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  1. Welcome douglas,I reckon hel do a great job.hes certainly stepped up.
  2. Park is a good candidate, he has the funds.
  3. Traynors like marmite you either love him or hate him.
  4. Liam adams.let that sink for the beasts from the east.horrible nonce cunt.They lack shame and dignity.
  5. I Think there the best team we have played this year,though.
  6. Any news yet on the guy that's flying over from China yet,sorry Hong kong?
  7. I've supported Gerrard and still do,but if he goes.we don't have many decent options.
  8. Slow down,breathe.Read it again.Barry as assistant.now fuck off.
  9. If swap miller for Duncan Ferguson with Barry assistant.
  10. Gerrard is a good manager.but eck shites all over him,to think otherwise is either delusional or they need to get stevens cock out there mouth.
  11. 😄remember that gang of little cretins,who kicked about there stadium,the parkhead rebels.what a pure riddy..
  12. Get a grip we have one of the best young managers in football at the minute,proven by his European record and how much he has improved us.
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