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    Honest mistakes or something more sinister?

    Thank you for all the feedback & comments on the blog, I knew it was a contentious subject so great to see it being discussed I started the blog around 10 days or so ago because I enjoy writing about Rangers, I have had a ST for over 20 years & love the club so enjoy doing this. I had written for a few websites but wanted to try my own thing, something independent & not lead by anything, so I hope people enjoy it. I’d like to thank everyone who has followed & liked the blog, I have had 11000 people read it so far So delighted with the start All feedback, comments are welcome & anyone with any ideas on what to write, or wants to read then please let us know I am planning a few interviews with ex players etc, bits on our history as well as daily updates when the need to discuss is there twitter handle is @4ladhadadream Website address is Https://fourladshadadream.wordpress.com Just honest opinion for Rangers fans by Rangers fans! Thanks everyone