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  1. Boyd9her

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Comes across well.
  2. Boyd9her


    I always said that if Barasic is as good as people were making out then how the hell could be get him for 2 million. Same with Grzeda. For me Pena is better that both these players
  3. Boyd9her

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Wish people would stop posting still frames, they prove nothing. Mental
  4. Boyd9her


    Sorry not having this, they voted us down the leagues so there was no challenge. They had a free reign. This is only 3 in a row now, King said it himself
  5. Boyd9her


    Even if they do it’s tainted so doesn’t count
  6. Boyd9her


    Just leave it tonight mate
  7. Boyd9her


  8. Boyd9her


    We might not win it this season, but let’s spend big in the summer because for sure we have closed the gap and there has been improvement
  9. Boyd9her

    Kidding ourselves on

    Defoe looked awful today, can we cut his loan in the summer?
  10. Boyd9her

    Fair tackle.

    He’ll be banned and will miss taig game. Annoying as Killie will be without their 2 best mids against them
  11. Boyd9her

    Post mid season break

    They’ve Killie and Hearts away this month. We have comfortable home matches coming up. Leave the conspiracy to them
  12. Why, cause magic hats team couldn’t defend corners?
  13. Boyd9her

    Morelos card appealed.

    I didn’t think it was a red, but he needs to stop being petulant. His suspensions have already cost us a semi final and away at Dens. He is now a target for refs and I can see him being sent off again
  14. Boyd9her

    What's your team for tomorrow

    Don’t know why your saying your not worried when we are missing our best player and haven’t won their since 2010/2011