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  1. What banning a Bear who has an opinion that you dont agree with . So much for democracy.
  2. My Friend you are not big enough.... read my words
  3. So yet another failed project by Rangers. We gave an untried manager a chance which unfortunately failed.Apart from beating the TIMS( at last) everything else did not come off. The League has gone and we are going through the motions,It is NOT good enough I was writing this as we drawing 1-1 but it does change my thoughts that we won 2-1 We spent money .....£7 M on Kent ... Really ! What a waste when we had Candeias who was worker and a team player Helander another £3M on a average player at best. Aribo ,Kamira and Ojo all show ponies. In fact the majority of the squad are imposters .. apart from Shagger and Jack they couldn't care less as long as they are getting their wages, Davies , Arfield and Defoe well past their sell by date Yes I know I will get some stick for this post.... But I dont care as a Rangers Supporter for over 60 years I want to say my piece. I want Neil Warnock in who knows how to manage a team and the players.He will take no prisoners or bull shit and wants a team of winners. We must stop the the TIMS Ten in a Row and Neil will be the man .It might be short term but he will relish the opportunity. I am not anti Gerrard but this job is too big for him and he has not got the experience to handle it. I also note tonight,s results for Aberdeen and Hearts !!!!
  4. Well said my friend you are spot on, I agree with every word you have written . You speak from the Heart and as a supporter for over 65 years you have my support. Ojo is wasted of space and how he is on Liverpool,s books beggars believe. If Gerrard was half the manager we would like him to be , he must see that he is useless Why do we find ourselves constantly in this position. We will play a similar team and system against HIBS on Wednesday and I am not confident we will get 3 points.
  5. Kamara doing the covering role you must be mad he is a liability . How can you say Hagi we have seen him for 15 mins and have now idea how he will fair in the SPL
  6. Polster in for Flanagan Kamara should be dropped...Over rated Aribo should not be played on the wing I just pray that Ojo or Barker dont get a start !!
  7. It was embarrassing we were outplayed and outfought... Kamara was dire and so was Flanagan. Gerrrad picked that team and is responsible for the shite. We needed some fight so he brings on Ojo another fancy dan
  8. I suggest that Rangers take the SFA to the "Court of Human Rights " Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. ... These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. These values are defined and protected by law The SFA would be in breach of all of the shared values !!
  9. Old Geezer


    You must be wearing beer glasses mate......... £7 million wasted that we can ill afford
  10. Am I missing something... What have we won...... In the real world workers are rewarded on achievements. Now if we had won the Betfred Cup fair enough BUT we didnt
  11. So we all agree that Goldson is crap and we know that Tavenier cannot defend... So why does the management see fit to play them every game. Richard Gough could do a better job at CH than Goldson and he is 57 years old. We NEED a win against the scum and I cannot see this team getting it... I truly hope that I am wrong. I post this as a Rangers Fan for 65 years so I dont want some knob head giving me abuse
  12. So we all agree that he is rubbish.. So why does Gerrard keep picking him it makes you wonder if our manager has what it takes.
  13. That, s another mistake by Tav that cost us the 3 points How long does it take before they realise he CANNOT defend and his cross balls into the box was rotten yet again.Is he un droppable while Gerrard is picking the team. Ojo what is he all about an utter waste of the shirt. One shot on goal all game Mr Gerrard its time to wake up and smell the coffee cos we are not winning anything playing like this with no passion or drive which starts with the Captain Really peed off with today,s attitude and performance
  14. Gutless and Clueless way to slow to move the ball. whole team today was dross
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