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  1. Aye just a shame that Kris Boyd turned up
  2. Gutless and Clueless way to slow to move the ball. whole team today was dross
  3. Correct...... Gerrards team gutless and clueless
  4. Old Geezer


    Utter garbage.... So what did Gerrard see in him and Grezda ?? They both don,t seemed interested
  5. His antics let him down . being sent off 5 times in a season is nothing to be proud of.He has paid the price and not being included in the Columbia MIGHT give him awake up call. Will he be with next season ?? He obviously thinks he is to good for Scottish Football so he will be gone for a decent fee
  6. Old Geezer


    Agree get Worrall back down the road
  7. I hope that what he says in Public is just to keep the press happy and to keep Morelos transfer price high as possible. 5 sending offs is not something that Gerrard can ignore and words with him does not work.... He is a beyond help For me Morelos should not play for us again
  8. Yes very poor a bad decision to have got him here in the first place........ He is Dud
  9. HE Is NOT Captain material............. End Off
  10. Gerrard is not going anywhere but Morelos is !
  11. Cannot bear anymore excuses from this bunch of losers.......
  12. Old Geezer


    At last someone speaking some sense
  13. Yes and the biggest prima donna is our Captain ..... He cannot defend and is our weakest link in defence.He cannot lead us in winning the SPL
  14. I agree with "To be a Ranger ". He is a Donkey at times and fills me with dread , I dont expect a big CH to be turning his back on shots coming his way His square passing between him and Goldson is scary stuff. The gaffer has got to see the big picture and tell them to cut it out before it costs us big time
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