Barjonas and he's light years ahead of them. 
  4. Vision liked a post in a topic by hammer93 in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    Tam lucky for you that you are in agreement with the violent offender who hangs around this site
  5. Vision liked a post in a topic by tm91 in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    Ferguson the player was an idol. Ferguson the person/pundit has all the intellectual capacity of a fucking potato.
    If the Chamber of Secrets XI had Hagi on loan, there'd be constant talk about how he was football's next global superstar and how he'd fetch celtic £40m and how incredible a prospect he was.
    We know this game, we've seen it played out before. If it's in the traditional Scottish sporting media, ignore  it and move on.
  6. Vision liked a post in a topic by Laudrupsleftfoot in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    Still can't believe there's a bit of negativity towards signing him from some supporters.
    Who the fuck do you want us to sign then you fucking loons?
  7. Vision liked a post in a topic by MorelosRangers in GM Tells It Straight   
    The Northern Irishman said: “I actually feel sorry for the celtic players. They didn’t win the title on the pitch, they were handed it.
    They have officially been crowned champions, their ninth success in a row, but this triumph will always be tainted and hollow.
    “All their hard work, dedication and gutsy performances when they grinded out results will be forgotten. In the record books there will always be an asterisk beside this season’s Championship.
    “I know Neil Lennon was on television saying that this title win was the greatest one under his management, but that was all for show and to wind up the Rangers fans watching at home.
    “Deep down it will rankle him that his team weren’t able to secure the title on the pitch.
    “Of course, it wasn’t their fault. The Covid-19 pandemic sadly intervened.
    “But, as a result, history will not look too kindly on this celtic nine-in-a-row team and that will hurt the current crop of players.
    “They’ll never be revered in the same light as the great celtic sides that won nine-in-a row between 1966 and 1974, or the Rangers teams between 1989 and 1997.
    “Those players are Old Firm royalty. They won Championships after titanic and terrific battles against top sides.
    “Yet, the celtic sides of the last nine years, while successful, will be remembered for winning titles when Rangers weren’t in the league and then being handed the title.
    “That must be so frustrating for players who thrive on competition. I say this as a former professional footballer and a competitor, not as a former Rangers player.
    “I would feel exactly the same way if it were the blue half of Glasgow in this position.
    “I certainly wouldn’t be celebrating because, as a professional sportsperson, you crave competition, the thrill of the win after a hard-fought battle and knowing you have given everything possible to beat your opponent on a level playing field.
    “Scott Brown is a great player in Scottish football and I know he would love to be regarded in the same way as the nine-in-a row celtic players of the past, but that’s not going to happen.
    “He’ll be held in high esteem, but not on the same level as a Bobby Lennox or Stevie Chalmers.
    “If a season cannot be finished on the pitch, then for the integrity of the league, it should be voided.”
    Speaking in the Sunday Life newspaper, McAuley also took a bat to the SPFL over their treatment of Hearts and continued: “There were 24 points left to play for. I’m convinced they would have come on strong in the closing stages and avoided the trap door.
    “If we take the SPFL’s logic, Leicester City would never have won the Premier League.
    “A year before they were crowned champions, Leicester were bottom of the league and in serious danger of going down. But they rallied hard in the remaining weeks of the season and avoided the drop. The next year they were champions.
    “But if a pandemic had struck in 2015, going by Scottish rules, Leicester would have been relegated and there would have been no Championship the following year.
    “Championship success, relegation and promotion cannot be decided in a boardroom. Otherwise you are questioning sporting integrity and it is horrible.
    “Hearts should not have to go to court over a football decision. It’s a shambles and really sums up Scottish football recently. The washing of dirty linen in public was particularly unedifying.
    “The biggest problem I can see is that important decisions are being made by people who have never really been involved in the game from a playing point of view.”
  8. Vision liked a post in a topic by Siam69 in Police Scotland confirm received report into historic child abuse within football   
    I know Gordon Woods. 
    This is his forthcoming book, half written already, publisher confirmed, serialised in the Daily Record confirmed. 
    Thing is, at the start, all Gordon wanted was an acknowledgement and apology from celtic Football Club for the horrific abuse he suffered under their watch, their part in it and subsequent cover up.
    But the man has been enraged by their disgusting stance and behaviour, their seperate entity pish, which he categorically knows is pish. As if the abuse he suffered wasn't bad enough. 
    This man is not going to stop until the truth is out, and there is proper justice for the victims. 
    I can assure anyone reading, that even if they offered a cash damages settlement to hush things up, make it go away, it would absolutely not be accepted. Their subsequent behaviour and complete distain for the victims has seen to that. 
    A brave man. I was talking to him an hour ago, confirming with him if it  was alright to post this, and reminded him to up his personal security!

  9. Vision liked a post in a topic by born a blue nose in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    2 posts in 6 years, second one being negative as fuck about a new signing, even if he’s not a tim the site wouldn’t miss a poster of that magnitude 
  10. Vision liked a post in a topic by STEPPS BOY in Next season   
    Watching the last dance just now.
    Takeaway the fact that Jordan was incredible, the part when he speaks about being liked by team mates and He says he doesn’t care if team mates liked him he just wanted to make them winners..
    Exactly the attitude our captain needs.
  11. Vision liked a post in a topic by GersInCanada in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    Stewart is now a financial expert as well. Is there no end to his talents ?
    Ignored our board stating that the £10M had been covered. That ST sales are underway. The new retail deal.
    Typical tarrier.
  12. Vision liked a post in a topic by STEPPS BOY in Glasgow tims   
    Glasgow Tims
    Big Peetur..

  13. Vision liked a post in a topic by British_Empire in The SPFL (in)competence thread   
    Agreed. But I don't know why anyone expected any different?
    We done everything poperly and by the book, and failed. That's fine, it was upto enough of the others to back us (which they didn't)
    So why then didn't we take the ball and run with it? could we not have tabled a motion of no confidence in the guys at the SPFL?
    Even Hugh Keevins and Michael Stewart were saying after our request got refused at the EGM that this could just be the start of it, it's upto Rangers to decide what happens next.
    What happens next? fuck-all. celtic got their title with a whimper and there's not even been as much as an objection or a statement from us. 
    It stinks to high heavens and our own club are complicit in all this now,  as complicit as the other teams that didn't back us for our independent investigation request.  There's no difference now.
  14. Vision liked a post in a topic by STEPPS BOY in Hagi Signs on a Permanent Deal   
    I hear it’s always been a dream of his to play with Lyndon Dykes..
  15. Vision liked a post in a topic by Sparkle in Plans to convert Albion Car Park !!   
    Anyone else finding our current board “wanting” ?
  16. Vision liked a post in a topic by The Ibrox Derry in Bheast inside Ibrox   
    Talk of political parties, getting like minded bears into positions of power in the media, local government, the legal system etc etc etc.
    All of the above would be great, yes, but i believe that the one solution, the one spark to gaining some ground back is simply this...............
    Start kicking their arse on the football pitch again, and winning trophies for The Rangers.
    Football is a huge massive part of our identity, and if we start being successful again, those cunts, in whatever "professional" position they are in, will collapse like a pack of cards.
  17. Vision liked a post in a topic by Tiger Shaw in Bheast inside Ibrox   
    Need to get some violent offenders to guard the stadium. 
  18. magic8ball liked a post in a topic by Vision in Squad Ins and Outs Discussion   
    How many million pound players will it cost to beat corruption.
  19. Paisley Blue Loyal liked a post in a topic by Vision in Squad Ins and Outs Discussion   
    How many million pound players will it cost to beat corruption.
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