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  1. Canny take anymore....night night
  2. Ok they lifted the cup, but they know they were dominated
  3. I’m embarrassed, we could have been 5-0 up, instead the mongos ate complaining about the ref
  4. Boyd9her


    Lots of losers on this forum tonight, and pathetic people I didn’t use excuses, blaming the ref and things. We should have buried them 4-0 at half time, all our own fault we couldn’t finish. If you blame the ref then your just as bad
  5. Tav was one of our better players, stop your bias mongos
  6. Lots of negativity here, we battered them, let’s get behind the manager who has brought the club a long way
  7. Boyd9her


    He’s shit and cost us final, won’t forgive the potato head
  8. If the game was in doubt surely we would have heard by now. Apparently Edouard is out now, so really hoping this goes ahead
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