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  1. cant do that mate...i will never get in my seat at the tel aviv RSC
  2. Ahhhh....isee if the thread don't excist then the news won't happen ....keep reading only the forum pal,that way you will get all the pleasing storys you desire
  3. Belgiums play off system. In short: The points are reduced by 50% after 30 games. The first 6 teams then play another 10 games against each other, so 5 home and 5 away. So there would be a 7 point gap between 1st n 2nd with 30 points to play for dont shoot the messenger !
  4. fuk me,getting called a taig cos i reported an event thats any fuker can see if they read other media other than this forum i realise the first spot was won,but the precedent is in the 2nd spot,nowhere near won but they gave it to 2nd place...a champions league spot i hear the awarding of the 2nd spot is worrying
  5. Club Brugge to be named champions as Belgian Pro League cancelled...wonder if sets a precedent ,although the first spot was won the 2nd spot was very much up for grabs,gave it to gent
  6. I don't think he is leaving yet i think he is going for the sympathy vote to try to stir the players,get a reaction
  7. 200k a week! how in the name of fuk do you turn down that kind of negotiating ,can any club in the world better that for a SPL player ?... is 200k not enough or is it simply down to geography
  8. so,i can see you are not a big fan of the returned ! ditto
  9. and now you have upset the god of sods law thats exactly who we will get :(
  10. not a taig mate...a life long bear,but,if am honest,and i am trying to say this nicely my thought on Rangers fc and our fans are not as linear as some on here...
  11. im game....but how are we going to get him away from his keyboard ??...i aint fighting any cvnt in sheltered accommodation !
  12. pervert...am not the one on the keyboard 24/7....doing 1 million posts per day.....get a fukin life loser
  13. the history of my club is the same as the one you seem to support,like it or not...
  14. fuk me kai...are you an adult ?...jesus !!
  15. I do get it....like i said,some bears will love it,some wont......i would have rather have kept our allocation and they kept theres,you do not agree,thats fine! ..,we all have diff opinions on this and are entitled to say so,its what forums do
  16. sure am ! at the end of the day i disagree with Rangers cutting taigs down to 800...they will do the same and like i said,some bears will lap it up,some wont,but surely we are entitled to opinions eh....if i wanted thought training i would be on FF and as i also said,this reeks of king getting the away allocation money now rather in 2 later stages.... IMO
  17. cannot remember this statement being made in the 90's...and the bheats were behaving like that prior ???? seems to have quickly arisen since we came back up to the spl...strange one ..we never ever moaned before ?..maybe its cos we were humping them all the time
  18. that it...anyone who disagrees is a fukin taig...ive been to these matches,loved some and hated some...just sticks in my fukin throat that this "get taigs out of broomloan "was not around in the 90's for some obscure fukin reason..i like away games...this just fukin reeks of some fukers who cant handle them beating us...period fuking king is selling there allocation now to get more money now,,,its fukin obvious
  19. the atmosphere will be shite....the fact that you would rather sit in silence does not prevent this...it will be like watching arsenal v Huddersfield on a wet Tuesday night one of the worlds greatest derby's will be no more
  20. just so we are all Chrystal on this..below is what we get now,and what we will get next season fans that go to away matches wont like it,those that dont will love it....but at least we now know where they will sit and were we will sit..we will reap what we sow
  21. the devil in me thinks dave king has converted the away tickets to home season books cos he needs the money now,....worth a thought
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