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  1. Fuckin hell celtic Boys Club fiend Frank Cairney has launched a bid to be freed from jail while he fights his child abuse rap. The disgraced ex-coach, 83, will ask appeal judges to bail him this week as he challenges his conviction for preying on eight lads His brazen release hope comes as sources told how he was rushed to hospital from prison following a “health scare”. An insider said today: “He’s appealing his conviction on Thursday and hopes to attend court in Edinburgh “While the appeal court consider it, he’s applying for bail. “It remains to be seen if it’s granted but the thought that he could be out on Thursday is astonishing. Either he doesn’t give a damn about the victims or he’s in total denial.” The source said Cairney — branded a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” for trying to cover up 21 years of abuse — was suspected of faking a heart attack last week in a sickening attempt to get the court’s sympathy They added: “He was given medical treatment but it’s not clear if it was genuine or not. The suspicion is he’s trying every trick in the book to get out.” Cairney is one of four perverts linked to celtic Boys Club to face justice in court
  2. Like the kafflik church, reward and promote those keeping the biggest, filthiest secrets. Scum bastards.
  3. Most probably. Plumbing the deepest depths of depravity on a near daily basis with cellic.
  4. Why 6 years or less in Glasgow (no punishment on one cellic offender) for an adult but 12 years with this judge in Edinburgh? Why the discrepancy?
  5. Jock Brown was appointed General Manager after representing Torbett in court too. JBK.
  6. You all just looking at the face lads?
  7. I'm sure Alfie will but it still doesn't detract from dissing a fellow pro publicly. Add diver now to nutter etc. O'Donnell's a cunt.
  8. Not my fault the Knew Camp is in the background.. 😋
  9. Was checking to see what a poster said about Hearts and their 'Save The Children Logo' and this was among the 1st photos..
  10. O'Donnell, who was quizzed on asking his former boss Steve Clarke about a Scotland call-up, responded over the dive claims and also had a pop at Alfredo Morelos in the process. Speaking on Superscoreboard, he said: "I was trying to pester him (Steve Clarke) last night. "I was maybe a bit to shy to go up and man-mark him but I did better than (Borna) Barisic on Sunday. "I heard I got a 9.8 so I wonder how many points (Alfredo) Morelos got every week. "I admit I went down theatrically. We got a decision we deserved so I have nothing to apologise for."
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