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  1. Whyte made an absolute killing, that’s why he was happy to pull the plug and tarnish his name. Charles Green bought a castle with the money he took from us
  2. HMRC are panicking and know they’ve messed up, that’s why they are commenting publicly and using the scattergun approach. They stopped the Club being sold over a lie
  3. HMRC are being very public about our case, this shouldn’t be allowed to happen
  4. I would like to hear from Mr Murray
  5. Maybe we should just build bridges
  6. No doubt taigs behind the scenes was the cause of this, absolutely no doubt. They’ve infiltrated every corporate and national industry over the past decade. They are obsessed 24/7
  7. Hopefully we will get a statement today, want to get the best legal minds onto this. Drag them all through the courts
  8. If we sell Morelos then it wipes all our debit out. Not worried in the slightest
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